How to Get Water Out of iPhone Speakers Quickly (2022) | 5 Working Ways For Apple Users

How to Get Water Out of iPhone Speakers Quickly (2022) | 5 Working Ways For Apple Users
How to Get Water Out of iPhone Speakers?🧐 The biggest nightmare for any iPhone user is getting water into his/her iPhone. And we bet even you fear the same and wonder how to get Water Out of your iPhone’s Speaker. And if you got stuck into this nightmare scenario we’ve listed down some quick and easy methods for you to get water out of your iPhone’s speaker.
We all are humans are we do make mistakes every day be it be intentional or unintentional. And if you got your phone submerged into water or some other liquid accidentally you should not feel guilty about it at all. The latest iPhones do come with an IP rating of some level, but they are not entirely waterproof and if you are using an old iPhone then the picture might get even worst. So, if you want to fix your problem of getting water out of your iPhone this article is for you. We have listed down a few methods you can use by yourself at home to get water out of your iPhone’s speaker.
So, here are a few hacks to get water out of your iPhone’s speaker.
First of all, you need to know that Apple doesn’t cover water damage under warranty, even for iPhones with an IP rating so we recommend you protect your phone around all the places where water is involved.
If you accidentally submerged your iPhone into the water and you experience a muddy speaker sound, it’s probably because the water got logged in the iPhone’s lightning port or speaker.
There are many methods to get water out of your iPhone’s speaker, it includes using apps, websites, or Siri shortcuts to full fill the purpose.
So, without any further ado let’s dig into them

1. Gravity At Its Best!

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In this method, science plays a major role. The first and the most instinctual thing you can do is to use gravity to bring out water from your iPhone. In this technique, you just have to point your iPhone’s speaker towards the ground and gently tap on the top of your iPhone. Multiple low force taps can help to push the water out of the phone through the speaker grill and onto the ground.

2. Use Siri shortcut to Get Water out of Speaker

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Unlike the Apple Watch, an iPhone doesn’t come with any handy built-in methods to get water out of the speaker grills. But you can definitely download one for yourself using the ‘link’. Follow the steps below to create your own Siri shortcut in order to get water out of your iPhone-
Step1- For the installation of the untrusted shortcut on your iPhone you need to Go to Settings > search and open shortcuts > scroll for the “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” option and toggle it on by entering your passcode for action confirmation.
Step2- Now you need to scroll down to the bottom and tap on download the “Water Eject” shortcut from the link we’ve given. “Add Shortcut” following that tap the “Add Untrusted Shortcut” button. The most used and workable shortcut is created by a user Josh0678 there are many other similar shortcuts that fulfill the same purpose.
Step3- Next you have to Open the Shortcut app and open the “My Shortcuts” tab. From there find and tap on the “Water Eject” shortcut. Tap on the “Begin” option to start the process. You will hear a no of sounds during the process and watch out for the water spraying out of your speaker grill.
Note- if you want Better Make sure iPhone volume is set to max and the speaker grill is pointed towards the ground so that gravity can also help you to get your work done.

3. Use an App to Eject Water out of Speaker

Eject Water from iPhone

If you are a bit skeptical about using a Shortcut created by an anonymous user on the internet, you can try out a few trusted apps from the App store. Also, make sure you don’t experience trouble while logging in-app store. One of the most trustworthy Apps available to get water out of the iPhone speaker is sonic.
How to use Sonic to get water out of your iPhone’s speaker?
  • Search for the Sonic app on the App Store and download and install it.
  • Open the App once it’s installed, place your phone towards the ground for gravitational assistance, and do not forget to turn the volume to max.
  • Press and hold on to the water drop icon present on the App and swipe to set the frequency to a number between 160 to 200.
  • We recommend you repeat this process multiple times until you see water droplets getting out of the speaker grill.
  • If you think it is too much work you can just use the automatic mode available on the App. For this Tap on the water droplet icon and the App will automatically adjust the right amount frequency required to push the water out of the speakers of your iPhone.

4. Use a tone-generator website to eject water out of your iPhone’s speaker.

You can take the help of a website to generate tones of different frequencies in order to get water out of your iPhone’s speaker. There are many websites available to get your work done. Such as FixMySpeakers or OnlineToneGenerator.
How to use a Tone-generator website to get water out of iPhone’s speaker.
  1. Open Safari and visit a website like FixMySpeakers or OnlineToneGenerator.
  2. Tap on the water droplet button given on the website to start the process On FixMySpeakers. In the case of OnlineToneGenerator, tap PLAY. You may use the slider to adjust the frequency just be a bit cautious so that you don’t damage your iPhone speakers
  3. Once water droplets stop coming out of the speaker grills, pause the sound

5. Taking your iPhone to Apple service

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Lastly if nothing of the above methods works you are left with only one option which is to take your phone to an apple store or any nearest certified service center.
Taking your iPhone to an Apple expert can be your last hope to deal with your messy situation here. The Apple Genius or the repair experts know the skill of taking out water from your iPhone’s speaker not only that taking your iPhone to an expert can also bring other befits to you, they may even be able to fix your iPhone if something is out of order.
However, do note that iPhones come with water damage indicators, so your repair executive will know of the water damage. There’s no use trying to hide that fact from them.

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How To Use Rice To Fix a Water Damaged iPhone?

You can fix your Water Damaged iPhone straight from your kitchen. This may sound a bit weird but the method of using rice to fix water Damaged appliances is practiced by many people and they swear by this method. The method can be a bit time-consuming but the results and miraculous.
As rice is a good absorbent so it can help you to get some amount of moisture out of your phone. Obviously, if your phone was fully submerged into water it can be quite hard for it to absorb all of it but it can definitely help you get the moisture out of your iPhone’s speaker to some extent.
For this, first of all, you have to Power off your iPhone then
Submerge it inside uncooked rice. You have to keep it in an air-tight container for a few days until the moisture is fully absorbed by the rice. This trick is helpful for many other moisture-related problems in other appliances as well.

Can We Use Silica Gel to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone?

Yes, Just like rice even Silica Gel also has moisture absorption properties. You can find small packets of silica gel inside your newly bought shoe boxes or bags it saves them from any damage by absorbing the moisture. and f you manage to get a sufficient amount of it you can fix youR phone damaged by moisture. You just have to Cover your iPhone with silica gel packets and leave it be for a day or two. That should help absorb all the moisture from your iPhone.

Wrapping up!

So, we hope that these methods will be helpful to get water out of your iPhone speaker. Kindly let us know in our comment section which one of these methods you used to fix your problem.
Thank You For Reading!

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