How Can we Calculate Snap Scores On Snapchat

Snapchat is now regarded as one of the popular messaging apps among teens and even adults. Snapchat is a great and efficient platform that quickly allows use you to exchange pictures and videos, which are also known as “snaps”. These pictures or videos after they’re viewed by the receiver can disappear. It is an amalgamation of awesomeness as well as simplicity in one app. There is definitely no easy way of going back if for once you start using Snapchat and master it.

But for beginners, Snapchat can be a bit hard to use initially. Also, people who are using it frequently over a very long period of time might not know Snapchat’s hidden features and find it a bit hard to actually understand or even find them.

Similarly, the American-based social media platform has a unique reward system for every user that claims to keep a record of how active one is on the multimedia app, which is known as the “Snap score”. However, Snapchat can be really mysterious sometimes as it is also in case of how it calculates the snap score. Snap score is also regarded as a mysterious number as it gives you a partial idea of how active you are on the app.

If one looks at the Snapchat FAQ to know well about this score, they’ve informed their users of it as a “super secret special equation. so, in short, one might have only a hint that the snap score includes the number of snaps you’ve sent and received.

But the million-dollar question here is, to figure out, how are Snapchat scores actually calculated? If you as desperate as well as curious to know the answer to this question, well! We have tried to crack it for you. Here we will try to cover everything on ‘How is Snap Score Calculated?’

Here’s How To Calculate Snap Scores On Snapchat | How to Find Your Snap Score?

If you are just a beginner on the app you might have a hard time locating your own Snap score. So we have enlisted some quick steps in sequence to help you through it in simple steps.


Step 1: Open Snapchat

How Can we Calculate Snap Scores On Snapchat



Step 2: Can see a “bitmoji icon” or just in case you don’t have a bitmoji you will see a circle in the upper left corner to your screen.

How Can we Calculate Snap Scores On Snapchat


Step 3: you can see your bitmoji and your name written beneath then just below that between your “username” and “zodiac sign” you’ll find your “Snap score”


How Can we Calculate Snap Scores On Snapchat

Note: You can also click on it to find out about the number of snaps you’ve received and sent so far.

How is Snap Score Calculated? Snapchat Score Calculator-

According to many Social Media Analysts, the Snap score is determined not just by one (sending/receiving snaps)but many other equally important parameters. If in case you are looking forward to increasing your snap score, then we recommend you stress these parameters as well. Various tech blogs and third-party sites managed to get to the bottom of the issue and located some elements in common stated below:

1. Number of Snaps Sent and Received

The higher the number of snaps (pictures or videos)received or sent the higher your snap score will be. Even the social media company, Snapchat has confirmed that the number of snaps received or sent plays a very important role in a user’s score.

snapchat send


2. Frequency of using the app

This means that the more frequently you use the app the more snap score you will score.

3. Number of Stories You’ve Posted so far and a number of stories you see from other users.

The interactivity on the app by the user can be reflected on his/her snap score. Snapchat has made the snap score reflect your interactivity on the app. you can still increase your snap score just by posting or viewing stories, even if you are not sending and receiving snaps or maintaining streaks.


stories posted


4. The number of friends you have on the App-

There’s no point in trying to increase your snap score if you don’t have a good number of friends added to your Snapchat friends list. And if you really care about your snap score, we advise you to add as many friends as you can because Snapchat keeps a track of the number of users added to your friend list.

5. Bonus Points for Coming Back-

Snapchat misses you a lot when you are on a break with the App, so it rewards you in bulk whenever you decide you come back. Just like a welcome gift, Snapchat gives you some bonus points if you decide to start using the app after a break.

6. Streaks



When two people have been sending snaps to each other snaps ( videos and photos) consequently, on daily basis it ends up forming a streak on Snapchat. And If you send a snap every day, your streak which, the other user gets longer and longer. It’s more of an everyday commitment, to be honest, and keep people in touch. And Snapchat rewards people with longer streaks, and thus we can say that if you are into making streaks it will be really easy for you to score more on the app. Also, the number of streaks you make with your friends impacts your score largely.

Also as a bonus, if you have a dedicated friend to send you streaks on a consistent basis, then Snapchat rewards both of you with different emojis which can be seen on the right side of the chat. These emojis indicate a true sign of your Snapchat friendship.


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7. Is spending a lot of time snapping groups really worth it?

Even though Snapchat hasn’t confirmed it yet but it is believed, I have a lot of users through experience and also the analytics that sending streaks on a Snapchat group doesn’t make any difference in your snap score. So if you are keen and desperate to increase your Snapchat score, unfortunately, Snapchat groups are not the answer to it.


snap last scaled


End Of The Line-

So it’s a wrap on How Can we Calculate Snap Scores On Snapchat. Snapchat, without any doubt, is a great platform to share and connect and make new friends. Snap score, on the other hand, enhances its features and makes it more fun to use. The higher the snap score the more new features will be unlocked for you to enhance your overall experience of using the app.

If you enjoyed reading Comment down your favorite feature about Snapchat. Thank you for reading.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1.Can being inactive negativity affect your Snap score?

Actually no! Don’t worry being inactive on the app will not decrease your snap score.

Q2.What is considered a good Snap score?

On average a Snap score between 50,000-75,000 is average. And if you’ve scored a number around or above 100,000 then it can be regarded as a good snap score.

Q3.Who has the highest Snapchat score in 2022?

@dion-19 has over 61 Million Snapchat scores and conquered the charts off till now.

Q4.How can sending snaps affect your Snapscore?

If you tend to send a snap (picture/video) to 30 friends on your list you will gain 30 points i.e 1 point each. Similarly, if 30 friends send you a snap (photo/video) then the Snapchat score will also be increased by 30.

Q5. Does frequent texting play any role in increasing one’s snap score?

No, texting has no role in increasing your snap score. Only the Pictures and videos you send to your friends are counted.


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