Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Post, Story Or Reel?

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Post, Story Or Reel?

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Post, Story, Or Reel? Sometimes many social media users sometimes need to take a screenshot or want to save a post or photo from the other person’s account, and social media platforms like Snapchat do not allow and tell immediately the users try to take screenshots anonymously. But do you want to know whether Instagram allows you to take screenshots of the posts or stories anonymously or not?

This is the question of many users who are using Instagram and want sometimes to take screenshots anonymously. Let me tell you the answer to this question, Instagram allows you to take screenshots of the post or stories of another person. Let’s get into the detail of this short and curious answer.

Instagram is owned by Meta and it is a well-known fact, and it is also a worldwide used app for sharing photos and videos on a social media platform. This app like other social media apps also helps the users to stay in contact with their loved ones and users can also see the updates of people whom they admire the most. It is also very famous nowadays in starting a small business and showcasing the hidden talents of the people.

Do users get told about the taken screenshot from their feed?

In simple and easy words, No Instagram does not tell anyone when someone takes a screenshot of their post or story. Regardless, it does inform the users when you take a screenshot of vanishing photos or videos sent in their direct message chat. The duration of these photos and videos is very less and if you take the screenshot of these photos or videos Instagram may inform the users that you have taken the screenshot of that particular photo or video. This feature was added to Instagram in 2018. Though, the update was moved back just a few months thereafter. It suggests that Instagram has indeed built the capacity to inform users if their stories are screenshotted, so this is something to recall. Possibly, in the future, Instagram might re-introduce a similar feature like this.

Also note that Instagram doesn’t send screenshot reports when you screenshot any other element of the app – be it a list of followers’ profile, their profiles, or other screens including photos.

This can happen to you also if someone takes a screenshot of your story or posts Instagram won’t let you know about this.

Do you know about the alternative of taking a screenshot on Instagram?

When we sometimes want to bookmark or save a photo or video on Instagram, there is a very interesting feature, and that is saving the photos or videos in your saved section.

Here are the steps to do that-

  1. Open Instagram and go to the particular post or video that you want to save or bookmark.
  2. Now click on the save icon which is on the extreme right at the bottom of the post. By simply tapping that icon you can save that photo or video in your saved section. Moreover, you can also make a collection of different types of categories.

And you are done! Now if you want to see these photos or videos you can simply go to your profile page and tap on the three horizontal bars at the top right corner and then tap on the “saved.” From here you can access the bookmarked items, but make sure you have an internet connection as without the internet connection you will not be able to access that section. But if you are willing to see those photos or videos offline you can take a screenshot or do a screen recording.

Now, if we talk about the perks of taking a screenshot and bookmarking a post or video post. Bookmarking a post or video will take much more time as compared to screenshot and if you want to send that photo to someone you will have to make sure that other person should have an Instagram account before sharing it through a bookmark, whereas if you will take a screenshot and share it as a normal picture on other chatting apps there no need to have an Instagram account and no one will get informed or redirected about this.


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Does Instagram inform users when you take a screenshot of DM’s section?

Yes, Instagram does inform about the screenshot taken of DM’s photos or videos, but not every single photo, it informs only about the disappearing photo or video. Disappearing message is that message that you capture from the DM section of Instagram. And do you know how it is informed to another user? Instagram sends a pop-up notification saying this(username of the person who took a screenshot) user took a screenshot of your photo.


There is also a way to identify if someone has blocked the notification of Instagram and wants to see whether the screenshot has been taken or not. You can simply open the chat and you will see a starburst icon on the right side of the disappearing photo or video.


Wrapping up!

So the conclusion of this post is Instagram only sends a notification to the other users of disappearing photos or videos. If you have any queries or doubts you can surely ask us in the comment section we would love to answer all your questions.

Till then Happy Learning!

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