Everything you need to know about boom pumping versus line pumping

Everything you need to know about boom pumping versus line pumping

If you need to pump concrete for the construction project, you may have come across two options: a line pump and a boom pump. A boom pump is a mounted truck pump ideal for transporting a large amount of concrete when pouring them from a height. On the other hand, the line pump is compact and mounted to trailers, which are easy to manoeuvre on a site and ideal for small projects.

Concrete pumps are ideal for pumping concrete and help you deliver the item exactly where you require it. You don’t have to continuously reposition the cement mixture or pour concrete from the machine right at the delivery site. However, these are not areas where you can use your DIY skills. You must grab the help of professionals from concretepumpingauckland

because they have multiple benefits to provide you. Moreover, these individuals know the disadvantages and advantages of concrete boom pumps and line pumps. They know how to overcome complex issues since they have experience working with these pumps.

  • Advantages of a boom pump

First and foremost, it’s vital to understand concrete boom pumps. Boom pumps are concrete pumps that get mounted on trucks; thus, they are also known as truck-mounted pumps. It is used a boom pump which you may control with the help of a remote. It helps you deliver materials like cement to the area you want.

The main benefit of using these pumps is that it helps you pump a good amount of concrete within a short period. Moreover, even if you have to work from a great height, it becomes very accurate. Another advantage of boom pumps is that the configuration allows you to overcome the complexities of busy construction sites and helps you pour concrete in inaccessible regions.

  • Application of boom pump

Because of the high volume and speed capacity, these boom pumps are a poor choice when working on large-scale projects. They require a good amount of concrete, like the amount you need to construct a building or apartment. Similarly, if there are multiple obstacles on the construction site, you must work with professionals aware of concrete boom pumps and how they function.

  • Advantages of line pump

Concrete line pumps have long hose attachments to pumps mounted on the trailer. The hose helps you move smoothly and direct the concrete in hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, it is a viable option for horizontal pumping. A concrete line pump is a compact and small option compared to a boom pump and thus makes it easy for you to maneuver and transport around the job site. You may get professionals at boom pumping – concretepumpingmelbourne

The debate continues

When you undertake a large project, a boom pump is the best option. It is because it has a large capacity. On the other hand, if you have a small yard under construction, a line pump is an appropriate option. Remember that only professionals understand the better choice for a particular project. On the contrary, you must trust your professionals because they have years of experience and expertise in this field. Hence, whenever you undertake a construction project, you must work with reputed professionals who can assure you of quality service.


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