8 Popular Games Like Stardew Valley You Should Try in 2022

8 Popular Games Like Stardew Valley You Should Try in 2022

Have you ever thought of creating your own world? Where you can build your own house, farm, trees, rivers, and a lot more things that make a perfect ecosystem. But as you all know this isn’t possible in this world. But do you know one thing Stardew valley is one of the most famous online farming games where anyone can build their own world and the player who would create it will also have full control over it!

Stardew Valley is available on various platforms like Steam, Humble Store, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, and many other platforms.

On the other side if you’re bores playing Stardew valley for long hours and wanted to play different games like Satrdew valley then we’re going to share some of our 8 best games like Stardew  Valley which will definitely help you to cheer up asap! And in these games, you’ll see some adventurous farming and RPG elements.

Here Are The Top 4 best games like Stardew valley (2022)

1. Farm Together

farm together switch hero

Farm Together is a very interesting game like Stardew valley’s where needs to an odd job in gaming that doesn’t present a challenge, goal, or obstacle to overcome. Here you’re just invited to build a farm in your own relaxed stride. Here on our farm, crops and animals don’t die if you neglect them, and if you don’t have a decent harvest, you will find yourself and your farm in financial danger. If you want to become rich and you want your farm to grow and expand, the more you play, the more building options become available.

Some Key Points:-

  • Grow up your farm:- You can grow crops, plant trees for a good environment and can take care of your animals, and much more. You can spend earned money to build new buildings and provide more facilities to your farm, from this you can earn experience to unlock new items.


  • Customize your looks as well your farms look:-  You can stay for as long as you want to. As time runs even if you are not online in this game, so make sure you have something to do when you come later. Here you can manage your farm by yourself and can allow only online friends to enter your farm or keep the farm open and cultivate with them. Here a permission system allows you to limit what others can do.


  • Build your own house:-
    Here you can build your own house, just enter and relax. Decorate the interior of your house however you like. Also, spend time cooking recipes, music, etc.


  • Take your pet anywhere:- Here in this game, you will have a loyal friend who will always be there to show love, also you love. You can customize its looks as you want.

You can directly buy this game on steam from the given link above for $7.09

2. Staxel

Staxel is another best game like Stardew valley which is pretty much similar to Minecraft and farming games. In this game, you’ll get to build some cool aesthetic, interesting, and appealing designs.

When you start playing this game at first you’ll get one dog as a pet which you can easily handle by using your hand in-game. The UI of this game is so beautiful and vibrant even anyone can fall in love with this pretty game. You can also spend long hours building farms and a better ecosystem.

So if you’re looking for a great alternative to Strawdew valley then you should for this game. I’ve given the official link of the game above you can choose your preferred platform where you want to play this game.

If you’re going to play it on Pc as it’s only available on Pc right now then it will cost your around $7.57

3. World’s Dawn


World’s Dawn is a very famous game like Stardew Valley. This game is full of beautiful colors and totally inspired by the moon series and if we talk about its top-notch graphics then it comes up with a very amazing interface.

This game is about 30+ hours long and a very good game to spend your weekend on easily. As a villager, you have to build relationships, do farming, find your love charming and also compete in many festivals and if you go really deep inside the game it also has its secrets and many more things.

One of the best things about this game is it supports a low-end pc and requires only 512 MB Ram.

You can easily download this game from the links given above and it will cost you nearly $4.68

4.  Garden Story

garden story review

Garden Story is a very interesting game as a quite homogeneous to Stardew valley. This game was developed by Picogram and if I talk about this game then this game is really fun for the players who want some cute and adventure gameplay.

So in this game, you’ll be protecting your home from Rot who is trying to destroy your home. You will be appointed as a Concord of the grove and then you have to team up with other fruits and fungi and begin your game. and guard the Valley.

The best part of this game is it’s available on many platforms like Pc, Nintendo Switch, and Switch.

If you want to play this game you can go through the link given above and it will cost you nearly $7.09 on steam.

In the end, just wanted to thank you for being with us till the end and if you’re are a macOS Catalina user you should try these free steam games which can be played on Mac easily.


Top 4 best Switch games like Stardew valley (2022)

1. Summer in Mara

Games like stardew valley

Summer in Mara is a summertime season journey with farming, crafting, and exploring in a tropical location or truly coastal location. It is a single-participant sport that offers enjoyment in a calm, enjoyable environment, with a hand-crafted appearance and a thrilling narrative. The participant can be Koa, an adventurer lady who desires to discover the arena that surrounds her.

In the sports Summer in Mara, participants have to attend to their personal island, harvest vegetation, create new equipment and homes, and sail together along with their boat to find out new islands and secrets and techniques. It is certainly a calming sport, however, with a lot of adventures.

Key capabilities of Summer in Mara
• An open ocean with over 20 islands to discover.
• Customisable island with homes, vegetation, and farm animals.
• Over 25 characters to play with.
• More than three hundred demanding situations to make Mara a higher place.

In The sports, the participant can have their personal island. However, looking after the islands is a lot of tough work. Players can be capable of planting bushes to get wood, and crafting new equipment and homes with distinct materials.

For steam users, it will cost you nearly $3.

2. Epic Chief

Epic Chef PC Version Full Game Setup Free Download.jpg

 Epic Chief revolves around an individual named‘ Zest’ who development via his adventures.
Epic chief is also a survival recreation with a lot of crafting in it. It is full of a lot of quests, challenges, rewards, etc. In the sport, you’ll be capable of crafting a lot of homes consisting of windmills, sawmills, Sause workshops, and a lot more.

The sport whilst you’ll develop via many adventures to locate homes like windmills etc. Those homes will assist you to craft many greater gadgets in the sport. The greater you’ll craft, the greater You’ll get a better talent level and according to a review of the sport Epic chief is calming, adventurous, in addition to amusing to play. Players have a lot of factors to do in the sport, which makes it more enjoyable.

For only steam users, it will cost you nearly $7.62.


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3. Littlewood

littlewood switch hero

Little Wood is the best switch game like Stardew valley to rebuild a fallen city. Players must rebuild the city hall to survive. There are many things to discover in the game. The world you are invited to is called the “Wide World of Celebration“. Exploration begins with fascinating forests, fishing villages, and truly dark and eerie mining caves.

There are many townspeople you have to persuade to live and work together in your town.
Some items are common and some are really rare to find. These items are used to sell to the people of the town and to create various items. As a player, you can choose from a variety of characters what you want to be.

If you’re going to play this cool game on steam then it will cost you around $6.15 and you can also directly buy this game from the steam link given above.

4. Grow: Song of the Evertree

download 9 1

As the name suggests the game is all about an ever-green forest in which there is a magical tree that has many powers. But the tree is in danger because of many monsters, so the main purpose of the character is to take care of the magical tree. In this game, you’ll have to do craft many things in order to survive such as hunting, fishing, building your own town, etc.

And you have to take care of the tree as it grows and give you more and more abilities as it grows. But the more powers you have more difficult monsters you have to fight with to protect the magical tree.

 Grow: song of the Evertree is really fun to play the game with the day and night cycle, and climate change that you should try at least once. This game is about crafting, fighting monsters, building various stuff, and most importantly protecting the magical tree.

To buy this game you should check out the steam link given above and it will cost you around $27.87 which is pretty much higher than the above-listed games but worth every penny.



As I have mentioned above some top 8 games like Stardew Valley and switch games like Stardew valley and every game is too good to play for long hours online on your Pc. So, if you really liked the blog do let us know in our comment section which game you liked the most. Thank You!

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