What Is Apple’s Freeform App On Iphone 2023? | How To Use It?

What Is Apple’s Freeform App On Iphone 2023? | How To Use It?

Have you updated your iphone software to the latest version 16.2? The update has a surprise in store for you. Apart from all the bug fixes and new themes you get apple’s freeform app on iphone. It is a new app that has been introduced by the apple family. It is a virtual board which can be used to work on a project.

The best part about this app is that it allows you to collaborate with other apple users and you all can work on the same board from your devices in real time. It is a very useful app for students, office-goers, and creative artists alike, it has many features that will be discussed in the article below.

Apple’s freeform app on iphone is best suited for both creative and technical projects and can be used by anyone who wants a hassle-free digital space to finish their projects within no time. You can add, edit and insert various items on the board while having a conversation on FaceTime with your collaborators. It is a new app but sounds promising, lets into the details to know more.

What Is Apple’s Freeform App On iPhone?

what is apple's freeform app on iphone

The new apple’s freeform app on iphone has been launched with the new iOS 16.2 software update. It is like a whiteboard which enables users to collaborate with up to 99 apple users on a never-ending canvas.

You can add images, texts, and links to the virtual board and work on different projects with different people in real time. It even supports iMessage and FaceTime integration through which you can connect with other users can work on the app virtually.

Features of the Freeform App on iPhone

what is Apple's freeform app on iphone

Below are listed all the features that come with apple’s freeform app on iphone. Read these features carefully to know how you can use the app.

1. Shapes

You will get hundreds of pre-designed clip-art shapes with apple’s freeform app on iphone in different categories like basic, geometry, animals, food, symbols, arts, people, activities, transportation, and Work. These clip-arts can be stacked on top of each other in different colours and sizes with the help of different tools for projects.

2. Images, Scans, and Documents

The best part about apple’s freeform app on iphone is that it supports all kinds of documents and you can add images and videos from your camera roll or safari directly on the app. These photos can be cropped, resized and viewed with different images and shapes. We can scan documents in colour and black and white and edit them as you want.

3. Stickies

You can add digital post-its and change their colours and add texts in bold, bullet lists and different font sizes on them. You can edit the stickies with the help of the Apple Pencil on an iPad.

4. Text Insert

You can add text and insert it anywhere on the freeform canvas, the text can be of different sizes and you can format it at your convenience.

5. Drawing Tools

You get different drawing tools just like you get from Markup. It will allow you to draw anything with a finger. You can choose to draw with a pen, marker, or crayon shape and can adjust opacity, colour and line thickness. It also comes with an eraser and lasso fill tool to fill in the lines that you draw.

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6. Colors

Apple’s freeform app on iphone comes with a wide variety of colours and allows you to choose a simple colour from a grid, and one colour forms a spectrum interface and manages sliders. You can also save your favourite colour at the bottom and adjust its opacity.

7. Object Moving

In apple’s freeform app on iPhone, you can rearrange and resize any document with a simple drag-and-drop motion. You can send any document to the back or front for layering by simply tapping on it. You can lock, duplicate and constraint an object in case you change any one dimension.

8. File Managing

Another feature of apple’s freeform app on iphone includes saving boards in a PDF form in files as well as dropbox. It also allows users to email, text and share links to boards.

9. Numerous Boards

Apple’s freeform app on iphone allows you to have various boards that can be sorted by date and name and you can view them as icons or lists.

10. Collaboration

Apple’s freeform app on iphone is a collaboration tool that enables users to share freeform boards with other iPhone users. Every contributor can work on a board together, add text and images and sync the data in real time.

11. Device availability & compatibility

Apple’s freeform app on iphone is compatible with all three apple products, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. All you need to have is the latest iOS 16.2 software for iPhone and iPad and Ventura 13.1 macOS for Mac.

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Wrapping Up!

That was all about apple’s freeform app on iphone, hope you enjoy the new app and it proves to be useful for you. Although it is still in the beta stage, let’s see what new features it brings in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is apple’s freeform app on iphone?

Ans. It is a new app that contains a virtual board that allows users to create projects. It is a combination of google docs, google sheets and slides.

Q2. Which devices is it compatible with?

Ans. The app is compatible with all three apple products, the iPhone, the iPad, and the Mac. All you need to have is the latest software update and you are good to go.

Q3. When was apple’s freeform app on iphone launched?

Ans. Apple launched the Freeform app on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

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