Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay? [2023] | 3 Ways to Checkout Fast With iPhone

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay? [2023] | 3 Ways to Checkout Fast With iPhone

Apple Pay is a mode of payment that you will find in Apple devices to make payments for the purchases with their Apple devices like iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad but the question is does Walmart accept Apple Pay or not? Apple Pay uses an NFC chip to make payments which makes it very easy with just one click.

Although there are many stores that accept Apple pay to receive payments. However, some stores do not accept Apple Pay. Although you can use other methods in such stores to make payments. Another question that Apple users have is how to make checkouts faster with iPhones to avoid the hassle.

The best thing that you can do is add more than one fingerprint. To do that go to Settings>Touch ID & Passcode>Add a Fingerprint.  To get answers to your questions- Does Walmart accept Apple Pay and how to checkout faster with iPhone, keep reading this post.


Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay? Here’s the Answer!

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay | 3 Ways to Checkout Fast With iPhone

As told earlier apple pay makes payments very easy for apple users. You do not need any debit or credit card to pay for goods and services. But there are still many stores that do not accept Apple Pay. One question that every apple user has does Walmart accept apple pay.

Walmart is the biggest retail sector with very reasonable prices and a very popular place to buy anything. Keeping their customers’ convenience in mind they offer many cashless payments. But, does Walmart accept Apple Pay in 2022?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay and there is no news from Walmart to opt for Apple Pay as a payment option in the future. I have shared some reasons below as to why Walmart does not accept Apple Pay:

1. Extra Charges

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay | 3 Ways to Checkout Fast With iPhone

Well, this is the prime reason why Walmart does not accept Apple pay. This is because Apple Pay is a feature of Apple and Walmart will have to pay a processing fee for this feature. Although, there are no such fees for us. Apple pay will affect the profit that Walmart earns and that’s why they do not want to have Apple Pay to receive payments from their customers.

2. Walmart Pay

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay | 3 Ways to Checkout Fast With iPhone

Who wants to use other brands’ features when you have your own? The same is with Walmart. They have their own digital payment service named Walmart pay. You can easily store details of your debit or credit card and also Walmart gift cards that you can use in the future this way Walmart makes its profit with revenue generated by Walmart pay.

Another reason is Walmart’s partnership with Merchant Customer Pay (MCX). MCX only receives payments via QR code because MCX is a competitor of Apple Pay. Therefore, because of this partnership, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay.

In addition to this, Walmart is not able to keep any records or information on customers’ purchases.

There are several other methods that you can use to make payments in Walmart such as:

  • Pay+pal
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit cards
  • Gift Cards
  • EBT
  • Capital one Walmart Credit Cards

So, it’s not like you don’t have any option for a digital payment service in Walmart. Other than Apple Pay you can use the payment options mentioned above.


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Benefits of using Walmart pay:

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay | 3 Ways to Checkout Fast With iPhone

Setting a Walmart pay on your phone is very easy. Many users use this method regularly to make payments for their purchases:

To set up Walmart Pay see the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download and install Walmart pay on your phone.

Step 2: Add your preferred methods which could be debit, credit, or gift cards.

Step 3: Now set a PIN that is confidential to you.

Step 4: You can also add a touch id according to your convenience.


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How to use Walmart pay?

Using Walmart pay is as easy as using Apple pay. After collecting the items that you want to purchase, you just need to scan the selected items and use your EBT balance before you process the payment with Walmart pay.

Open the Walmart pay inside your Walmart app. In case you have a gift card then it will be selected as your payment option. Although you can change the method of payment. Now you will have to scan the QR code and wait till the payment is confirmed. After making the payment, the e-receipt will automatically be saved on your app.


 How to Checkout Fast With iPhone?

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay | 3 Ways to Checkout Fast With iPhone

As we all know, Apple has its own feature used to make payments named Apple Pay. Therefore, if you use Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch then you can use the below-mentioned methods to make checkout even faster.

1. Set up Default Card

Add a default card to your Apple Pay. If there is more than one card in your Apple Pay then at checkouts it will take time to switch cards. Therefore, it is advisable to add the first card as your default card. Below are the steps to set up Default Card:

For iPhone go to Settings>Wallet & Apple Pay>Default Card>Add your Card.

For Apple Watch open the watch app on your iPhone and then go to My Watch>Wallet & Apple Pay>Default Card>Add your Card.

To switch cards, double-tap the home button from your lock screen and then tap on your cards.

2. Add Extra fingerprints to Touch Id

You need Touch Id to validate Apple Pay so it is possible that at the time of payment your thumb is not in the right position which is why you are not able to validate Apple Pay. For that, you can add more than one thumb fingerprint.

To do that go to Settings>Touch ID & Passcode>Add a Fingerprint. Here you can add extra profiles.

3. Resist the ‘Premature’ Tap

Avoid moving your iPhone to the store’s terminal. Only move your iPhone when you see a Tap or the contactless logo. This will not allow your Apple Pay to engage. Also, don’t forget to add cards to your wallet if you are an RBC customer.


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Wrap up!

Although you cannot use Apple Pay in Walmart, it can be used in several other stores. You can make payments in Walmart using Walmart pay which is limited to Walmart only meaning you can not use it in any store other than Walmart itself.

Therefore, it is recommended to install Walmart on your phone to make the payment process easy. If you don’t want to use Walmart pay you can use other methods available to make payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do I make payments in Walmart with my iPhone?

Ans. To make payments in Walmart, you can use Walmart pay and if you don’t want to use it you can opt for other options.

Q.2 Does Walmart accept Apple Pay or any other digital payments?

Ans. No. Walmart does not accept digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung pay. The only wallet accepted in Walmart is Walmart pay.

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