Free Apps For Apple Watch Series 7 You Should Try

16 Free Apps For Apple Watch Series 7 You Should Try in 2022

Here Are The 16 Free Apps For Apple Watch Series 7 You Should Try In 2022

Apple watch series 7 has made its mark like no other gadget and with that, it means there are numerous apps floating around to make the overall user experience worthwhile. Whether it is for gaming or for just tracking your calories there are hundreds of apps on the Apple watch series 7 to make your life a bit easier and more exciting all on your wrist. Isn’t it exciting we believe that Some apps just make more sense to have on your wrist than others?
App Store is stocked with useful, entertaining, health-promoting, and productivity-boosting programs you choose from to add a new dimension to your lifestyle. But with thousands of apps, you can really have a hard time choosing the right one for you and this article will help you to turn things around and cater to you some of the top best free apps for Apple watch series 7. we’ve compiled some of the Free Apps For Apple Watch Series 7 just for you down below. There’s everything from games to productivity apps, all of which make the Apple Watch useful, rather than just a gimmick. So, without further ado Let’s get started:

Best Travel Free Apple Watch Series 7 Apps

1. Citymapper

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The first app we have on the list is Citymapper and as a traveler, you should really look forward to using this one. The Citymapper’s Apple watch app allows you to quickly see the status of nearby public transport. Not only that the App will also provide you with directions to your work address or if you’ve any saved addresses in your iPhone. One can also see real-time departures of transport real quick.

2. Uber

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The Uber Apple Watch app is quite simple and user-friendly. The downside is it might not provide you with a lot of features like it does in its iPhone app but one can request an uber from his/her wrist without even touching his/her phone and what else you need.  It will also tell you how long the wait is for an Uber, switching between the various car choices.

3. iTranslate

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For people, you love exploring new places and travel countries now and then, this is for you. If you have a hard time understanding and translating some foreign language the iTranslate app for Apple watch will translate the words spoken into it when the microphone is pressed into the language you request at the bottom. The app has many languages to choose from and from our own experience, the translations are pretty accurate. Basically, it will literally help you to speak and translate something as simple as ‘ where is the restroom?

4. Yelp

Yelp Apple Watch

Yelp is a local guide to help you find your nearby restaurants, bars, salons, coffee shops, etc. The app allows its users to go through the reviews as well as price range, opening hours, and the address directly from your wrist. This App can actually be your in-city guide that too for free!

Best Free Productivity Apple Watch series 7 Apps

1. PCalc


Just like a basic calculator, the Pcalc app for the Apple Watch allows you to add, subtract, divide and multiply, as well as calculate percentages directly from your wrist. The lite version of the App is free and the paid version does have extra things to provide for example paper tape, engineering, and scientific notation, making it more useful than Apple’s own calculator for Apple Watch.

2. Pacemaker

The Pacemaker app of the Apple watches series 7 is a one-stop app for music lovers and creators. It is a very basic DJ app that allows its users to automatically create music mixes and adds effects on your Apple watch from your four preset options iPhone. The effects included are distorting the music, making it sound like it is underwater, and smashing up the music. The app is simple but is fun and can enhance your experience of listening to music. And when paired with a Bluetooth speaker makes things even more interesting.

3. Noted

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Noted is a very popular audio and note-taking all which allows its users to record directly from your Apple Watch. It is simple and can actually make your life a lot easier than it was with typing stuff. You just have to start recording with one tap, pause the recording and add a Time Tag. It also includes a Time Tag feature which is great for pinpointing the more exciting parts of a recording so you can access it quickly later on your iPhone.

Best Free information Apple Watch Series 7 Apps

1. Shazam

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You might have used the Shazam app on your phone you’ll know how it works. And With the Shazam-Apple Watch app, you can just slide up from a Glance, press the listen button and you’re effortlessly capturing the tune before you know it.

2. Find Near Me

The Find Near Me app allows its users to find various essentials located nearby you directly from your wrist. The app lists ATMs and cafes to beauty salons and book stores. You just have to Tap on what you need to find and it will produce a list of all the results right at your wrist. Then you can select and choose from them and tap on the desired one for more information and even directions.

3. Carrot Weather

Free Apps For Apple Watch Series 7


If you are in search of an App to make your weather forecasting experience more interesting and exciting this one is for you. The carrot weather app for Apple watch offers access to current, hourly, and daily forecasts but the best part starts here where it delivers them with dialogue and characters, making things much more interesting. Also if you feel like it’s too much for you, one can always the App’s personality

Best Free Health and Fitness Apple Watch Series 7 apps

1. Water Reminder


This one will really keep you hydrated and we bet on this!
Water Reminder app is one of those apps everyone should have if they want a healthy Lifestyle. Even you can relate that even with a cute water bottle you face a hard time staying hydrated because duh you forget drinking water in the first place. So this app will notify you if you haven’t had your liquids for a little too long. The app gives you the option to sync with Apple Health for your age, weight, and height information, or you can input that data manually. The app sets a reminder note on your Apple watch to make sure you drink enough fluids.

2. Gymaholic

The Gymaholic Workout Tracker allows its users to create an avatar according to their gender, weight, height and after your intense workout it will show all the muscles you trained and it will also show which muscles are ready for training too. Not only that it allows it’s users to see various stats, including reps, weight, heart rate, and calories, alongside your avatar while you are working out. if you are an actual gym freak it is a god-sent app for you seriously!

3. Runkeeper

g.pngThe Runkeeper app for the Apple Watch will allow you to track your steps and calories while you are running straight from your wrist. You just have to open the app and press “start running” and you are good to go for a good run! It will basically check your stats like your overall run time, how much distance you’ve covered, and pace.

Best Free Apple Watch series 7 games

1. Snappy Word

This gaming app has more than 400 levels for you to play and is actually great for time passing and entertainment purposes. It is a type of word game that tests your ability to number words from a collection of random letters.

2. Tiny Armies


Tiny Armies is a face-paced strategy game. The game basically has an army that travels as a unit and will face a series of obstacles, so you need to map your moves carefully. You have to Conquer your enemies as an army in Tiny Armies.

3. Rules


If you are into Puzzles and want a little workout for your brain as well then the Rules game for the Apple Watch is the one for you. It is a puzzle game with supersite little animations with different levels ranging from beginner to expert.
Rules is a puzzle game with super cute little animations.

It’s a wrap!

So in a nutshell we can say that one can do anything just by a tap on his/her wrist right? And Apple watch series 7 provides many free Apps for you to make your lifestyle a little bit better and at ease. From health-conscious App like gymaholic to productivity and infotainment apps like Shazam and noted one can get everything they need right on their wrist that too for free  We hope this article will help you to choose the best free apps available for Apple to watch series 7. Try it and do let us know in our comment box about the App that brought a bit of glitter in your life. Till then toodles!
Thank you for reading!

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