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SpeedWrite is one of the best tools to rewrite your content. So if you are using this platform you should know that you can only use it a few times on the free version and after that when you want to access advanced features you need to sign-up and buy the premium version of it.

Let’s talk about this tool, Definitely, it is one of the best tools, but some of the features that this platform doesn’t have is the Chrome extension which is very beneficial when you are writing or paraphrasing something with a paraphrasing tool. Speed writing also helps you to rewrite articles in bulk and make your content unique.

So, today in this article we’re going to discuss some of the Best 14+ speed write alternatives in 2022 to help your content rank better with good SEO.


 14+ Best Paid & Free Speedwrite Alternatives in 2023


1. Quillbot

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Quillbot is one of the best paraphrasing tools that work on Ai and helps your content in re-writing. Quillbot comes with so user-friendly layout and a very easy-to-understand tool. It also helps users to make your content unique and also makes your content plagiarism-free. You can also add a chrome extension to your Mac or Windows for better performance.

download 4 2 is a free re-writing and Paraphrasing tool and works on AI. It has a lot of features and is more user-friendly than Quillbot and it supports lots of languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Indonesian, etc. Without creating an account you can rephrase 1000 words and in Quillbot you are only allowed 400 and that’s why I rate this tool the best alternative to Quillbot.

3. Outwrite

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Outwrite is another best alternative to speed write and has very lightweight software so that it can work properly in any kind of specifications. Unlike speed write it also has a chrome extension that helps you create unique blog posts and plagiarism-free content. The best feature of this tool is you can get so much in such a tiny tool without buying anything and is the best re-writing tool.

4. Chimp Rewriter

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Chimp Rewriter is one of the best software for re-writing which works totally on artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Chimp Rewriter comes with very user-friendly features which allow you to write unique and plagiarism-free content and it also suggests alternative words for your characters and makes it professional.

5. Word AI


Word AI is also known as the best AI tool to help you to re-write your content and although it’s not a free tool, the features you’ll get in this tool are worth buying while writing your content it suggests your words, characters, and keywords which you use to make your content look unique. Also, you can upload many articles at a time and it works with the same speed on bulk articles. To a quick start, you just have to create an account and buy one plan that suits you.

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6. Rewrite Guru

Rewrite Guru is another best alternative to speed write which comes with very handy features. At the start, you can spin around 1500 words and it also comes with three types of spin Smart Spin, Ultra spin, and manual spin. You can also replace different synonyms which helps your content look professional. It supports multiple languages like German, French, Russian and Indonesian, etc.

7. Jarvis

Jarvis is one of the most famous software which works on AI and natural language processing. It really helps your content look professional and plagiarism free and it re-writes its content very fastly. You can easily paraphrase content without spending anything.


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8. Rytr

Free Speedwrite Alternatives

Rytr is also a great alternative to speed write which helps you to re-write content 10x faster than any tool listed above and it has lots of features that you can access after buying its premium services. You can create a blog post, social media ads, and any type of content which you want to write. Rytr UI design is so user-friendly anyone can start using it in a lesser time than usual.

9. Spinner Chief

Free Speedwrite Alternatives

Spinner Chief is another great speed write alternative that comes with both web and app version . If you’re a beginner then you can explore its free version until you become a pro and then to access its advance features you can buy its premium version for more tools and better quality content. You can also directly copy and Paste the content and start reprahsing the content very easily.

10. Spin Bot

Free Speedwrite Alternatives

Spinbot Paraphrasing tool is also very easy to use and famous platform which has lots of synonymns and phrases that rewrites your content professionally. With its free version you can also generate a plagiarism free content efficiently.

You will be able to input text from any language and change it to another using that tool.  Any user can use this platform without even creating an account on it , but one thing keep in mind is that you ahve to watch lots of ads ,everytime you want to spin content. The UI of this platform is very much same like Spinner chief.

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11. SmallSEOTools

Free Speedwrite Alternatives


SmallSEOTools is a completely free, dependable, cloud-based SEO tool with several features for managing your content and It also offers free and premium version like speedwrite .

SmallSEOTools, unlike Speedwrite, cannot assist you with paraphrase. With this platform you’ll get lots of tools to reqrite content , paraphrase content , PLagiarism checker etc.

12. Wordtune

Free Speedwrite Alternatives

Wordtune is also one of the best speedwrite alternative.  Although Speedwrite focuses on automated copywriting and is a superb writing tool, Wordtune, as a Speedwrite competitor, combines the power of AI, writing tools, proofreading, and grammar checking to boost efficiency.

Wordtune supports a variety of languages as well as machine learning. One of the best thing about this platform is its chrome extension that can easily be added.

13. ProWritingAid

Free Speedwrite Alternatives

ProWritingAid is a well-known free online grammar and writing aid. The system offers excellent grammar and writing style checks, as well as in-depth analysis of your reports, to help you improve and enhance your overall content quality. ProWritingAid is an intelligent writing aid that includes grammar checking, style editing, and a writing tutor all in one. This platform also gives the feature of Chrome extension that can be very useful.

14. AI Article Spinner

Free Speedwrite Alternatives

AI Article Spinner  also offers two unique modes, each with its own own writing style While it produces natural-sounding language, it has significant drawbacks.

This can clear a copyright test by how it shuffles sentences and substitutes a few words, but the end output is quite similar to the original text. If you have an ad blocker installed, the site will prohibit you from even visiting the page.


Free Speedwrite Alternatives has multiple “Strength” choices, which control how much of the input is updated. As one would imagine, any setting other than the highest will produce language that is nearly identical to the original, resulting in hilariously low ratings on their own plagiarism detecting programme.
This can, though, generate acceptable writing at the maximum level, but primarily by turning phrases around it and substituting some words with relevant synonyms. The website also has a daily restriction of five entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Speedwrite for free?

All the features in Speedwrite is totally free but wheneveyr you ran out of predictions you need to subscribe for monthly plans to access more fetaures and tools.



As I’ve mentioned some of the best 8 Free speed write alternatives in 2022 and also all of them are best choices you can take as an alternative to Speedwrite. So if you liked the blog do let me know in the comment section and Tell us your experience. Thank You!

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