12 Best Free Virtual Phone Number Providers To Use In 2023

12 Best Free Virtual Phone Number Providers To Use In 2023

Have you ever received a call from a toll-free number? Did you ever wonder how companies get that number? They get it via free virtual phone number providers. These numbers allow users to connect with anyone around the world with the help of an internet-connected device. They are mostly used by companies to stay in contact with their customers at all times.

These numbers are best when it comes to privacy because you can just call anyone having this number and start talking. It has layers to be unravelled before you actually reach the receiver. Nowadays when everything is done online, there is a growing need for free virtual phone number providers because they are much more hassle-free than landlines.

They also work best if you have a work-from-home job. It will have the simplicity of a landline but the technology of an iPhone. It is mostly used to cut long-distance call costs and provide seamless connections. The use of VoIP technology gets it connected to a remote server anywhere around the world.

Moving forward who knows how this technology will evolve, but for now, if you want to avail of this service then you can rely on these free virtual phone number providers; Phone, MightyCall, Google Voice, eVoice, Bitrix24, Blacktel, CountryCode, Sonotel, Line2, and Vonage. By using any of these above-mentioned free virtual phone number providers you can make and receive calls from all over the world and still be charged much less than what a traditional long-distance call will cost.

Top 10 Free Virtual Phone Number Providers

Free Virtual Phone Number Providers


1. Phone.com

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The first on the list of free virtual phone number providers is phone.com includes features like call screening, call forwarding, and call blocking and lets you create an exclusive caller ID for you.

It plays music when your phone is on hold and/or is on call waiting and allows you to enable send and receive SMS and all you need to do is sync your address book. It has an auto-attendant feature that schedule’s your voice calls and has a template of pre-recorded messages for incoming calls.


2. MightyCall

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Mightycall is a cloud-based web service and one of the best free virtual phone number providers that have features like call forwarding to a PC, smartphone, or any other device via a softphone. It also has a spotlight feature that enables you to track your contacts. You can record calls,  accept, reject or transfer your calls to voicemail. The best part is that it has ios and android operating systems.


3. Google Voice

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All you need is a Gmail account to use google voice and you will be able to receive calls and messages worldwide on multiple devices. You can configure your PBX to conduct business calls, and reply to voicemails and SMS messages. If you get a call from an unknown number, you get details of the person with this app. It is a useful tool for professionals as it enables them to integrate their business with all google apps.


4. eVoice

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Next on the list of free virtual phone number providers is evoice. You can send and receive messages through fax and send/receive calls and listen to voicemails via the app. It also supports video conferencing, call forwarding, speed dialing, and call recording. You can greet callers with the help of many greetings and on the other hand block unwanted calls.


5. Bitrix24

free virtual phone number providers

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Bitrix24 is another option for free virtual phone number providers. It is a free software system used in over 43 countries. You can use it on pc, mobile phones, and tablets with the help of  LAN, WAN, and bluetooth networks. Your callers are received with a welcome message. You can distribute calls all over the office with the help of auto-call distribution. You can write texts with the help of the telephone keypad and send messages.


6. Blacktel

free virtual phone number providers

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Blacktel gets you a free personal phone number for free from any country you want. It enables voice call forwarding, replies to a voice call with SMS, sends/receives faxes, redirects incoming SMS to any email ID, and sends whatsapp messages using a virtual phone number. You can use the virtual number for Facebook, telegram, and google, thus making it a great option among the free virtual phone number providers.


7. CountryCode

free virtual phone number providers

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It offers CountryCode supports international calls and lets you find country codes for ease of use. It gives you all the details of the country, area, and ISO code.


8. Sonotel

free virtual phone number providers

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Sonotel is another great choice among free virtual phone number providers that allows you to make free calls to any phone/mobile phone anywhere in the world when you route the call through its app. Apart from that, you can pre-record messages for voicemail, and get unlimited chat history, conference calls, and increased data storage.


9. Line2

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Callers are greeted with a pre-recorded message and can listen to music while they wait. You can create custom messages to give callers information about your company. You can also redirect calls if you are busy so that you don’t miss any calls. With its limitless text messaging feature, you may reach out to anyone and exchange photos and group messages with up to ten people.


