How To Fix “Message Blocking Is Active On iPhone” 2023? | 8 Tested Ways To Fix It Now!

How To Fix “Message Blocking Is Active On iPhone” 2023? | 8 Tested Ways To Fix It Now!

Have you ever come across message blocking is active” on your iPhone and wondered how it appears? Well, don’t worry! There may be many reasons why this problem occurs but I have come up with solutions to fix “message blocking is active on iPhone”.

Well, a messaging app is one of the easiest and best ways to connect with family and friends or to send important messages to clients or employees. However, Apple tries its best to keep the system error-free but sometimes we face problems like “message blocking is active”.

It might seem frustrating especially when we are trying to send some urgent messages but this problem can be easily cured. In this article, I will tell you how to fix message blocking that is active on iPhones and how to turn off the error without any hassle. So let’s jump to the article and talk about 8 ways to fix “message blocking active on iPhone” problem.


Here’s How To Fix “Message Blocking Is Active On iPhone”

message blocking is active

I have listed some proven methods below that will help to fix “message blocking is active on the iPhone”.

1. Check the following aspects

  • The network connection should be uninterrupted
  • SMS/MMS messaging must be turned on in the iPhone settings
  • Send messages using the official message app on iPhone because other message apps may not have the required permission.
  • Never miss updating your iPhone to the latest version.

2. Check your block list

Go to Settings > Phone > Blocked contacts. Remove them from the block list if you have blocked them unintentionally. You may try calling them and asking them to do the same. If they have blocked you unknowingly they will remove you or they may have blocked you on purpose which is a completely different situation.

3. Check the country code

If you are texting internationally your cellular number will require the specific country code otherwise message blocking is active on iPhone, and will appear.

If your number is correct then check your minutes and text balance. If you are missing sufficient requirements then you can’t text internationally.

4. Check the roaming status

Always keep the roaming active. You have to make sure that you are not roaming so that you can send messages without any errors.

5. Check your iPhone’s time and date

Sometimes time and date get changed for no reason but it can create a problem in sending or receiving messages. It can cause malfunction and sending a message may be compromised. It can happen if your iPhone skips the time you have left for the message plan to over then it will cause a misunderstanding and a message-blocking error will appear.

5. Try re-inserting your SIM card

If nothing works you try removing your sim card and then inserting it again to fix “message blocking is active on iPhone”. The problems will vanish after re-inserting the SIM card.

These are a few methods that can help you to fix “message blocking is active on iPhone” but in case nothing works you can reset your phone or if you think that you have made some changes in settings before this problem showed up you can always restore your iPhone to factory settings.


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How To Fix Message Blocking Is Active On iPhone

It is so annoying when we face a message blocking problem on our phone and keep wondering how to turn it off or how to fix “message blocking is active on iPhone”. Well, I have a few ways to turn off message blocking on my iPhone.

How To Fix Message Blocking Is Active On iPhone

1. Check SMS service

Sometimes SMS service is mistakenly turned off on the settings, therefore, make sure to keep it always on. For this go to Menu > Settings > Messages > SMS.

2. Force close all apps

Force close all the running applications and restart them. Don’t worry! Your data is safe. Sometimes so apps interfere with iMessages and you are not able to send any texts. Therefore, try this method to reset app glitches.

3. Check your storage

Maintain a free space on your iPhone. It is important to have at least 15-20 percent free space to avoid this kind of problem.

If these ways do not work you can always visit the nearest Apple service center. They will solve the problem and you will be able to send texts again.


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How Do You Disable Message Blocking?

message blocking is active

1. Determine the problem

If you are facing issues in sending messages from your iPhone then there can be some software issues that you can fix without too much trouble. To fix “message blocking is active on iPhone” problem you have to determine if the problem is with iMessage or regular text messages.

For that turn off the iMessage and then send a message. If it delivers successfully that means the problem is with iMessage.

2. Check internet connection

Sometimes internet connection causes this problem. Reset your network settings if messages are not delivering.

3. Check the recipient’s contact info

The phone number and email address should be correct and make sure they are not on your block list. If you are still unable to send a message then delete your conversation with that number and restart your iPhone.

If these steps don’t work then try to reach your carrier provider and check for ongoing server updates or you can contact Apple support and report that issue to fix “message blocking is active on iPhone”.


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How To Turn Off Free Message Blocking On iPhone?

message blocking is active

1. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting helps to remove glitches from iPhones. Try troubleshooting and then restart your device and it might fix “message blocking is active on iPhone”.

2. Service Outage

Message blocking can also mean you have a service outage. You need to wait for minutes or hours as your network provider might be doing some maintenance and might have paused the messaging service.

3. Check If Your Phone Number Is Active Or Not

Go to device settings and check if your phone is listed as “active” or not. If your phone number is not activated then you’ll not be able to send any messages. So make sure your phone number is activated.


Q1. Does “message blocking is active” caused due to a SIM card issue?

Ans. SIM cards can be one of the reasons for this issue but it is always not the case. To solve this problem you can simply take out your SIM card and re-insert it.

Q2. Why is message blocking active on iPhone?

Ans. This means either their number is blocked or they blocked your number. Check your block list and remove them if you have blocked them unintentionally. However, there might be other reasons also.

Q3. How do I turn on premium SMS on my phone?

Ans. Go to Settings>Apps. Then tap the gear icon and then tap Special access. Find Premium SMS access and tap on that and then click on always allow.

Q4. How do I take off message blocking on my iPhone?

Ans. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. Make sure you are using the correct phone number and email address.

Q.5 What does free message blocking mean? 

Ans. “Free msg: unable to send message” simply means that whomever you are trying to text is not in service due to any reason.

Wrapping up!

In this article, I gave you some solutions on how to fix “message blocking is active on iPhone”. This problem is common and anyone can solve it using above mentioned simple ways.

However, if these methods don’t work do not hesitate to visit the nearest Apple service center. But you can fix “message blocking is active on iPhone” without any hassle. I hope it helped you solve this issue.

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