40 Encouraging Carroll Shelby Quotes and Captions For Instagram

40 Encouraging Carroll Shelby Quotes and Captions For Instagram

Hello creative people. Hope you all are doing great. So today we have comes up with the quotes which were given by the legend none other than CARROLL SHELBY. There are so many things that state that CARROLL SHELBY was a legend as He was an American Automotive Designer, Racing driver, and entrepreneur, Carroll Shelby was best known for his involvement with the AC Cobra and later with Mustang-based performance cars build in partnership with ford motor company.

He is still the only individual to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans as a driver, team manager, and manufacturer. So this legend gave so many beautiful and inspiring quotes. Therefore we have tried to provide some Encouraging 40 quotes given by the legend Carroll Shelby.

Here’s the Best 40 Encouraging Carroll Shelby Quotes and Captions For Instagram

  1. “If you don’t go do what you wanna do, you are just bullshitting yourself”.
  2. yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. So live for today.
  3. when something doesn’t work out right, you can’t stop.
  4. You can figure it out, if you have the drive, to do it and don’t let disappointments kills you.
  5. enthusiasm and luck will do a hell of a lot more than education sometimes.
  6. Everything that ever happens to you. I think there’s luck, there’s timing, it takes talent and it takes a combination.
  7. Disappointments have never really bothered me that much.
  8. you better learn to work with people because they are the only thing you have to make anything work.
  9. Every morning I wake up with new ideas.
  10. Any man that eats chili and cornbread can’t be all bad.

Carroll Shelby Ford Vs Ferrari Quotes”

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  1. I never made a damn dime until I started doing what I wanted.
  2. I have always been asked, what is my favorite car? And I have always said ‘ The next one ‘.
  3. I am not going to take this defeatist attitude and listen to all this crap any more from all these people who have nothing except doomsday to predict.
  4. I don’t think I am a celebrity. I am just a guy from East Texas who loves Cars and airplanes.
  5. I am a terrible husband.
  6. I don’t design cars. I am not a designer. I know what the end result is, the horsepower, the competition we will be working against – but I Leave it to the people who work with me to put it all together. I don’t do anything.
  7. I love horsepower.
  8. I have got cattle on 4,000 acres about 100 miles east of Dallas, but I have also got another 65 – acre ranch where I raise American miniature horses.
  9. I never had ambitions to see how rich I could get. I got a lot of contemporaries that that’s their ambition, and I don’t know very many of them that are happy.
  10. I had a lot of fun driving race cars, but it wasn’t my number 1 priority.
  11. I didn’t have much time for my children much. I was not a very good parent, I had a pretty unhappy home life.
  12. I love raising animals. I look at animals as more perfect human beings. I can relate to an animal.
  13. I feel pretty good. I never thought I’d live this long. They told me in 1960 that I had less than five years to live.
  14. I had a lot of fun building those dodge pocket rockets. Every Magazine in the country every publication said, what the hell is Shell be doing building those?.
  15. I woke up one morning and I say to hell with this, I am going to go do what I want to.

“Carroll Shelby Horsepower Quotes”

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  1. Porsche and BMW drivers are arrogant.
  2. Driving race cars was an avenue for me to learn how to build my own car, and that was my ambition all along.
  3. In 1964, when Lee Iacocca said, ‘Shelby, I want you to make a sports car out of the Mustang, the first thing I said was, lee you can’t make a racehorse out of a mule. I don’t want to do it. He said I didn’t ask you to make it, you work for me.
  4. The Cobra is my personal favorite car. The original 289 Cobra is the car I respect the most. I like to drive the 289 better than the 427.
  5. It’s a massive Motor in a tiny, lightweight car.
  6. Racing has reached the point where it is pricing the young Driver, no matter his talent out of the game.
  7. I don’t design cars. I’m not a designer. I know what I desire to be built, I know what the end result is, the horsepower, the competition we’ll be working against – but I leave it to the people who work with me to put it all together. I don’t do anything.”
  8. “My proudest moments are beating Ferrari for the World Championship in 1965, and working with Ford to win Le Mans in 1966 and 1967.”
  9. ” It was fun to blow off a Porsche with a 3900 donkey [ the 1965 Shelby GT 350 Mustang].
  10. People say, hey, you gonna build another Cobra? I say shit no. In the first place, I lost my ass on the first one. In the second place, it was something Ford subsidized so we could outrun the corvette.

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“Carroll Shelby 7000 Rpm Quotes”

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  1. The first time I walked by a crop table, I felt kind of funny.
  2. what I wanted to do was build an automobile.
  3. There is never enough horsepower ……. just not enough traction.
  4. Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races.
  5. “There’s so darned many supercars out there today. How do these guys think they’re gonna make any money? I think they’re smoking something I haven’t tried yet.”

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So guys these were some 40 Encouraging quotes given by Carroll Shelby. Hope you liked it. And trust me guys these quotes are really going to help in your life to make your dream come true.

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