10. Vonage

free virtual phone number providers

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Vonage is an easy-to-use app that allows you to open a store from anywhere in the world using just a simple desktop or mobile. It has more than 50 features, like toll-free, local, and regional numbers, virtual assistants, and an automated login procedure. Other features include call recording, call routing, filtering, queueing, logging, parking, call-waiting, call recording, call routing, filtering, announcing, and tracking.


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11. Grasshopper

If you are a solopreneur and also have a team of not more than 10 to 14 people in your group then, this application or free virtual number provider is perfect for you. This application has a great range of 800 number services for businesses whether it is small or big. You can choose 800, 877, 833, 844, and 888 numbers.


12. 8×8

Small business owners who want to set up a call center can satisfy their needs with 8×8’s sophisticated set of call-handling features. This service has a tonne of tools for communicating with clients, as well as numerous options for working in a team. Both your current traditional phones and any internet-connected device can use the 8×8 system.


What Are Virtual Phone Number Providers?

Free Virtual Phone Number Providers

Virtual phone numbers are the telephone numbers generated through the internet that enable communication across the globe through a digitally connected device. The virtual numbers are basically linked to one’s actual phone numbers and are not bound to any location.

Henceforth, to make calls through virtual numbers one does not need to have his telephone device thus providing flexibility to the users. Apart from this, users can even choose the device on which they want to receive and make virtual calls and change them whenever needed.


How Do Virtual Phone Number Providers Work?

Free Virtual Phone Number Providers

The virtual phone numbers operate through Voice over Internet Protocol also known as VoIP. It is a cloud-based service provider that enables users to make calls anywhere in the world irrespective of their locations. It is the same technology through which one makes calls and texts via iMessage, WhatsApp, or Google Voice. However, these virtual calls only operate through the internet, therefore virtual calls cannot be made when the internet is down.


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Types of Virtual Phone Numbers

Free Virtual Phone Number Providers

There are three types of virtual numbers

  • Local Phone Numbers
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers
  • Vanity Numbers


These virtual phone numbers are confined and operational in certain locations or geographical areas only. They are also called Rate Centers or Area Codes


These numbers usually start with 800, 866, or 888 and are toll-free. Users who call on these numbers are not charged any fee.


These are attractive, catchy and easy-to-remember virtual numbers usually preferred by users or businesses. For example 1- 800- BOOM. Businesses prefer them as they are easy to remember for their customers.


Advantages Of Virtual Phone Number Providers

Free Virtual Phone Number Providers

Virtual Phone Number Providers come with many advantages. One can make a virtual call from anywhere in the world. Thus providing users with the facility to communicate in any part of the world even away from the office space.

Virtual Phone Number Providers put a lot of stress on providing a seamless connection. Provide seamless communication between employees, supervisors, users, etc. on any device be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It makes users and business operators easy to reach.

Eliminates extra fees and costs associated with calls. It enables users to call anywhere in the world without paying expensive charges or fees. Most companies offer toll-free virtual numbers to their customers which are free or sometimes highly discounted so that the customers find it easy to call.

Maintain user privacy and anonymity. It enables users to keep their business and personal life separate. Usually, people do not feel comfortable sharing their private numbers for business use. Thus, virtual numbers act as a savior for them. Although the virtual number does get linked with users’ private numbers, however, the privacy of the user is still not compromised.


How To Get A Number From Virtual Phone Number Providers?g

Free Virtual Phone Number Providers

Getting a number from free virtual phone number providers is an easy process, all you have to do is sign up for a VoIP service. Create an account and then you will be asked to either port out your existing phone line or select a new national number. Then you have to select a plan and start calling.


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Wrapping Up!

Since landlines don’t have the reach to connect with people from all over the world free virtual phone number providers have been created to tackle this problem. So if you are a business professional you need a seamless connection to reach your employees and customers at all times. Try Phone.com, MightyCall, Google Voice, eVoice, Bitrix24, Blacktel, CountryCode, Sonotel, Line2, and Vonag, and watch your business grow exponentially.


Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. What are some things to consider before speaking to Virtual Phone Number Providers?

Ans. Before contacting free virtual phone number providers to get a connection make sure no one is charging you for the number, you are getting full value for your money, and the number is used properly.

Q2. What are some alternatives to Virtual Phone Number Providers?

Ans. Some alternatives to free virtual phone number providers are landlines, emails, and web conference systems.

Q3. Are free virtual phone number providers safe?

Ans. The free virtual phone number providers are as safe as any other web-based technology but they are much safer than traditional calling systems as they focus on privacy.

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