Latest High Rise Invasion Season 2 (2022) | Cast | Release Date | Renewal Status

Latest High Rise Invasion Season 2 (2022) | Cast | Release Date | Renewal Status

High-Rise: Invasion is a Japanese manga series written by Tsuina Miura and illustrated by Takahiro Oba. It was Netflix’s first anime series of 2021. It was released in February. High-Rise: Invasion is a Netflix Original horror-mystery Japanese anime series. Based on the manga of the same name by author Tsuina Miura, High Rise Invasion is the first full Original anime series to arrive on Netflix in 2021. The production of the series was handled by Zero-G.

The first season of the series with its production and storyline has gained huge attention of anime lovers around the globe and everyone is waiting for the second season of the series. If you are also waiting for the second season of the series and wanted to know more details about season 2 then you have arrived at the right place. Here in this article, I have shared the information regarding season 2 of High-Rise: Invasion:

Before knowing about season 2 of High-Rise: Invasion, let’s first know about season 1:

Characters and cast of Season 1:


Characters and cast members of Season of the anime series are discussed below:

  • Haruka Shiraishi as Yuri Honjo
  • Yuuichirou Umehara as Kamen Sniper
  • Shiki Aoki as Mayuko Nise
  • Junya Enoki as Rika Honjo
  • Akira Sekine as Kuon Shunzaki

These are the main characters and cast of the show.

The plot of the High-Rise: Invasion (Season 1):

The plot of the story revolves around Yuri Honjo, who is a high school student, finds herself trapped in a world filled with giant skyscrapers, connected by suspension bridges and populated by masked figures who mercilessly slaughter their confused victims who enter their world. As the show is based on the manga written by Tsuina Miura. So, this is natural that the animated series will also follow the same story and plot as the manga.

How much of the manga will it cover?

This question arises as the series is based on the manga and it is difficult to cover this all in one season. There are 21 volumes of High Rise Invasion spread across 249 chapters. They have a large number of source materials. So we can assume that the upcoming anime series will cover its first 94 chapters, which means the first eight volumes of the manga.

In addition, we might also be able to expect even a second season. This original manga has 249 chapters in total so it’s impossible to cover all of them in just one season. And before even releasing, High Rise Invasion has lauded and been waited eagerly already.

Release date of High-Rise: Invasion:

High Rise Invasion will stream worldwide on Netflix on 25 February 2021. There are 12 episodes in the first season of High-Rise: Invasion. Following are the details about the episodes of High-Rise: Invasion:

Episode NumberEpisode NameRelease Date
1.I Just Don’t Get This World25 February 2021
2.I’ve Found a New Goal25 February 2021
3.I’m Sorry, Mayuko Nise25 February 2021
4.I Won’t Give in to This World25 February 2021
5.That’s an Incredible Ultimate Weapon25 February 2021
6.If I Become a Perfect God25 February 2021
7.I Will End This Realm25 February 2021
8.I’ve Cast Off My Humanity, But That’s Fine25 February 2021
9.Which Of Us Will Live a Cool Life?25 February 2021
10.Our Enemy is One Who Desires Chaos25 February 2021
11.I AM Justice!25 February 2021
12.This is a High-Rise Invasion25 February 2021

Trailer of the Season 1 of High-Rise: Invasion:

You can watch the trailer of the High-Rise: Invasion Season 1 below:

This is all about the first season of the show, let’s now understand and know more about the second season of High-Rise: Invasion:

Will High-Rise: Invasion has a Second Season?

High Rise Invasion Season 2

As of now, there are no official confirmations about the show has a second season or not. But as the show is based on the manga which has 21 volumes there might be a possibility that the show may have a second show. But the officials are yet to confirm whether the show is canceled or renewed for a second season.

The first season of ‘High-Rise: Invasion’ was once in the primary and tried to set up the floor for the series. With endless skyscrapers linked with the aid of halt bridges, excessive college scholar Yuri Honjo finds herself caught in a catch 22 situation between getting a run for her lifestyle or killing the masked killers. 

As matters begin to obtain momentum at season 1, fans have been actively ready for some accurate information for the forthcoming season.

Release Date of Second Season:

The official release date of the second season has not been disclosed yet but the first season of the show was released in February 2021. So, it is quite expected for the second season to release in February 2022. But still know there is no official confirmation from Netflix and the production house.


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High-Rise: Invasion Season-2 Cast (expected):

The expected cast of the second season is below. These are expected cast as nothing is officially confirmed yet.
  • Yuichiro Umehara as Sniper Mask 
  • Haruka Shiraishi being Yuri Honjō
  • Akira Sekine being Kuon Shinzaki
  • Shiki Aoki will act as Mayuko Nise
  • Junya Enoki being Rika Honjō

High-Rise: Invasion Season-2 expected plot:

The expected plot of season 2 is the research for Rika would possibly continue. Yuri would possibly find out new abilities. The expert and directors of the recreation may additionally disclose themselves in the subsequent season.

Possible free ends at the first season’s cease gave us various plots and subplots marked in the subsequent season. For example, the probabilities of Yuri and her brother Rika joining can act as a subplot, and followers can anticipate the 2nd season on these words. As the anime is but to cowl over one hundred episodes left after the first season, which included 149 out of 258 posted chapters, we can assume to see the relaxation of the manga in the subsequent season.

Note: This is all the information regarding the second season of High Rise Invasion season 2, its release date, cast, and plot.


In the above article, I have shared all the news and information regarding the second season of High Rise Invasion season 2 If this article helps you in finding what you are looking for then comment on what you like about the article and also in the comments share your views on how we can improve in future articles. Thank You!

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