How do I solve the AdMob ad serving limit?

How do I solve the AdMob ad serving limit?

Imagine receiving a notification informing “your ad serving on google AdMob has been restricted!“. I know this AdMob ad limit issue is quite a concern of financial loss for many publishers. 

If your ad serving has been restricted or you wish to avoid one, this segment is for you! Read further to discover why your AdMob ad serving may be limited, what occurs when your ad serving is limited, and how to avoid this. 

What is the Google AdMob Ad serving limit?

Google ensures to keep the ad ecosystem free of fraud and poor ad experiences for advertisers, publishers, and users. As a result, Google may occasionally limit the number of ads your AdMob account can display.


This might be due to a temporary ad serving limit to analyze your traffic quality, or it could be due to invalid traffic issues in your AdMob account.

How long is this Google AdMob ad serving limit enforced?

This ad-serving limit normally affects publishers for less than 30 days. In rare circumstances, it may take longer.

When is my Google AdMob ad serving limited, and what should I do to avoid it?

Google usually imposes ad limitations on your AdMob account to maintain the digital advertising ecosystem. But, one might question why only my account. So, the answer is that your Google AdMob account may be restricted in ad servings due to various listed reasons: 

Your account is being evaluated

Google sometimes evaluates the quality of the initial traffic of your inventory when your Google AdMob account is new. And meanwhile, your account’s ad serving is temporarily disabled. However, this restriction is restored as they continue to scrutinize your traffic. 


Only AdMob Network ad source is eligible for limited ad serving. Third-party waterfall ad sources, home ads, and direct sales campaigns are unaffected.

What should I do? 

Maintain your content and audience while Google evaluates your site traffic. Also, ensure that you are adhering to AdMob’s regulations and limits.


In the interim, your account remains fully operational, and you can find more information about this account-level enforcement in the Policy center.

Your app is not yet ready for displaying ads.

According to Google policy regulations, all new applications will be screened through an app readiness check before they start displaying ads. This assists them in creating a clean and safe ad ecosystem for us and our sponsors. Apps may suffer reduced ad serving during this evaluation.


In this situation, limiting ad serving applies to the app’s complete ad demand. Individual applications are subject to this serving restriction. For example, one of your applications may be ready to display advertisements while another may not be.

What should I do? 

Once your app is configured in AdMob and linked to a compatible store, the review process will begin immediately. Reviews typically take a few days. However, in rare situations, Google may need more time to assess your app. 


You may monitor the status of your review and the ad serving for your app in your AdMob account. Learn more about unapproved applications and how to prepare your app for ad serving.

Invalid traffic issues

Google algorithms, at times, detect fraudulent traffic on your account and, as a result, limits your account’s ad servings. This is termed an invalid traffic concern. As Google continues to monitor your traffic, they automatically review and change this restriction.


Limiting ad serving applies just to the AdMob Network and has no impact on third-party mediation, house advertisements, or direct sales campaigns in this case. 

What should I do?

Your account remains fully operational while Google checks the traffic quality. It then automatically updates and eliminates the ad restriction on the AdMob account after checking that your traffic sources are valid and publishers have cooperated with the AdMob standards.

Why are there ad-serving restrictions?

The first step is determining why the ad limit was implemented and identifying the source. Once you’ve fixed it! The ad limit will thereafter be automatically lifted.


Google AdMob places a limit on ad serving if you, as a publisher, perform the following:

  • Acquiring low-quality traffic sources.
  • Increasing impressions by clicking on your own ad.
  • Placing advertisements into apps with limited content.
  • Placing ads where users are more likely to do accidental clicks. 
  • Place advertisements in places where visitors may inadvertently click on them.
  • Using unauthorized third-party sources to attract visitors to your website.

How can I escape the AdMob ad limit problem?

Accounts on AdMob are frequently banned for invalid traffic and policy breaches. Google’s powerful algorithms and machine learning are employed to detect invalid traffic.


You may safeguard your AdMob account by verifying traffic quality and following the steps outlined below: 


  • Do not unnecessarily produce impressions for your own ad. 
  • Your ads should not grab undue attention, mislead consumers, or promote clicks.
  • Don’t pay for traffic that does not originate from Google Ads or a trusted ad provider.
  • Avoid collaborating with untrustworthy or low-quality parties or app creators.
  • Utilize the “set frequency capping app & ad unit” option for ads. 
  • Avoid sharing your app with friends or individuals in your immediate vicinity.

How can I find a better way to solve this issue?

At the moment, app developers and publishers prefer to concentrate on content and traffic. They wish to delegate responsibility for issues like ad limits, policy violations, app administration, ASO, and so on.


So, if you want to focus on building your app company rather than worrying about such concerns, contact the experts at AppBroda.


Speak with the specialists as they assist you in managing and scaling your ad revenue.




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