8 Reliable Geoguessr alternatives

Checkout 8 Reliable Geoguessr alternatives in 2022 (Free & Paid)

Bored of Playing Action, adventure games? Don’t worry we are going to present some of the best games as a Geoguessr alternative. So Basically Geoguessr is a geography platform game. In this game as a player, you’ll be dropped somewhere on the map and you just have to find your location on the map by solving quizzes and finding clues. This game comes up with lots of features that allow you to play not only solo but as a multiplayer too.

Solo Geoguessr Player:- As a Solo Geoguessr player you can explore the world in this game and earn medals.

Multiplayer Geoguessr Player:- You can play this game with your friends and family although this game allows you to test your skills and by solving clues you can earn more medals. This also gives you a private party option which allows you to play in your own party with friends online.

Tournaments and Events:- In Geoguessr you can play this game with your friends and can compete with players all over the world. By doing missions you can also earn badges and medals too.

Geoguessr is available both on iOS and Android. If you want to play this game in different languages then this game is available in 10 different languages. This game is free to play and you can play different modes of games available in this game. To get more features you can upgrade to Pro. Some of the games are paid and some are free to play also. Its monthly plan starts at $1.99 and if you are a beginner you can try its 7-day free trial which helps you to decide whether to go for an upgrade or a simple version.

So if you are bored of playing its free version and want more additional features which will only be available in its pro version and many other factors. So today in this blog we are going to discuss some of the Top 8 Sites like Geoguessr in 2022.


Here are the 8 Best Geoguessr Alternatives in 2022 (Free & Paid)

1. PlayGeography

download 6

PlayGeography is a good alternative to Geoguessr. This game is totally based on world geography and this game doesn’t come up with 3D maps and only supports 2D maps which will help you go through the city, country, state. In this game, you only have to solve map quizzes and clues which will help you to earn points. You don’t have to create or sign in to this game and you can play this game freely.

One of the best features of this game is it comes with five different game modes which include country, state, story modes, and a lot of different things.

Anyone Can play this game online with the link given above.

Pricing Plans:- Free

2. Get Lost


Get Lost is another great alternative to Geoguessr which is a great geography game platform. In this game, you’ll play this game in mainly two regions US and India. The street view of the US is pretty good to understand and anyone can guess their location easily with the help of clues and hints. But on the other side, the Indian street view is not that clear to understand and find the correct location. So if you guess your correct location you’ll get more points.

In free mode, you can only play free rounds in a day and if you want to play more you can upgrade to pro with its monthly plan.

Pricing Plans:- 

  • Premium Plans per month:- $2.99
  • Premium Plans per Year:- $23.99

3. Seterra

Seterra Geography – App Review Post Image

Seterra is also known as a great alternative to Geoguessr which comes with some easy-to-use features and modes. You’ll also get nine different modes which will take your geography game experience to next level. This game also supports more than 400 maps with 40 different languages. Its fun Quizzes help you to get more info about different countries, cities, and states as well.

Seterra is free to play the game and can also be played on PC, iOS, and Mobile. As of now, this game is available in these regions-United States, North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania.

Premium Pricing Plan:– $1.99/month

4. World Geography Games

Geography games for kids

World Geography Games is a very well-known geography platform game. In this game, you’ll get to learn more about maps, countries and states, rivers, islands, and deserts. This game is great to get more knowledge about maps and comes with very quizzes and modes. As you know this game is free to play so it comes with very limited features and doesn’t support 3D maps. But is a great choice as a free geography game.

Pricing Plans:- Free

5. Ducksters

Geoguessr alternatives
Credits:- Ducksters

Ducksters is another amazing alternative to Geoguessr which comes with a very well-designed UI. In this game, you’ll get to know more about geographical reasons, maps, and states which will help you to learn more about world maps. In this, after solving lots of quizzes and events you would get more points. This game is totally free to play and also covers various regions of US states which includes rivers, islands, and states.

Pricing Plans:- Free

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6. Zoomtastic

download 7

Zoomtastic is rated as 6 in the Top 8 list of Geoguessr alternatives. In this game, a player has to guess the country on the map shown in front of him in the web browser and you have to answer as fast as you can. So the time-bound to answer every single question is 30 seconds and every question, you answer correctly will get you 100 points As per our knowledge, this game is considered one of the best games for knowledge seekers who want to learn more about the world maps, regions and different states in the world.

This game is totally free to play on the web browser and to access this game you’ll find the link given above in the table.

When you open the Link given above you’ll have one page which will show you two options Play and register by clicking on the play button you’re directly redirected to the game and a 30-second countdown will start and after that, your game will start!

Pricing Plans:- Free


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7. Hide& Seek World

download 8

Hide& Seek World is another best alternative to Geoguessr. So when you open the game you’ll see a very interface and in that, you have to set your name and color which will show you in the game as a player recognizance. The game is very simple as you’ll play the role of hider and others have to guess your location. Then after you turn you will be a seeker and then with others you have to guess the location of the hider and the points totally depends on your accuracy of guessing. The more you guess right you’ll get more points.

This game supports two modes i.e Online random mode and other is private party mode.

Online Random Mode:- In this mode, you’ll get a chance to play with players from all over the world, and the rest of the rules are the same.

Private Party Mode:- This mode is specially designed for those who want to play with their friends and you can only invite 20 players to play in this mode.

Let’s Talk about its free and Premium Plans. So if you’re playing as a free player you’ll only get some limited features and one day play. So to play continuously you need to upgrade to pro and by doing that you not only get unlimited chances to play but also additional features and more interesting modes.

It comes with Two plans:-

1st Plan:- $3/month

2nd Plan:-$8/month

8. Guess Where Challenge


Guess Where Challenge is the last but not at all less competitive to other alternatives of Geoguessr. Guess Where Challenge is a very well-designed geography game for android users which comes up with some exciting features. In this game, you’ll be thrown down in some random places of the world and by using your extreme knowledge of geography you have to guess where you are and if you correct accurately you’ll get more points and achievements.

This game is so addictive even anyone can spend their whole day very gracefully. And if I talk about these games you’ll not only play a game but also learn so much about the world map and that is the thing that makes these geography games amazing for all!

Pricing Plans:- Free


As I have mentioned above some of the Top 8 Geoguessr alternatives (2022) will help you to learn more about world maps and many different country’s states. This article is totally dedicated to all those individuals who want to learn something while playing too. If you really liked the blog do let me know which game you liked the most in our comment section. Thank You!

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