Many people say that life starts at 40! For most, that’s too much of Benjamin Button for their comfort and ease. You are 40 – that means you have seen a lot of life than others. By now, you have established yourself, which also includes your style sense. You indeed don’t find the need to follow style trends at this age, even when they seem very attractive. At times, you feel choosing your basic formal and informal wear is the way to go. And that might get counted as fashion laziness, for lack of a better phrase. 

So, you might not start a new lease of life in your 40s, but that doesn’t mean your style sense should end here. If you have been wondering how to dress and add value to your personal style statement, the following tips can help. 

  1. Don’t be a part of the herd

Limit yourself from playing it extremely safe, and you will lose yourself in the maze of mediocre dressing. When you wear a well-fitted suit, you might appear understatedly stylish amongst people who are wearing ill-fitting attires. But think about how the unstructured separates as well. It will provide you with a relaxed look, whether you pair it with a grandad-collar shirt or knitwear. Go ahead and browse the Italian brands in menswear, and you will find what distinguishes you from others. 

  1. Develop an excellent off-duty foundation

The side-effect of going out of the office is that you might get into dad wear, which might not be stylish. It’s good to team up tailoring elements like an unstructured blazer with jeans or chinos, which has an understated edge. You can play it casual by wearing a T-shirt as well. If you want, you can also choose cargo trousers to give a break to your denims. Hence, you can sport a refined and comfortable weekend look with a sweatshirt, suede bomber, and sneakers.

  1. Say yes to the straw hat

Most men think that arriving in their 40s means they have to dress up with gravitas. Though that might work on a few occasions, but you always have the scope to take it easy and appear relaxed. Here the straw hat and top hats for men can work wonders. There’s no need to believe that a felt or leather hat is your only accessory choice when it comes to a hat. You can choose a stylish and casual straw hat and look your best. Ideally, straw hats are perfect when you are stepping out for a quick errand or attending a simple pool party. You can also wear it when you are out on a road trip with your friends. Choose the hat shades that complement your attire colors and your mood. A lightweight straw hat that matches your shirt, trousers, and shoes is the apt headgear you need and looks glamorous in your 40s. And no, it won’t make you look awkward or over the top. 

  1. Have a middle-aged spread

At times, some men think that cargoes are a tad bit voluminous! But when you choose it in the right size, they make you look good. Cargo pants are known for their casual fit. That means it might not look high-street fashion. And in your 40s, you might not want to flaunt that vibe. Hence, it’s an intelligent decision to have a fashion spread that matches your middle-aged vibe and wavelength. If you are relatively fit and have an excellent physique, cargo pants will compliment your form. Pair it up with T-shirts or cotton flannel shirts, and you will look your best. 

  1. Pay attention to the detail

If you are keeping the majority of the style landscape low-key, you will find that you can bring accessories and play it smart. The fashion experts advise that men in their 40s should add pattern, color, and texture to their accessories. They should opt in for patterned silk scarves or knitted ties. The other options to choose from include leather gloves and a lavish watch. And when you worked hard for your life, you need to make some solid style statements now – because you are entirely worth it. 

  1. Think twice about the sportswear

Fashion shouldn’t have any rigid rules, even when you are styling yourself in your 40s. Having said that, elements like baseball caps, hoodies, and backpacks can bring in a visible juvenility which can interrupt with the veteran status that you have now. Hence, when you decide to wear joggers or sweats now, ensure that it is a plain version and of good quality. For instance, the trainers must be minimalist. However, a lot will depend on your fitness and what you are comfortable wearing. 

Hence, stepping into your 40s shouldn’t restrict you from appearing stylish and fashionable. You need to play your fashion cards well and choose wisely so that people look up to your style sense and you feel comfortable in your attires. 

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