Top 10 High-End Expensive SunGlasses In The World (2022)

Top 10 High-End Expensive SunGlasses In The World (2022)

Let’s admit it we all need a good pair of sunglasses for many reasons and there are a lot of brands that offer us a lot of variety in the industry. We all use sunglasses for various reasons such as to look cool, or for driving in harsh weather, etc and etc. As the name says sunglasses protect us from harmful sun rays. It partially restricts sunlight to enter our eyes and completely eliminates harmful UV light from entering our precious eyes. Hence we should invest in good quality sunglasses.

Yes there are a lot of brands of sunglasses but there are some brands that offer you sunglasses for ridiculously high prices or in simple words luxury or premium sunglasses brands, these brands offer us really good quality and stylish glasses but at ridiculously high rates.

First of all, you should wear your sunglasses because after seeing these pair of glasses we all could cry in our pockets so sunglasses could help us to hide those precious tears.


Top 10 High-End Expensive Sunglasses In The World (2022)


1. Bentley Platinum 

Top 10 High-End Expensive SunGlasses In The World

Bentley The name says something else, right? High-end British luxury cars. Well, the famous automaker had decided to complement their wonderful cars with a collection of elegant sunglasses to be worn behind the wheel of their cars. To do that, they partnered with a luxury eyewear company to produce this limited edition collection.

Yes, these glasses are made up of pure platinum or you can also choose to be made up of yellow gold or white gold for a lower price. The design of the frame resembles the value of the brand of class at its finest.

Price:- $45,276


2. Gold and Wood 253 Diamond 

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The next title on our list is explanatory by itself because these glasses are Masterfully crafted by the specialist eyewear brand Gold and Wood and combine the best materials with unique skills with their best craftsmanship, the 253 Diamond sunglasses are one of a kind. These glasses are equipped with 253 finely cut diamonds and costs a whopping $50000.I have to sell my house for this one pair of glasses.

Price:- $55,000


3. Bulgari Flora

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Bulgari Flora is a famous Italian brand as Italy is known for its finest craftsmanship and its luxury brands. Well, Bulgari Flora is no different. The frame is made out of 18k pure white gold with inlaid diamonds and blue sapphires. But if you want to put your hands on a pair of these, you’ll need to pay a cool $59,000.

Price:- $59,000


4. Maybach The Diplomat  


Yes, we have another carmaker on our list guys. The famous car company Maybach once explored the premium sunglasses industry. And they gracefully created the hell pricy pair of sunglasses named Diplomat l crafted with premium White gold and their craftsmanship. These glasses are very popular amongst collectors. This pair can cost you about $60000 bucks. Now that’s a lot of money for a pair of glasses.

Price:- – $60,000


5. Luxuriator Style 23 Canary Diamond 

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Jewelry by Franco is the Los Angeles-based company that comes with some of the world’s most expensive sunglasses, the Style 23. These glasses come with an 18k pure gold frame and 132 finely they come with photochromic lenses that change their tint according to the amount and brightness of the light. They come with photochromic lenses that change their tint according to the amount and brightness of the light. Yes, and these features cost you $65000.

Price:- $65,000


6. CliC Gold 18 Carat Gold Sport 

CliC Gold 18 Carat Gold Sport Sunglasses a

With a history that spans more than 3 decades, CliC Gold is a popular brand in the industry. They’re known for being the most expensive reading glasses in the world and now they partnered with Hugh Power to create the most expensive sports sunglasses in the world. And these pair of sporty-looking sunglasses can cost you $75000. Because it’s made of pure yellow gold with a stunning design and magnetic front connection in the bridge.

Price:- $75,000


7. Cartier Panthere 

Cartier Panthere Vintage Gold Frame Sunglasses 1617755955 8350

Another luxury brand Cartier a few years ago released its sunglasses which are made up of 18k pure gold and are embedded with 561 finely cut diamonds and 645 blue sapphires. To make one of the most beautiful pairs of sunglasses a person can wear. And yes let me tell you these costs $159000. Yes, I will buy these in my dreams.

Price:- $159,000


8. Shiels Jewellers Emerald 

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Shiels jewelers are very famous in the jewelry industry. This Australian company took whooping 5 years to design and make emeralds into glasses. It took a lot of work I guess. The frame of these glasses is made of pure gold and is embedded with pure and finely cut diamonds.

Price:- $200,000


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9. Dolce & Gabbana

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Top 3 without Dolce & Gabbana? Sure not. It’s one of the world’s most famous and luxurious brands of all time after all. The Italian brand is known for its elegant, stylish, and extremely expensive products so.. there’s no surprise to find out they have the second most expensive sunglasses in the world. The brand name is written with diamonds on the frame of these glasses with is made of pure gold. This can cost you $383609.

Price:- $383,609


10. Chopard De Rigo Vision 

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The most expensive sunglasses award goes to Chopard de Rigo the Swiss brand which generally makes expensive or luxury watches and they made the whole frame of 24 k pure gold with 51 full cut river diamonds and yes they have the astonishing price of $408000.

Price:- $408,000

Some Frequently asked Questions

1. Are Cartier glasses made of gold?

Yes, some of its glasses are made up of solid gold and not only gold but they also come up with a variety of materials like titanium, steel, leather, and carbon.

2. How much are the most expensive Cartier glasses?

The most expensive Cartier glasses will cost you around $159,000.


Wrapping Up!

So we’ve mentioned some of the Top 10 Expensive Sunglasses Both For Men And Women. Some of the glasses are made up of gold and are very premium to wear. If you really liked the article do let us know in our comment section.Thank You!

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