9 Ways To Fix An iPhone With A Ghost Touch Bug Easily [2022]

9 Ways To Fix An iPhone With A Ghost Touch Bug Easily [2022]

Have you ever encountered a situation where your iPhone starts operating on its own? This annoying issue is known as Ghost Touch. But you can easily fix an iPhone with a ghost touch bug in iOS 13 by applying a few tricks and tactics. Well, the name-Ghost Touch, tells us on its own.

This is just like a ghost entered in your iPhone and operating all the functions on its own like making calls, opening any random app, etc. as if your phone has its own mind. Weird! Right? It’s obvious that this is something that you will be worried about and will definitely think of taking your iPhone to the apple service center to repair and get your iPhone to work normally.

But before that you can try a few methods on your own to fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch bug by doing some checks, like, making sure there is no dirt or water on your screen. Also, see if the screen protector is fine or not and your case should not be very tight as this can also cause this problem.

And if nothing works, consider taking your iPhone apple service center. So, let’s dive right into the article and learn more about how to fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch bug in iOS 13.


How To Fix An iPhone With A Ghost Touch Bug iOS 13?

Let’s see what we can do to fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch bug in iOS 13. Below is the range from the easiest to most intensive ways that you can try to fix this incommodious issue.

1. Clean your Screen

How To Fix An iPhone With A Ghost Touch Bug iOS 13?

The most common cause of this issue. Yes, you heard it right. So, always keep your iPhone’s screen clean. If there is any liquid on the screen clean it with a microfiber cloth or if your screen is oily you can use little lukewarm water and clean it with a microfiber cloth. Always keep your iPhone off and unplugged while cleaning it.

Never use soapy water to clean your iPhone’s screen as it may cause defects in your phone. You can use cleaning products as well but be careful and always buy Apple-recommended Cleaning sprays or liquids this way you might be able to fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch bug.


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2. Remove The Screen Protector

Did you drop your iPhone? Well, this might be another cause of the Ghost Touch bug. Sometimes after dropping the phone, the screen protector gets damaged. The broken screen glass can cause this issue so it is advised to remove it very gently and carefully.

If you are too quick, you might end up hurting your own phone’s screen as the screen protector is glass. So, be conscientious while removing the screen protector and see if this helped you fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch bug.


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3. Remove The iPhone’s Cover

How To Fix An iPhone With A Ghost Touch Bug iOS 13?

Many users have reported that their phone started doing stuff on its own after they dropped their phone and the phone case got twisted. A twisted phone case might be a reason for a ghost touch bug in your iPhone. It is possible that your iPhone case is touching the screen and causing this issue. Therefore, you can fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch bug by simply removing the phone’s case. Now, see if it supported you to fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch bug in iOS 13.


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4. Restart Your iPhone

How To Fix An iPhone With A Ghost Touch Bug iOS 13?

If cleaning the screen and removing the phone case or screen protector didn’t work, you can fix an iPhone with a ghost touch bug by restarting your phone. Restarting your phone is one of the best options you can use to remove any sort of errors or bugs. Restarting gives a fresh start to your phone and might fix an iPhone with a ghost touch bug.


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5. Update Your iPhone

How To Fix An iPhone With A Ghost Touch Bug iOS 13?

If you haven’t updated your phone for a very long time, then it is possible that your phone is taking revenge by creating an issue of ghost touch. Well, it seems funny but it is a possibility. That being the case, always keep your iPhone updated as it keeps your phone healthy and it works smoothly.


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6. Factory Reset your iPhone

But wait! Before performing a factory rest on your phone make sure that you have a backup of your data because who wants to lose their precious data, right? If you have a backup then you can perform this task without any hesitation as it will remove everything from your phone including unnecessary things like bugs causing ghost touch issues. To perform a factory reset, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to your iPhone’s settings>general.

Settings 4

Step 2: Tap on the reset option.

Step 3: Now select erase all content and settings and it’s done.

Reset 1

Step 4: Now it will ask you to enter your passcode.

In case the Ghost Touch issue is severe and you are not able to do anything on your phone then you can perform a factory reset on your computer as well:

On Mac iOS:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Mac computer.

Step 2: Now go to finder and select your iPhone.

Step 3: On the top of your computer’s screen tap on general.

Step 5: Now click on restore iPhone and select a backup file of your choice. Click on the restore iPhone again.

Step 6: Keep your iPhone connected to your computer until it is finished and iPhone restarts.


On Windows computer:

Step 1: Install iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone.

Step 2: Select your iPhone on the top left corner of your computer screen.

Step 3: Now click on summary and tap on restore iPhone.


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7. Use Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is one of the best ways to fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch issue. You can update your iPhone and also restore your iOS using Recovery Mode. If Recovery Mode doesn’t fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch bug in iOS 13, you can try using DFU mode. This is an extensive version of Recovery Mode and will fix every problem your iPhone is facing.


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8. Contact Apple Support

Apple support 1

The last but best option if nothing helped you out to fix an iPhone with a ghost touch bug which means there is some major problem with your software. In that case, I would suggest you contact Apple Support or take it to Apple Service Center and report your problem.


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Wrap Up!

This problem can be easily fixable. Most probably you will not need to jump on the fifth and later steps. The first four ways are enough to fix an iPhone with a Ghost Touch bug but if they didn’t help you out you can use the rest of the ways without any hesitation. However, always keep your screen clean. Phone screens are very sensitive and can be easily damaged if not taken care of properly.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Which iPhone models face ghost touch issues most?

Ans. The ghost Touch issue is seen mostly in iPhone X due to the hardware component related to the display. When this component fails, the ghost touch bug occurs.

Q2. What causes the Ghost Touch bug?

Ans. Well, there is no particular answer to this. It can be caused by several hardware or software issues. The most popular reasons are wet screens, tight phone cases, screen protector interference, etc.

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