10 Popular Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters Online (2023)

10 Popular Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters Online (2023)

We’ve provided a list of some of the best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters in this article. PC drivers are essential for the efficient operation of your computer’s hardware. When using corrupted or out-of-date device drivers, you could have a lot of crashes, no sound, excessive heating, and other compatibility-related problems that might even result in hardware failure.

Each device or piece of hardware requires a driver to carry out specified tasks, hence drivers are considered to be necessary software. Device drivers are programs that facilitate effective communication between the operating system and hardware of your PC. These drivers can, however, occasionally become faulty or outdated.

You can avoid the inconveniences and time-consuming process of manually updating device drivers by using updater software. A collection of the best tools for updating device drivers is provided below. The tools in this list are both paid and open-source, and they all have the most recent download links and popular features. So, let’s dig into the article and find out the best free windows 11 driver updaters list.

 Top 10 Best Windows 11 Driver Updaters (Paid & Free)

We performed performance research on these leading driver updater programs and also have ranked them to assist you to pick the best choice. This is the subject of our following section. It will assist you in locating the finest laptop and computer driver updater.

For older devices running Windows 10, 11, or earlier versions, read the entire list before downloading the free driver updater. Select the top free driver updater program to replace your Windows PC’s outdated device drivers with the most recent versions that the manufacturer recommends.

1. Bit Driver Updater

Top 10 Best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters

Bit Driver Updater is one of the best free windows 11 driver updaters. Install Bit Driver Updater to your computer if you’re looking for an intelligent, cost-free driver updater that can maintain your system driver’s current. It makes sure to back up the current device drivers so they may be restored later in addition to updating the outdated or broken device drivers to deliver an optimal and fluid functioning PC. This driver updater software, which is a Bit Guardian product, has a wide range of functions that improve the speed, stability, and health of your PC.

  • Instantly runs a comprehensive system scan to find any outdated, broken, or missing drivers.
  • With just one click, the device drivers can be updated.
  • Due to its extensive driver database, this program only installs official updates issued by the vendor.
  • If you have any issues using the tool, you can get 24/7 customer help.


  • User-friendly UI that is neat
  • Free driver updates with one click
  • Planned scans
  • Driver’s blacklist
  • Simple functionality for driver backup and restoration
  • Demonstrates a thorough report on out-of-date or missing drivers
  • 200% more drivers in the database
  • high-quality Windows performance


  • Incompatibility with previous versions of Windows XP and Vista.


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2. Driver Talent 

Top 10 Best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters

Driver Talent, formerly known as DriveTheLife, is amongst the best free windows 11 driver updaters list and an easy-to-use tool that installs device drivers so you don’t have to look for authorized download links online. This program backs up all of your installed drivers and updates any that are out-of-date or missing. It also fixes any that are damaged.

The program’s Peripheral Drivers section specifically mentions USB and printer drivers and makes it plain to you whether they are installed and functioning appropriately. Before you download a driver, its size, release date, & version number are all provided for you to ensure that you’re receiving what you need.

If you require to download drivers but do not have the correct network driver installed, an alternative version that works offline and includes network drivers is ideal. Additionally, the system’s Tools menu provides access to a simple hardware information tool. It is compatible with Windows 10, 11, 8, 7, Vista, and XP in addition to Windows 10.


  • Swift installation.
  • Drivers are downloaded automatically by the software; you don’t need to do it yourself.
  • The software is simple to use.
  • Each time a driver is installed or removed, a backup copy is made.
  • Enables you to reinstall current drivers.


  • It is not possible to download files in bulk.
  • There is no way to alter the scanning schedule.
  • There are other features displayed, but they are not free.

3. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Screenshot 2022 09 06 at 12.16.09 PM

Another specialized, totally free windows 11 driver updaters/updater is now available for Windows laptops and desktop computers. This user-friendly tool not only upgrades outdated or incompatible drivers to the most recent versions but also aids in releasing your Windows PC’s full potential. Apart from this, the following standout qualities help to elevate it to the top of the list of online driver updaters.

  • Download the recommended drivers from the manufacturer to keep your PC running smoothly.
  • Integrated scheduler to perform driver scans on the days and times of your choosing.
  • More than 150,000 physical devices are supported by the service.
  • Numerous advantages in comparison with the other free driver’s updaters stated above.


