5 Steps to drop a pin on iphone Maps How to? (2022) | A Complete Guide

5 Steps to drop a pin on iphone Maps How to? (2022) | A Complete Guide

Nowadays, Every person uses Google maps to find the location without even knowing the exact spot where they want to reach, and with the help of google maps, they’d be guided through the directions and by dropping a pin on iPhone maps where to start where to end.

Aside from planning trips, the Google Maps app makes it easy to find points of landmarks and maintain records of traffic updates. If you’re going to meet someone or you want to go on a date with your girlfriend at a place you’ve never been to before, creating routes between any two points on a map can come in helpful.

Before doing so your iPhone Maps must be updated to the latest version to get correct directions. You can easily learn the whole process by following the guide below. So today In this blog we are going to help you on how to drop a pin on iPhone maps (2022). 

Here Are Ways on How to Drop a pin on iPhone maps (2022)

So, dropping a pin on iPhone is a very easy thing to do, but before doing it, your iPhone and iPads should be running on iOS 11 or above.

Follow the steps given below:-

Step 1:- First Open the Maps on Your iPhone and then the screen displays your exact location, with a blue pin showing your present location.

Step 2:- Tap and hold the specific destination for a pin to be dropped.

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Step 3:- To see a satellite image of the specified place, select “Edit Location”.

002 drop a pin iphone 4178737 19609ef5499d4a4c94d37688f0494af9


Step 4:- You can move the image to find the right spot for the pin, or you can click “Done” if you’re okay with it.

How to Drop a pin on iPhone Google maps (2022)

Using a Google Map on ios is the same as using android phones and it also works the same as android phones.

Follow the steps given below:-

Step 1:- Open the Google Maps App on iPhone.

Step 2:- Then Go to Directions and then you’ll see two options “Your location and Choose direction”.

IMG 2036

Step 3:- You can enter a “Starting location” where you are and an ending point where you want to reach.

drop a pin on iphone Maps

Step 4:- On the other side, you can tap on the Choose destination-> Choose on Map and then select your location on google maps just by moving the “Pin”.

IMG 2039 2

Step 5:- Press Ok, and your directions will come out to reach the destination.

IMG 2040 2

How to Share Pins on iPhone Maps?

Your location and dropped pins can be shared with others. You can easily share your live location with anyone just by tapping on the share option which is next to your favorite option.

Follow the steps given below:-

Step 1:- Select a Particular Location or tap a pin.

Step 2:- Tap and hold on to the Panel of Marked Locations.

006 drop a pin iphone 4178737 a9ff392b4144418d9ad129b73c107316


Step 3:- Choose Share to send the location and directions attached.

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How to Share Location on iPhone Text Messages?

As you all know Apple has more features to send locations to someone on iPhone rather than going to the Maps app. So, you can also send your live location to anyone just by using your Messages.

Follow the Steps Given Below:-

Step 1:- Open the Messages on your iPhone.

Step 2:- Then Select a Chat on your messages.

how to share and ask for current location quickly iphone

Step 3:- Then Select a Chat on your messages and then you’ll notice the “Current Location” display.

Step 4:-To communicate your location, tap it once, then wait a moment before selecting it again, since it may take a few moments to react.

Wrapping Up!

I hope You liked the Above Article, as we’ve covered almost everything that you needed to know to drop a pin on iPhone Maps (2022) and also we’ve discussed some more points that would be beneficial if you know it earlier. So if you really liked the article do let us know, whether this blog helped you or not? Thank You!

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