What Is Trophies On Snapchat? How To Get Snapchat Trophies Easily

What Is Trophies On Snapchat? How To Get Snapchat Trophies Easily

If you’re examining to fill up a trophy case – and do it quickly – you’ve reached the right place. This article is now your leading guide to get trophies on Snapchat.

Snapchat chronicles your accomplishments in the application by unlocking trophies when you finalize certain missions. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t tell you how to get trophies on Snapchat, but Snapchat users have figured out how to earn many of them by simply using Snapchat and its elements regularly. If you want to get trophies on Snapchat and your snapchat is crashing frequently every time, there is no worry about this as you can easily resolve this issue.

Read on to learn about the basics of how to get trophies on Snapchat and what it will bring to earn the series of trophies the Snapchat community presently knows about.

What Are Snapchat Trophies?

User get trophies on snapchat when user makes special achievements on the application and comes in emojis. This can be from reaching a certain score, utilizing particular filters, sending creative Snaps[Snapchat Streaks], or publicizing your story on Live Story.

Your ‘trophies’ will be displayed in your ‘trophy box’ as emojis, which you can locate by tapping your profile icon in the top left of your screen. You then choose trophies, and you should be competent to see the ones you have unclosed.

Like, you can get the Ghost emoji trophy if your Snapchat score lashes 500,000; you are awarded the Sun Face emoji if you send a snap with the temperature over 100° F, and you will uncover the Ogre emoji in your trophy box if you send 1,000 Snaps utilizing the front-facing camera (selfies).

From Where Or How To Get Trophies On Snapchat?

Open the Snapchat application, log in to your account if required, and dab your Bitmoji/profile icon in the topmost left corner of the screen. Then dab Trophies right beneath your Snapcode to unlock your Trophy Case.

Get Trophies On Snapchat

Here you’ll see all of your most recent unlocked trophies, followed by padlock icons designating the ones you have yet to unlock. You can swab on any trophy you’ve already unlocked to see how you unlocked it. Unfortunately, you can’t wipe on any locked padlocks to see how to unlock the remains.

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What Trophies Can You Obtain On Snapchat?

The company’s authorized list of Snapchat trophies isn’t released and is presumed to be a secret. Trophies are added to the mix now and then, but here is a complete checklist:

  • One finger indicating up: Snap sent with one filter
  • Two fingers doing the peace sign: Snap sent using two filters
  • Baby: Your Snapchat score has hit 10
  • Gold star: Your Snapchat score has reached 100
  • Sparkles / Three Stars: Your Snapchat score hit 1,000
  • Red fireworks: Your Snapchat score is between 50,000 and 100,000
  • Rocket: Your Snapchat score is over 100,000

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  • Snowflake: You’ve sent a Snap with the temperature below freezing
  • Sun face: You’ve sent a Snap when the temperature has been above 37C or 100F
  • Videotape: You’ve sent a video Snap
  • Old school camera: You’ve sent 50 video Snaps
  • Video camera: You’ve sent 500 video Snaps
  • Egg in the frying pan: You’ve sent a Snap between 4 am, and 5 am
  • Half-moon: You’ve sent 50 snaps in the night mode
  • Panda: You’ve sent 50 black and white Snaps.
  • Monkey holding ears: You sent a Snap with no sound
  • Devil: You have sent 1,000 Snaps with a front-facing camera
  • Ghost: Your Snapscore has hit 500,000
  • Lollipop: Sent a Snap using five or more color pens
  • Rainbow: You’ve sent 10 Snaps using five or more color pens
  • Artist Palette: You’ve sent 50 Snaps using five or more color pens
  • ABCD: You’ve sent 100 Snaps with enlarged text
  • Microscope: You’ve sent 10 video Snaps that have zoomed in