  • Clearly laid out interface
  • Scans for Swift drivers
  • Supports more than 150,000 devices
  • Makes the system more stable
  • Features a big driver database.
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Affordable in comparison to other top driver updaters


  • Scheduling driver scans is not a possibility
  • Need to contact a support agent to file a ticket


4. DriverIdentifier

Top 10 Best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters

DriverIdentifier is a very straightforward driver checker. After it completes, the results appear in your web browser, allowing you to manually download the required drivers and install them on your computer afterwards.

Even without an internet connection, it can still search for drivers, which is useful if your network adapter driver isn’t functioning. The listing of drivers is stored in a file whenever an offline scan is finished, and you may use a working machine to view the file and retrieve the necessary drivers.

Windows 7, Vista, XP, and select Windows Server versions are listed in the official system requirements; they should function in more recent Windows versions as well.


  • Operates without an internet connection when offline.
  • It is possible to utilize the application on the go.
  • Both using and comprehending it is simple.
  • Includes beneficial details about the drivers.


  • From your web browser, drivers must be manually downloaded.
  • Will not routinely check for out-of-date drivers.


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5. ITL Driver Updater

Top 10 Best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters

Here is another excellent driver updater program that is incredibly effective in identifying all the outdated & missing drivers in your Windows computer that are causing fatal system failures or hardware failures.

Installing the most recent device drivers from well-known hardware manufacturers such as HP, Intel, Microsoft, Dell, etc., assures an optimal performance of products for your hardware devices. The further commendable attributes of this tool, which rank it among the top programs for updating drivers, are listed below.


  • The algorithm used for automatic driver scanning finds all of the out-of-date drivers quite quickly.
  • Provides consumers with a single-click method to install the most recent version of outdated system drivers
  • And has a sizable driver database that is filled with different types of PC drivers.
  • Creates a backup of older driver versions and makes them available for restoration if needed
  • Improving the speed and efficiency of the Windows computer.
  • Its user interface is clear, uncomplicated, and simple.


  • Not compatible with Windows XP & Vista versions.


6. Snappy Driver Installer

Top 10 Best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters

You can download many drivers for various device kinds at once with Snappy Driver Installer. One of the other best free Windows 11 driver updaters is the snappy driver. Immediately after downloading them, the application allows you to install the updates, whether or not you have an online connection.

Although the program itself is quite straightforward, the way it is set up makes it surprisingly challenging to use. Additional choices are available when you right-click a driver, including the ability to display alternative drivers, copy the device ID, and find the driver’s INF file.

You can utilize the forum if you’re having trouble understanding how the program operates. It can operate directly from such a portable storage device as a flash drive, is free of adverts, doesn’t place any restrictions on download rates, and allows you to install several drivers as you require without any restrictions.


  • Absence of advertisements
  • Entirely transportable
  • The software’s internal driver downloader
  • Offers offline driver installation support.


  • There is no support for scan schedules.
  • Not as simple or intuitive to use as software of a comparable nature.


7. Driver Hub

Top 10 Best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters

A free windows 11 driver updaters/updater called Driver Hub fixes any driver-related problems and improves your computer’s performance and reliability. After installation, the application automatically analyses your complete PC to identify any device drivers that require urgent attention.

After scanning is finished, it takes less than a minute to download and install the most recent versions of Windows drivers from the official manufacturer websites on your desktop or laptop. Considering how quick and beautifully built the interface is, this driver update program gives more than you might anticipate for a free edition.

  • It is simple to use and administer the program.
  • All hardware drivers are included, including those for Bluetooth, video cards, scanners, as well as other external devices as well as printers and Bluetooth.
  • Improves user experience by updating PC drivers and addressing compatibility issues.
  • There are no viruses or Trojans in the program and it is fully secure.


  • Driver updater that is totally free.
  • The user interface is really straightforward.
  • Licensed drivers from well-known vendors are made available.
  • Allows for the download of drivers in bulk.
  • Various types of data are saved in the download history.


