10 Best Highest Paid Sport In The World Of All The Time

10 Best Highest Paid Sport In The World Of All The Time

When someone decides to choose their career in the sports field, it is related to their dreams and passion. Sports demand good physical health and good mental health. In this field, indubitably, rewards are high, but the pay is mostly average, and from here, the question arises What sports make the most money? To clear this big confusion and help people decide on your dream game and to stay connected with your favourite sport, here today will discuss the top 10 highest paid sports globally.

Which one is the Highest Paid Sport in the World?

Every sports player earns a huge amount of approximately $8.32 million annually. According to sports browser.net, the highest-paid players are mostly the members of the NBA professional sports league. So, the highest-paid sport in the world is basketball indubitably.

Okay, now without wasting any time now let’s come to the list of highest-paid sports in the world.

Here Are The List Of Highest Paid Sport in the World


1. BasketBall

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Basketball is the sport that ranks first in the list of highest-paying sports in the world. National Basketball Association comprises teams and is the most popular and highest-paying basketball league globally.

It started attracting the attention of athletes across the globe when they started paying very high amounts in the 1970s. It is also the most-watched and enjoyed sport in the USA and Canada.

The average height of a Basketball player in the National Basketball Association is about 6ft 7inches. It is the dream of every basketball player to reach National Basketball Association. The highest-paid former NBA player is Michael Jordan, who made $343 million a year.

Michael Jordan is also one of the richest athletes globally, with an estimated net worth of more than $2 billion. Forbes magazine mentions that present NBA players like LeBron James and Steph Curry are in the most paid athletes list. The high-sanctioned deals in this sport and the ease of branding make basketball sports top on the list.

2. Boxing

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Boxing is one of the oldest sports, first played more than 2700 years ago in 688 BC. It stands second in the list of highest-paying sports in the world.

Boxing is a famous sport in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is a high-risk, high-reward game as it is a combat sport played between two players inside a ring.

This game demands the fitness of the athletes. Many popular boxers have made huge money from different tournaments and face-offs in this sport indubitably. Boxing players make large amounts of money through endorsement deals, pay-per-view commissions and betting.

The highest-paid fighter was paid $333 million for a single match. The richest athlete in this whole world is an American boxer, Floyd Mayweather, whose net worth is $450 million. The match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was the most-watched and very popular in boxing history.

3. Football


American Football, also known as Football here, is one of the most-watched sports by millions of fans in the USA. It is also the most popular sport. National Football League is made up of 32 teams and is the most popular American football league globally.

It is the dream of most football players worldwide to be a part of the national football league. The National Football League has the giant average attendance in the world compared to all other professional sports leagues. Football is the third highest-paid sport globally, which is played at all levels – High school, College, and Professional.

The highest-paid footballer is Roger Staubach, a former American football professional who made $253 million annually. Even though NFL is watched only in the USA, it is still one of the biggest leagues in the world.


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4. Golf

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Golf is considered one of the toughest sports to get perfection and stability, but it is said to be an easy-to-learn sport at the same time. Golf was played initially in the 15th century but gained prominence after the 17th century in the USA and Europe. Golf ranks fourth in the list of highest-paid sports, and in this sport highest-paid golfer has made $127 million a year.

Tiger Woods is the wealthiest golfer, having an estimated net worth of $800 million. He was lined up first in the Forbes list of richest players for record 11 times which is a big feat. Tiger Woods holds the record of the first position in the Forbes List of Richest Players almost eleven times. Popular events like US Open, British Open, and PGA Championship are organized worldwide.




5. Soccer

soccer ball goal

Soccer is the most famous sport globally, played in almost every country. It has a huge fan base of more than 4 billion fans worldwide. Soccer came into existence in the 1950s and is very popular now in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Soccer is the fifth-highest-paying sport in the world. The highest-paid footballer has earned $127 million.

A Portuguese professional Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s richest soccer with a net worth of more than one billion, earned by endorsement and salary.


6. Tennis

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Tennis is the world’s sixth-highest playing sport. It also has millions of supports all over the world.

US Open, French Open, and Grand Slams are the most popular events in Tennis. In this sport, women are also active players. Women tennis players are also included in the world’s highest-paid female athletes list.

International Tennis Federation is controlling and handles the tennis sport. The highest-paid tennis player earns $106 million a year.

The richest tennis player on the planet is the Swiss professional player, Roger Federer, who boasts a net worth of $450 million.


7. Ice Hockey

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Ice Hockey is the world’s seventh-highest paid sport which is indubitably also one of the most popular and the most-watched sports in the USA. Ice Hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, either indoor or outdoor rink.

The highest-paid Ice Hockey player earns approximately $99 million annually. Ice Hockey is Canada’s national winter sport and is also famous in the USA, Russia, and Australia.

Ice Hockey is governed by the International Ice Hockey Federation and National Hockey League, the strongest professional ice hockey league globally.


8. Baseball


Baseball stands in the eighth position as the highest paying sport in the world. This sport is famous in the USA, Japan, and South Korea. A baseball player has earned the highest amount of $38 million annually. Baseball came into existence in the 18th century.

International Baseball Federation is the governing body that looks after the decisions and executions of the policies for this highly played sport.

Major League Baseball is touted as the biggest and most famous baseball league globally.

Many major league baseball players have been featured consistently in the Forbes list of richest athletes for a long time. The richest baseball player is Alex Rodriguez, an American former professional with a net worth of $400 million


9. Auto Racing

Le Mans 2015 car group shot

Auto racing is one of the most famous sports in the USA and European region. It is not only a wonderful and interesting game but it is also one of the most dangerous sports.

It stands in the ninth position in the list of highest-paid sports. The highest amount paid to the auto racing driver was $18 million.

Auto racing has come into existence since the invention of the automobile, with the first race being organized in 1867. The richest auto racing player is the Former German driver, Michael Schumacher, with $800 million. Even, Michael has made the records, which are still yet to be broken.


10. Cycling

Highest Paid Sport in the World

Charles Minthorn Murphy became the first cyclist to cover the distance of one mile in less than a minute more than 120 years ago. This achievement gets him a “Mile-a-Minute Murphy” nickname.

Cycling has been considered one of the world’s most active sports ever since the innovation of cycles and other vehicles. Several cycling tournaments are held in different parts of the world. These events are also considered among the highest-paying ones.

Not only do famous cyclists make money from the tournaments and the events, but they also endorse the products and services of companies.

Legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong was ranked 9th place in the Richest Players list in 2010, released by Forbes, with a total income of $28 million. Lance Armstrong is also one of the highest-paying sports players in the year 2022.

Summing up…!

 Hope you liked reading this article and now you can choose one sport for you. Moreover, if any sport from our list is your favorite, too, you can let us know in the comment box, or if you have any queries, you can ask to share that query too without any hesitation.

Thank you for reading.

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