7 Easy steps for How to delete your Gmail Account permanently

7 Easy steps for How to delete your Gmail Account permanently

Isn’t it amazing that technology is growing so fast? Do you remember how people used to send messages in the form of letters in the early days? But now everything has changed rapidly. It is so easy to convey messages online through different mobile applications worldwide.

So friends, Must have heard about Gmail? Very commonly used nowadays. Isn’t it?

What is Gmail?

Gmail or Google mail is a free email service introduced by Google. It allows sending and receiving emails over the internet worldwide.

Gmail was developed by Google LLC and created by Paul Buchheit on 1 April 2004. Another amazing feature google offers is that Gmail is available in 105 different languages. Gmail not only provides an exchange of text but also videos, images, audio, or graphics. It keeps our data store and safe.

Note: Although Gmail has its advantages, somewhere it is also harmful. Gmail has become a tool for spammers. Although Gmail has a separate option for spam messages you need to be careful while using it. Secure your Gmail account with a strong password.

Some features of Gmail may include free to use, storage capacity, multiple account support, organized, easily accessible, spam filters, search box, and many more.

Gmail has made business so easy nowadays. Gmail is available on nearly any desktop and mobile platforms. People easily connect with one another through Gmail worldwide. Today people not only have one Gmail account but more than one to make their work easy.

But sometimes it becomes difficult to handle all the accounts and there is a need to delete some of them. But is there any problem deleting your Gmail account? No need to worry friends!!

I will tell you how to delete your Gmail account permanently. Actually, sometimes we create a lot of accounts accidentally right and later we don’t know how to delete them permanently. So don’t worry in this blog I will tell you how to delete your Gmail account permanently from your phone.

But before knowing how to delete the account there is something you need to know!!

What does deleting Gmail account means?


Deleting your Gmail account means losing your data and content in that account which may include emails, videos, photos, files, important documents, etc.

You will end up using Google Play services where you have signed up with the same Gmail account like games, calendar, files, applications, etc. Also, you will lose access yo subscription to different applications like games, music, streaming apps, etc.


Note: We can delete the whole google account or a specific service like youtube, email, google play service etc or all .

Steps we need to follow while deleting our Gmail account-

1) Open the link https://myaccount.google.com/  A page will open.

2) On the right-hand side, click on DATA & PERSONALIZATION. Then scroll down the page.

3) Under the heading: Download, delete or make a plan for your data, choose the option – DELETE A SERVICE OR YOUR ACCOUNT. ( A service means a youtube or Gmail)

4) So if you guys want to do one of those, select the first option DELETE A GOOGLE SERVICE.

Note : If you guys just want to delete your youtube account or google account, click on this option otherwise follow step no 5.

5) But if you want to delete everything click on DELETE YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT.

6) Then select the email id you want to delete and enter the password there.

7) Click on DELETE ACCOUNT, So here it is your account will be deleted.


So guys if you have accidentally deleted your account, you have a short amount of time to recover it. Go to Account support and follow the steps to verify the account that is yours.


Video on How to delete your Gmail account


Source- youtube.com


End of the line –

These were the steps to delete your Gmail account. I hope you understood how to delete it. But sometimes by accident you maybe didn’t want to delete the whole google account, you guys can recover it. Hopefully, you guys didn’t get confused because your Gmail is the base of your whole google account. So there’s no point in deleting your Gmail account. Yes if unnecessary you can!

So this was it, if you guys have any questions or want to know about how to specifically delete a google service, do comment down. Till then stay tuned!!


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