How To Design The Best Garden In The World

How To Design The Best Garden In The World

What makes a ‘best garden in the world’? That is, who has the most beautiful one growing where you live? Some people would say it is all about how it looks. And it is true that the best gardens are the ones with the best-looking plants and flowers. But there’s so much more to ‘better’ than appearance.

It’s not just flowers that matter. The best garden in the world also needs to be planted and maintained in the right way. This involves both science and art – not just aesthetics. You’ll need to think hard about what kind of plants you want to grow and where they should be placed – whether under a tree or on your patio.

In addition to the beauty of the plants, the best garden in the world needs to have a suitable soil. Soils vary in quality and need to be fertilized and treated to stay alive. Different types of grasses will need different amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous to grow healthily. Soilless fertile soils are ideal for growing most kinds of grasses and vegetables. But some grasses grow better with a slightly richer soil.

Your lawn will need to be well-irrigated to help it flourish. Choose grass that doesn’t need a lot of water to grow well, and which doesn’t need a lot of oil added to its lawn nutrients. Ask a local expert for advice. If you know you won’t be able to do anything to help your lawn, then use an organic soil conditioner. There are many available – look for slow release fertilizers and natural fertilizers. Or make your own.

Another important part of having the best garden in the world is having access to clean water. You need to keep the soil moist, or it can dry up and become hard as rocks. You also need to keep it aerated. For example, plant-pond plants, since they require high levels of oxygen to thrive. Another good idea is to place the birdbath near the vegetable patch, since birds enjoy feeding off the vegetables.

Planting trees is another great idea if you have the space. Certain types of tree can actually change the soil – for example, trees that grow towards the light can cause the soil to become more acidic. Certain types of shrubs can also change the soil – by changing the way they grow, you can make the soil more alkaline or acidic. A good example is rockwool shrub. It has a fibrous inner core that keeps it firm. Therefore when it grows up, it can take up the slack where other trees have left off, and it can make the soil much more fertile as a result.

Another factor in determining the best garden in the world is your neighbor’s. You don’t have to design your garden to resemble a New York City skyline. You just need to be open to the neighbors in order to make them co-operate with you. If you have an environmental friendly household, you’ll find it easier to achieve a balance between your lifestyle and the environment’s.

Your own garden is your personal statement. It will say something about who you are and what you like. So don’t hesitate to put some thought into designing the best garden in the world. Good luck!

Most people spend a lot of time and energy designing their own garden. They get bored with it quickly. Do yourself a favour and get someone else to do it for you. There are loads of garden designers out there who love designing gardens, who love creating new garden space and who have a passion for plants and wildlife too. They’ll create a garden that looks like no other garden in the street.

Your home is where you return to everyday. You’ll walk from your car through your garden and spend time there. It’s an extension of your home and you should design it in the way that reflects that. If you want a beautiful garden that attracts bees and butterflies to it, you could do that with some special garden features. If you want a garden that looks good from the street but which houses shy animals and hummingbirds, there are designs for that too.

Once you’ve created your garden and made it your own, it’s yours for life. You can invite others to visit and sit around on the benches that are included in the garden. You can design your garden in whichever way you like too. Whether you want a pond or a big tree, you can do that too. When you’ve created the best garden in the world, you’ll never want another garden design quite like it again.


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