snapchat social media smartphone icon 1

  • Magnifying glass: You have sent 10 Snaps that are zoomed in all the way
  • Torch: You’ve sent 10 Snaps with front-facing flash
  • Loop one: You’ve sent a front-facing to rear-facing video Snap
  • Loop clockwise: You’ve flipped the camera five times in a video Snap
  • Flip/Rotate anticlockwise: You’ve flipped the camera 10 times in one video Snap
  • Purple devil face smiling: You have screenshotted a Snap once
  • Purple devil face normal: You’ve screenshotted 10 Snaps
  • Red Devil face with a mustache: You’ve screenshotted 50 Snaps
  • Telephone: You have verified your phone number in the settings
  • Email envelope: You have verified your email address in the settings
  • Old school radio: You have submitted to Our Story
  • Fax machine: You’ve scanned five Snapcodes
  • Clapper board: You’ve submitted 10 Snaps to your Live Local story
  • Chain link: You have linked your Bitmoji account with your Snapchat
  • Floppy disk: You have saved 10 Snaps to your Memories
  • CD: You’ve saved 100 Snaps to Memories
  • DVD: You’ve saved 1,000 Snaps to Memories
  • World: Your Snap was publicized on a Live Story
  • Face with sunglasses: You have paired Snapchat Spectacles with your account
  • Detective: You’ve explored for a Snap in Memories
  • Eyes looking to the side: You’ve set up My Eyes Only in Memories
  • Minidisc: You’ve preserved a Story to Memories
  • Bull’s Eye: You’ve added five friends or people using the Add Nearby feature
  • Snapchat money: You’ve spent cash through Snapcash
  • White circle: You’ve sent a Story from Memories
  • Blue circle: You’ve created a Story in Memories

What Can You Do With Snapchat Trophies?

Snapchat trophies are just for joy. At the moment, there was no real use for them other than enjoying the satisfaction that comes with the challenge of unlocking an untried trophy.

Tips for Unclosing Snapchat Trophies Without Attempting Too Hard

With so many trophies to be opened and such huge milestones to unlock some of them, concentrating too much on unlocking each can effortlessly take the fun out of using Snapchat. Rather, try these tips:

  • Share more snaps with friends and boost them to do the same. The more snaps you send and receive, the greater your chances of unlocking more trophies. Your Score will increase. You’ll be able to take screenshots, swap Night Mode on, and much better.


trophy clipart trophy golden 1200x1598 1

  • Get innovative by using as many Snapchat features as possible. Take benefit of filters, Snappable games, pen colors, lenses, text fonts, stickers, and more.
  • Don’t ignore the stories. Stories are a great way to increase your Snapchat action even when your friends aren’t snapping back as often as you like. Recall that you can unlock more trophies by snapping from popular locations and proposing them as public stories to Our Story.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you keep 2 yellow hearts on Snapchat?

You can have up to eight best friends in indexed order. The yellow heart emoji means you and the other individual are each other’s best friends.

2. Why did I lose my Super BFF on the Snapchat application?

If that individual raises their friendship level too much with someone else, or if you build it too much with someone else, you’ll fail heart and go back to just being friends.

3. What is the longest snap streak?

The Snapchat streak segment was introduced on April 6th, 2015, and the longest Snapchat streak is 2492+; as of April 2022, it belongs to Kyla Srncik and Julianna Williams, which is documented till today.

4. How can I get my Streak back?

Move to Snapchat Support. You’ll glimpse a list of potential problems; click on My Snapstreaks disappeared. A reference form will load underneath details about Streaks. This will need basic information about your account (username, email address, cell number, and device) and specifics about the Streak.

Bringing It To An End

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t any role to these trophies. They only act as a way to show how much of a Snapchat addict you are. And it can be fun to correspond your trophy case with your friends, much like your Snapchat Score.
Opening and earning trophies is a good way to raise your Snapchat score.

So get a high score and unlock those trophies, then compare them with your companions to see which one of you is the winner of Snapchat! Hope. Now you get how to get trophies on Snapchat? If you have any queries, do share them in the comment box.

Thank you for reading.

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