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What Is a VPN?

Just in case you are new to the entire concept of VPN we’ve got your back! VPN is an abbreviated version of a Virtual private network. To define precisely it is a Virtual private network that tends to encrypt your internet connection and allows its users to send or share data anonymously by hiding your IP address.
Crazy isn’t it? 

Initially, the word VPN was familiar and used by only the tech-obsessed people or hackers, but with the advancement and evolution of online structures, the entire concept of “VPN” has become mainstream. Even the cybersecurity experts are now promoting VPNs and consider it as one of the safest ways to have access to public or unsecured WiFi. But does that mean you don’t need a VPN for your home or heard that it is somewhat illegal to use one? Well! It’s a big No! It is not illegal and the truth is entirely different from what you’ve pictured so far.

It is actually naive for you to think that one can protect his/her home WiFi merely just with a password. You might feel safe in your own bubble but we really feel sad to burst it for you. Setting up a password is like having a thin shield against all the online threats out there. If a cybercriminal anyhow manages to crack your password, they’ll have full access to your personal data, your private or work field, your financial statements, and even your browsing habits. He/she can even steal your identity and do all the other illegal stuff. And God forbid you don’t want all of this to happen, do you? And if you do not want anyone to easily barge into your personal or professional digital life you do need a VPN for yourself to encrypt all your data between your device and the internet. So, without further ado Let’s Read More About 5 big reasons to have a VPN at home.

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why You Need a Home VPN in 2022

1. Safety and Security

Just like we have mentioned above the first and foremost reason to have a VPN at home is for its provided security. In other words, allows you to use an encrypted tunnel so that you can transfer data to and from your device and to the host site.
It also eradicates all the possible chances of data theft or even spying. And the amazing part is that your own internet service provider (ISP) can not access your data or even track your activities. With VPN you can surf the internet or share important files freely and everything will be end-to-end encrypted.

2. Breaking Geo-Restrictions

As well enjoy the endless ocean of entertainment and information the internet provides us, but sometimes not every information or source of infotainment is accessible for everyone across the globe. The content which is restricted in a particular region or country is called geo-restricted. So what VPN does is, it allows its users to see and go beyond the geo-restrictions and surf the internet from any part of the world through its remote servers (oh god can we call it a superpower?) A VPN allows you to access websites and entertainment channels regardless of whether it is accessible in your region or not. In other words, you can effortlessly stream geo-restricted Content.

3. Secure yourself on a shared building network

If you are living in an apartment and the authorities are kind enough to offer you WiFi incentives then you are a lucky person! But with keeping this in mind it is a shared network and anyone else from the building can see what sites you are visiting and your browsing habits as well. And you never know the person living next to you can turn out to be a cybercriminal. And if this sounds scary to you, VPN is the solution to your fear here, it can add extra privacy layers by encrypting your traffic between you and your VPN provider so that no one on your local network can peak into or steal your personal or professional identity.

4. Secure Your Online Downloads

Online downloads are considered dangerous and often blamed for spreading viruses ( specifically peer-to-peer sites). Despite being fully legal still the ISPs and copyright holders closely monitor it because torrent sites are often used to distribute protected material.
And FYI every time you torrent, someone is most likely tracking your each and every move, other parties can also use your IP address to snoop on your traffic. Here VPN can be your best friend and save you from P2P downloads and other exploits

5. Shopping and Traveling

Last but not least this one is for all the shopaholics and travelers out there. Do you know rates for booking flights can differ largely when done from a different area/region/country regardless of the flight’s arrival and departure destination? Even many online Shopping sites offer different prices for the same products to customers from different countries. The prices might fluctuate between high and low in the case of airfares as well as production rates.
We can call it a location bais and to overcome it you can use VPN servers from different countries to shop in online Stores and check flight rates as well. By using a VPN you can get money-saving deals. The downside is that it can be a bit time and effort-consuming task but we bet the big chunk of saved bucks makes it all worth it!

Wrapping up:

So, in short, we can say that having a VPN can help you in many ways from protecting your digital identity to saving you some extra bucks it can actually improve your entire home network security. It can cater to you loads of nerve-ending entertainment by giving access to a bunch of shows, websites, and live streams from different countries across the world. Having a VPN at home offers you an extra layer of encryption and protects you from people barging into your network and stealing your identity. If you really like the article and also know more advantages of using a VPN at home which we might have missed kindly let comment down in our comment box.

By Yashsvi Sharma

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