List of 7 Most High-End Department Stores in America (2022)

List of 7 Most High-End Department Stores in America (2022)
The joy of walking into your favorite departmental store to shop your heart is unbeatable. That too when the atmosphere is luxurious and ecstatic. We all love the feeling when you are walking into our most loved departmental store. The U.S.A has a number of departmental stores but what mostly attracts the most of the population are the high-end stores situated across the land.
All thanks to the departmental stores and their wide variety of products under one roof, to take some stress out of them at the time of holidays. A departmental store offers one-stop shopping for everyone on your gift list.
Before we go any further first we need to know what exactly is a departmental store.

What are Department Stores?

A departmental store is a retail establishment that sells a variety of products all, under one roof. which gives the consumers the flexibility to buy anything and do most of their shopping in one place. They sell everything you can name, from clothing, household goods, toys, and children’s products to shoes, home appliances, books, jewelry, electronics, and much more. In a departmental store, you’ll see different counters for different brands where customers can check out their items. Regular Stores fails to provide so many options under one roof.

The History of Department Stores: 

The first department store came around the early 1800s,
This particular concept originated from flea markets in Paris. People would do their shop there, and all types of items were available for them in the same place.
Originally department stores included second-hand items, which over a period of time changed into having solely new products in the store. The very first department store opened its doors in New York City in 1825 now called a marble house. Customer care and personalized styling were also offered by many high-end departmental stores.
With the ability to change with time and needs and with flawless aesthetics, department stores made their own mark in the US.

Here are some Of The Most Loved High-End Department Stores in America-

1. Macy’s, New York


Macy’s, New York is one of the largest American department stores.  It is considered the largest store for over 85 years.

It operates in hundreds of locations in 45 states. Its 34th alone has more than a million square feet of retail space. The large area helps shoppers to find a bit of everything.
Not just for the variety of high-end products sold at Macy’s but Macy’s in New York is also famous for Thanksgiving Day Parade they put on every year. The fireworks they show on the Fourth of July are a pleasure to eyes.  And obviously, At the time of Christmas, their window display is worth the visit.

Since 1858  Macy’s been a staple in American households. The one Located on Herald Square in NYC has an eight-floor building that ends up taking up an entire city block.  You can find a wide variety of goods ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, and pretty much all household goods you can think of. They also organized popular sales quite regularly which gives other department stores on our list a tough competition.



Shoppers from around the world are attracted by Barneys New York. It is sophisticated and chic plus always has on-trend brands. It has 24 locations across the USA. It also has flagships in New York, Beverly Hills, and Chicago. It has a self-describing “emporium of style” which gives shoppers great options for discovering new upcoming brands and designers.
One of the Barneys which is located in the upper East Side of Manhattan has extended and extravagant over-the-top holiday windows displays.
Barney’s New York has been there since 1923 and has evolved in many ways since then. Many factors are responsible for the changes in the store, consumers being the most important among them.
Barney’s was not able to replicate its success which they had in the 1970s. This was majorly due to disputes and overexpansion. Perry Capital took control of the store as an owner in the year 2012 and they still continue to offer high-end products to their consumers.



neiman marcus hudson yards exterior 31


Neiman Marcus, which has its headquarters in Dallas, offers its consumers sophisticated and chic fashion. The stores specialize in luxury merchandise, including couture and designer apparel at the 42 stores in 18 states and the District of Columbia.

The luxury department stores are owned by Neiman Marcus Group. The New York flagship store is quite different from the other Stores or franchises. The building has three floors for clothing, accessories, and beauty products but the cheery on top is it also has a spa, beauty salon, and pop-up florist, as well as a kitchen where you can take cooking lessons. This was an experiment by to group to diversify the offerings and save the sinking sales they have been experiencing for the past few years. And indeed it was a good idea and worked for them as a traditional luxury store.

4. Nordstrom, Seattle

nord dtrom
Nordstrom, Seattle is well known for its amazing customer service. They have been struggling since the recession but the immense care they offer their customers is saving them Commendably. Their creative retail strategies as well as quick thinking have worked in their favor.
Do you know the idea to buy items through Instagram and Pinterest links has been one of their ideas? In today’s competitive market their E-commerce branch is helping them keep afloat in a positive way.

5. Bloomingdales, New York City




New York is like a heaven for shopping specifically in the northern hemisphere. And Bloomingdales has been one of the most famous stores one can name of. This store has been there for 150 years. This department store can be seen in many shows and movies that are filmed in New York.

Bloomingdales ‘Big Brown Bags’ is now considered a status symbol and is known worldwide.
(Fun fact: Even Rachel green from friends managed to get a job there in the sitcom.)
But, over the last few years, even Bloomingdales changed its way of doing business. They now have their own App called “Bloomingdale App” which offers the shoppers to shop their luxury online. The new digital outlook has turned out good for them as the Customers are loyal to the flagship store





Target was founded in Minneapolis in 1902. It is one of the most go-to stores for many consumers. The store offers the most discounted retail prices and due to which they are now one of the largest discount retailers in the nation. They have around 1,850-plus stores across the country. And one can know how much the shoppers love to shop from target just by watching them walk away with a cart full of items they didn’t know they needed.



List of 7 Most High-End Department Stores in America


Kohl’s was founded in Wisconsin in 1962. It’s expanded to more than 1,000 locations across 49 states. Designer clothes like Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Marc Anthony, Lauren Conrad, Juicy Couture, and Jennifer Lopez are offered by them at a jaw-dropping discounted value.

Wrapping up

This is our take on some of the best high-end department stores in America you can shop from. There are many more stores we might have missed in this article. Comment down which store is worthy of a mention on our page also do let us know which store is your favorite among all in the USA.

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