Find Out How Can You Activate OWN TV on Roku

Find Out How Can You Activate OWN TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android In 2022

Looking for ways to activate OWN TV? Even you want to watch all of OWN TV’s entertainment and lifestyle shows? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. This article is just the place for you. In order to activate OWN TV you just have to go to OWN TV’s official activation page to stream excellent videos on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Apple and Android devices, Chromecast, and other devices. This article will guide you to activate OWN TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android. So without any further ado, Let’s get started

Here is How can you Activate OWN TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android?

First of all, if you don’t know what OWN TV we will explain it to you beforehand you can obviously skip this part of what you feel like and move towards the section below:

OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) is a pay-TV network owned by Discovery, Inc. and Harpo Studios. most of its programs and shows target most African-Americans and in fact, over 95 million Americans are using the network. This is a huge number it represents about 80% of all TVs in American households.

Don’t rely on others to watch your favorite show on OWN talk shows, rather you can learn how to activate your Watch OWN app by inputting the code at the conditioned that you have a streaming device at home. We have explained in this article how to activate your own TV show on various streaming devices as well as on smart TV and mobile phone with the help of some simple steps. So continue reading to know how can you activate OWN TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android.

How to download, install and activate OWN TV App by using the Start.WatchOWN.Tv/Activate link.

For watching your favorite Oprah Winfrey Network shows on Roku or other devices, make sure that you have-
  • A High-speed Internet service
  • An active subscription to the channel
  • A smartphone or streaming devices (we have given the list of devices compatible for using OWN TV at the end of this article so keep reading)
  • Cable TV provider info (AT&T U-Verse, Verizon, DirectTV, and DISH Network)

How to activate Watch OWN TV on Roku?

We all get moved by Oprah Winfrey’s speeches the way she says it and keeps her show genuine we bet everyone gets overwhelmed just by listening and watching her talk shows. She is a woman with strong words and a powerful personality. And if you don’t know how to watch her worldwide famous talk show we have got you covered. You can watch all of her talk shows and full episodes by activating the Watch OWN TV channel using on your Roku

Here’s how to install and activate watch OWN TV on a Roku device:

Step1: From the Roku Home screen navigate and go to the Roku Channel Store

Step2: With the help of a remote select “Streaming Channels” (You can scroll up or down).

Step3: Following this navigate and go to the “Movies & TV” section or the “TV Everywhere” category.

Step4: From there You can seek the “Watch OWN TV” app here. (To acquire the desired results, simply type the keyword into the search bar)

Step5: Once you found the App tap “+Add channel” and confirm the selection when requested to add the OWN TV App on your Roku.

Step6: Following this the app will be installed on the streaming platform in a matter of seconds. It should now appear in the list of additional channels.

Step7: Once the task of installation is done you can use the app to acquire a unique code.

Note: This OWN TV activation code, should be kept safe.

Step8: After you’ve got the unique activation code you need to go to the authorized website, i.e.,, on a different device. Then among the options connect with the pay-TV provider if required. From the list, select your TV provider.

Step9: Leading that enter your correct activation code and then click the “ACTIVATE” button.

Step10: once you see a “Congratulations” message on the screen it indicates that the Watch OWN TV channel on Roku has adequately been launched. Love Goals, Fix My Life, and a slew of other Oprah Winfrey originals are now available to stream.

How to get OWN TV on Amazon FireStick?

You can install and activate your favorite OWN TV on Amazon Fire TV by following the steps given below:

Step1: Go to the Amazon Playon your streaming device

Step2: Search and download the OWN Tv app

Step3: Tap it in order to start the app on your streaming device. It will then provide you with a one-of-a-kind activation code.

Step4: Following this go to and fill the activation code in the bar and click on Activate.

That’s it by doing this your streaming device will be all ready to use OWN TV as soon as you see a success message on the screen.

How to Get OWN TV on Apple TV?

To get your OWN TV on Apple TV, follow these steps:

Step1: Open the Apple App Store On your Apple TV,

Step2: Search for OWN TV.

Step3: Once you found the app, tap to select it and then choose Get.

Step4: In order to download the app make sure you’ve signed in with your Apple ID

Step5: Once installed open the app and get an activation code, by following the instructions on your device.

Step6: Then go to after you’ve received the code. Visit the URL using your PC or mobile browser

Step7: Then Enter the code for activation and select activate.

Note: make sure that your gadget and PC are connected to the same Internet connection before beginning the activation process.


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How to activate OWN TV on iOS?

Here’s how you can activate OWN TV on your iPhone or iPad:

Step1: Tap select apps from the App Store present on the Home screen.

Step2: Search for OWN TV in the search box. Once you found the app tap on “GET” in order to install the app

Step3: Once the installation is finished Open the OWN TV app on your device.

Step4: Follow the on-screen instructions in order to activate the app and get the unique activation code.

Step5: Go to after you’ve received the code. Visit the URL using your PC or mobile browser. Enter the code for activation and then Select Activate.

How to activate OWN TV on Android using?

Follow the instructions below to activate OWN TV on an Android device:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and search for OWN TV.

Step 2: Once found download and install the app on your android device.

Step3: By following the instructions on the app get the activation code.

Step4: Go to after you’ve received the code. Visit the URL using your PC or mobile browser. Now you need to Enter the code for activation and Select Activate.

What are the Compatible Devices to Watch OWN TV?

The following are the compatible devices with which you can watch the Watch Own app’s content:

  1. Apple TV
  2. iOS
  3. Amazon Fire TV
  4. Google Chromecast
  5. Roku streaming players
  6. Android

Wrapping up.

So this is how you can Activate OWN TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android by using the official link The steps are pretty easy and we hope the article was helpful to activate OWN TV on your streaming devices. We can watch OWN TV on TV, Roku, Android, etc. Follow the steps according to your streaming device and let us know in our comment box below how it worked for you. if you have any other queries related to OWN TV you can drop your questions in our comment box below we will be happy to help.

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