Let’s Fix Your Lag on ps4 With 5 Easy Step Instantly (2022)

Let’s Fix Your Lag on ps4 With 5 Easy Step Instantly (2022)

Have you ever faced a lag? While playing your favorite game and that’s the most depressing time when you were in the middle of the game and about to win but somehow your ps4 got lagged and you failed to win.

Well, everyone suffers from lag, and playing games while lagging is not so satisfying for all online game lovers. But this isn’t the same for all the Ps4 gamers because it happens mostly on outdated ps4 consoles.

But on the other side do you know low-end Pc does their work properly at the start of the game but after playing for long hours when your pc started heating that’s when the problem of lag starts. So apart from Ps4 games if you want to play some great low-end pc games you can check them out here.

But if you already restarted your Broadband and didn’t help or changed your IP address for better stability. Don’t worry we have lot more ways below that we are going to discuss and that will definitely help you to fix lag on ps4 easily in no time.

So, today in this blog we are going to discuss 5 easy ways to fix lag on ps4 (2022).

5 Easy Ways on How to fix lag on ps4 | Fix Your Lag on ps4

1. Free Up Some Space on ps4

Fix Your Lag on ps4


So what does freeing up some space means? It’s simple you just have to free some space on your console. It is all because of a lot of high storage games you have installed on your console and also not deleting the unnecessary games and files which you’re not playing for so long could also be the reason for the lag. 

Steps to Free Up some space on ps4:-

  • First Step:- Go to “Settings” > “Storage” > “Applications” in the first step.
  • Second Step:-  Select the game from the list which you don’t want to play and select the  “Options” and click “Delete” from the menu.
  • Third Step:- Finally, click “OK” to confirm the deletion.


2. By Fixing Heating Issues

Fix Your Lag on ps4

So playing games for long hours without taking a break can not only make you feel tired but also cause overheating issues which directly affect your console performance and care lag during the game.

So you should take a break and keep your console off for some item in a day so that it will cool down. You can use a small cooler or Ac in the room which would definitely help you to cool down easily in less time.


3. Updating your Ps4 when Needed

Fix Your Lag on ps4

Not updating your ps4 on time is also a cause of lag. So, if you’re using an outdated version of ps4 you should at least look at your ps4 update section once a day because if you update your ps4 on time it will definitely help you to fix the lag issue, and doing it manually will sure help.


Steps to update your ps4 manually using a USB drive:-

First Step:- Look for a USB drive that is formatted in FAT32 or FAT. exFAT and NTFS.

Second Step:-Then you have to download the file from Sony’s PS4 firmware and also download the website to your PC or Mac. To receive the PS4UPDATE.PUP file, click the Download link.

Third Step:- After then make sure that the following folder is created on the USB drive:-PS4UPDATE.PUP (PS4UPDATE.PUP) (PS4UPDATE.PUP) (PS4UPD and then Simply create a PS4 folder and then create an Update folder inside of this folder. PS4UPDATE.PUP and the updated folder should be copied into this folder.

Fourth Step:– Turn off the PS4 if it is turned on. Connect the USB drive to your new PlayStation and turn it on. Turn the system on.

Fifth Step:- The PS4 will boot into Safe Mode, allowing us to update the system using the file on the hard drive.


4. Network Connection

Fix Your Lag on ps4
Source– vpnuniversity.com

A network connection is another reason for lag on ps4 because if you’re playing such a high graphic game and if you feel a lag in-game then it must be a network lag. So when you start playing and game on pa4 you should assure that the internet connection is good or not and you can check it online by using fast.com or speedtest.com.

So while checking the internet connection if ms is not good so you should reboot at least one time and if the same problem occurs then you should contact your network provider and let them fix it.

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What is the main reason for Input lag and How to fix Input lag on the ps4 Controller?


Have you ever faced a delay in your game? when you were firing a delay occurs and due to that enemy won’t die and in return, you’ll die. So this is the simple definition of input lag delay which also means when you’re not able to register your console input properly after pressing the button.

So, here are a few ways how to fix input lag very easily.

  • By checking Your console battery

It means sometimes when you play for long hours and you forgot to charge your console may give a delay input and you can easily check your console battery by using a USB cable and if lag occurs again then its the low battery issue and you have to charge it soon.


  • By checking Other wireless devices in your room

So by checking other gadgets connectivity, you can easily look at whether other devices are connected with your console or not, and if yes, then this might a reason for your input lag and you can easily fix it by disconnecting them while playing a game on ps4.


  • By Restarting ps4 Controller

So, if you’re done using all of the ways given above and didn’t get a solution to fix input lag on ps4 then at last you have to do a quick restart rather resetting and I’m sure it will work.


Wrapping up!

I have mentioned above Fix Your Lag on ps4 and also how to fix input lag on ps4 controller. All the ways given above are well tested and researched so you should give it a try and I’m sure it’ll help you to fix lag on ps4. So in the end, if you liked our blog do let us know your valuable response and which one helped you? Thank You!

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