  • Supplementary software is offered
  • A strong and reliable internet connection is necessary
  • Working in background mode is impossible


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8. Quick Driver Updater

Top 10 Best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters

Beyond the functions offered by the other tools on this list, Quick Driver Updater does not provide many notably distinctive features. In many ways, it is more constricting than the other programs mentioned above.

On the other hand, it’s really simple to use, it operates rapidly, drivers are installed and downloaded inside the software, and it’s a wonderful method to get expert advice if you believe any of the other apps on this list missed a few updates.

You can add drivers to an ignore list, schedule an automatic check for updates, and search the list of currently installed and then out drivers for a certain phrase. The program should function with Windows 10, Windows 8, and other operating systems. Windows 11 was used for testing.


  • The installation of the program is quick.
  • The installed and current version numbers and dates of a driver are displayed.
  • Will create a system restore before installations.
  • Allows you to choose the frequency of your scans to receive updates.


  • The Pro version is constantly promoted.
  • Each update must be installed independently.
  • Additional features like faster download rates and driver backups have a cost.

9. Smart Driver Updater

Top 10 Best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters

Would you like to reinstall the device drivers? The greatest software which is a free windows 11 driver updaters is available here and it can quickly identify any out-of-date drivers on your computer and update them to improve PC performance. You won’t need to spend hours attempting to update your outdated drivers using Smart Driver Updater, nor will you be at risk of downloading corrupted or malicious drivers.

  • An interface that is quick, clear, and simple to use.
  • By replacing out-of-date drivers with original drivers, you can optimize the hardware in your system.
  • Quick scanning is possible using Driver Reviver.
  • Consists of security features such as backups, a restoration wizard, exclusions, and a scheduler.


  • An easy-to-use interface that is uncluttered.
  • Consists of more than 1.2 million drivers.
  • Descriptions of the drivers in detail.
  • Locate obsolete drivers for free.
  • Excellent service via phone and email.
  • Windows versions are very compatible.
  • Thirty-day money-back promise.


  • Updates to device drivers are not possible with the free version.
  • Has no beginner-friendly tutorial videos.

10. DriversCloud

Top 10 Best Free Windows 11 Driver Updaters

DriversCloud is indeed a free windows 11 driver updaters online service that finds comprehensive details on your software and hardware, including out-of-date drivers. To identify all the components of your computer and the drivers that control them, launch the application after installing it and select Advanced detection > Online detection > Launch detection.

When the scan is finished, your web browser displays all of the results. Choosing You can go to where you need to be by selecting Detect all my drivers from either the menu and then clicking See my latest drivers on that page. There is a button labeled “See Recommended Downloads” after you get to the driver page.

This is the method that we advise employing because it offers a single application that you can run to install every driver you selected from the website. There is also a manual option available where you must install each driver update individually, and installation is similarly manual.


  • Hunts down beta drivers.
  • Only able to display WHQL-certified drivers
  • Provides a wealth of additional system information.
  • Able can be utilized offline
  • Downloading drivers in bulk is possible.
  • Provides you with a restore point.
  • Can get email notifications when new drivers are added.


  • Has no completely automated solution.
  • There are advertisements all around the website.
  • There is a tonne of information that is difficult to understand quickly, similar to most driver updaters.


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What Makes Driver Updates Important?

Here we’re talking about free windows 11 driver updaters, but what is the need for them in the end? Software updates are frequently released by hardware makers to address bugs and repair security flaws.

The most recent updates from hardware manufacturers also include updated features and functionality for hardware parts. The use of out-of-date drivers can cause driver errors, as well as instability, decreased performance, and even hardware failures in your computer.

For instance, playing the newest browser-based online games may cause your graphics card to stutter, or you may experience excessive temperature problems that can damage your hardware. Updated drivers provide seamless hardware operation and assist to avoid such device clashes!

Wrap Up!

So, we’ve covered the list of the top 10 best windows 11 driver updaters. All of the aforementioned driver update programs ensure that your PC continues to operate at optimal efficiency by quickly downloading the most recent driver versions.

If you need suggestions, we advise using Bit Driver Updater, which offers a variety of strong driver-management features and is amongst the best windows 11 driver updaters.

We sincerely hope that you will find this material to be both educational and beneficial. Keep checking back with Americbuzz and future stories for additional updates on tech and entertainment-related stuff. Thank you for reading, and stay safe!

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