Find Out What Is The i icon On Apple Watch

Find Out What Is The i icon On Apple Watch (2022)

Apple Watch is one of the most selling smartwatches right now with its best features and durability. Apple watch has a hell of a lot of features to explore but before doing so you should know how to pair and unpair your watch with the I icon on the apple watch.

So if you’re an apple watch user you might have seen the “I Icon” on the apple watch display. Apple Watch isn’t the only one with a lowercase I inside a circle. It’s a universal symbol that denotes a location where you may receive more information in a variety of software programs.

So, the Apple Watch’s circled “I” in the corner stands for Information, and it’s used to pair or Unpair an Apple Watch with an iPhone. In this article, we’re going to guide you What is the “i icon” on Apple Watch. You can easily Pair the watch: Go to Settings> General > Reset > Erase All Content & Settings on the watch, then go to Watch > My Watch > I > Unpair Apple Watch on the iPhone.


What is the I Icon on Apple Watch (2022)?

So if you’re an apple watch user or a new user you’ll see an I Icon on the Apple Watch while paring process. The watch also has a Start pairing button that will walk you through the procedure automatically. On that screen, you’ll also see a circled I that can assist you with a manual pairing process if the automatic method isn’t working.

Also, the floating series of dots in a circle comes up as a QR Code which would help any user to pass information to the iPhone when Scanned.

How to UnPair or Reset Apple’s Watch With “i” Icon (Manually)

Your Apple Watch can be erased and reset from the watch itself, but it will remain connected to your iPhone. You must first unpair the watch from your iPhone in order to sell or dispose of it.

Follow the steps given below to Unpair watch manually 


Step 1:- Open the Settings menu and Go to General.


Step 2:- Restart by pressing the “Unpair Apple Watch  Option”.

Find Out What Is The i icon On Apple Watch


Step 3:- Erase All Content and Settings is the last option and then Open the Apple’s Watch app on your iPhone and select the My Watch tab.


Step 4:- Unpair the watch by tapping it and tapping Next to the selected watch, tap the “i” Icon. Unpair Apple Watch and then confirm your choice.


How to Pair Apple’s Watch With “i” Icon (Manually)


Paring an Apple Watch is a very task to do while wearing it on your wrist. Follow the guide given below and you’ll easily PAir Apple’s Watch with “i” Icon manually.


Step 1:- Under the window where you’re trying to scan the code, Tap “Pair” Apple Watch Manually on the iPhone.


Step 2:- Tap the “i Icon” on your Apple Watch.

Find Out What Is The i icon On Apple Watch


Step 3:- On the iPhone, enter the numbers from the watch.

set up apple watch manually

This will couple the watch with the phone manually. If the watch or iPhone continues to disconnect or you have other problems, there may be a problem with the watch or iPhone that has to be addressed.


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What to do If “i Icon” Doesn’t appear on Apple Watch?

If the “i Icon” on Apple Watch isn’t visible, it signifies that the iPhone is connected to the Apple Watch, and the icon isn’t needed in this instance. So, if you want that “i Icon” on the Apple watch you need to first unpair or maybe reset your Apple watch to make it visible.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the icon on Apple Watch?

The “i” Icon can be found in the Watch app on your iPhone. The I icon appears when you tap on the name of your watch in the app.

2. What does the green dot on my Apple Watch mean?

The Green dot on Apple’s Watch means Unread Notifications. By swiping down you can read the notifications and the green dot will disappear.

3. Do I need to water lock my Apple Watch before showering?

Yes, you should water lock Apple’s watch, because it would protect your watch from water getting inside the watch.  As Apple Watch is water resistance not waterproof.


Wrapping Up!

I hope we help you find the I icon on your apple watch and also we’ve discussed What is the “i” icon on the apple watch (2022). So if you really liked the article do let us know did it helped you or not? Thank You!

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