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Free games literally flooded the market. If earlier the choice was limited now there are plenty of options. Everyone can find something for themselves: shooters, sports arcades, MOBAs, action games, RPGs, MMOs. In the following article, we have collected free games that you can try out and enjoy.


The battle royale with cartoonish graphics and tower construction has long been one of the main representatives of the gaming industry. Now the hype around the shooter has subsided a little but has not gone away. It is also played by millions of fans around the world. This is the main advantage of Fortnite. The game regularly hosts collaborations with famous franchises and brands, hosts concerts and advertises Hollywood films. Thanks to the incredible support from Epic Games, the shooter fulfils the main task of any game – to entertain.

League of Legends and Dota 2

Two popular MOBA games that have long ceased to be at enmity with each other and calmly satisfy their own audience. The concept of each is the same: we assemble a team of different heroes, earn gold for artifacts and level up, and then destroy enemy characters and demolish buildings at the base.


The differences lie in the details. In League of Legends, micro-moments are more important, since the game itself is more compact. It has a small and rich map, as well as two strategically important objects on each side at once. Dota 2 has more scale and room for tactical manoeuvres. It is worth loving Dota 2 and League of Legends, among other things, because of eSports. 


The most famous virtual card game. It is quite easy to understand the principles of work – each card has its own characteristics that must be used to defeat the opponent. The hardest thing is to successfully build your own deck – so that thanks to it you can effectively fight.


In some cases, Hearthstone is frequently associated with casino games because some card elements are within it. If you are interested in live casino card games you can check where you will find a plethora of different games of your taste.


Now in Hearthstone, not only standard confrontations against bots or other players are available, but also more extraordinary modes.

CS: GO and Valorant

Another well-known confrontation, this time in shooters. Both games were also released by Valve and Riot Games, they have the same concept, but a lot of different details. CS: GO is a more serious variation of a team shooter with realistic graphics and an arsenal of real-life weapons. Valorant takes a different path – in it, each fighter has unique skills like shock arrows or hidden surveillance cameras.


But the base in both shooters is the same. Two teams of five must score more points than the opponent. They are given for winning rounds. To win, each squad completes a task. The attackers must destroy the defenders and detonate the bomb, while the defenders must defeat the attackers and defuse the explosives.


It is a free-to-play third-person action game that is often called a cheap Destiny clone. Yes, the concept of the games is similar: there are stories and additional tasks, a lot of grind and battles. But Warframe has its own chips. It’s worth starting at least with the arsenal, because, in addition to conventional weapons, the player is armed with a combat suit.

Apex Legends

It is another battle royale, but with unique characters and gameplay. In Apex Legends, teams of three people each fight, so you have to cooperate one way or another. And here the abilities of the heroes will help. One, for example, can create a portal and pull the entire team out of trouble, and the second will surround the squad with protective structures. The game is known as the main pioneer in the royal battles. 

Call of Duty: Warzone

Activision also decided to hype the popular genre and released their own battle royale. And the game hit a real jackpot. The shooter attracted a huge number of players. It can be seen that the publisher took into account all the mistakes of the Blackout battle royale from Black Ops 4.


Warzone stands out for its gameplay – it’s fast-paced and arcade-like. At the same time, the game also has its own chips. For active looting and completing tasks, players earn money, for which they can call in artillery, buy a set of armour, or revive a teammate. 


Roblox can hardly be called a traditional game – it’s more of a virtual LEGO set that you can use to create your own toys. However, you can choose ready-made worlds in completely different genres – racing, shooters, hide and seek, RPG, sports simulators, arcades. Everything you can think of is here.

Rocket League

The game is a very unusual variation of football, in which small cars compete instead of football players. Players are divided into teams and drive a huge ball around the field. The gameplay is appropriate: cars accelerate briskly and can even drive along walls, and then jump up sharply and drive a projectile into the gate after a series of somersaults. 

Destiny 2

An unusual and insanely beautiful online shooter where players are in a single world – here you can go alone in search of adventure, team up with people to complete more difficult missions, or go into a competitive mode where you have to fight with other players.


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