How To Delete Target Account | A Complete Guide For You

How To Delete Target Account | A Complete Guide For You

As we know target is one of the largest e-commerce shopping websites that is used by customers to order anything at a discounted price from stores of the target. The website lets its users make and edit account details, upload pictures, browse or search the product list, and purchase the product from its store.


Many people stop using their accounts and wish to delete theirs but couldn’t when they tried, but don’t worry we’ll help you out of this too. In this article, we are going to discuss the steps of different methods for deleting the target account. Let’s dive into the methods and steps one by one.

Why You Should Delete Target Account

Everyone loves shopping at Target, but there may be various grounds why users desire to delete their accounts. Some of the reasons are-

  1. Users are accepting various advertisement mails from Target related to offers, updates, or discounts.
  2. Users want to withdraw their subscriptions but they are not sure how to do it, so they look for deleting their Accounts entirely.
  3. Users have shifted to a different area where Target is not available.

How To Delete Target Account Via Email

There is no such direct option to delete the target account so we have to take the help of email, by sending an email might help us in deleting the target account. And, this method is a little slower when compared to others.

Let’s find out the ways and steps to delete the target account-

  1. First of all, open your email account that is registered or linked with the target account.
  2. Then write an email to the address [email protected].
  3. The subject would be a request to delete my target account.
  4. Now, write the body of your email that contains the required information for deleting the account on Target.
  5. And, tap the send button.

How To Delete Target Account Via Website

Here are the steps to do this trick-

  1. Firstly, log into your account through the website.
  2. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on help.
  3. After that, choose order experience from the drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow.
  4. Now, tap on chat now.
  5. Then, a pop-up window will appear and after that, you will be responded by a personal assistant to your query.
  6. Now, in the chatbox, you can request the deletion of your target account.
  7. Remember that, when your account is disabled or deactivated by the company, it may take a few business days to completely vanish from the records of the target.


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How To Delete Target Account Via Target Customer Care

The most hassle-free and easiest way of deleting your target account is by calling the target customer care. The toll-free no of Target is- 1-800-591-3869 you can dial this number and talk to customer care and request for account deletion. The calling method was and always will be the fastest and easiest method to contact. With this method, your account can be deleted very fast.


Wrapping up!

These were the step-by-step methods that can be used to delete the account on Target. I hope you liked the article and it might also solve your problem. If you still have some queries you can surely ask us in the comment section.

Till then Happy Learning!


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I merge two Target accounts?

Once you’re on the “Settings” page, you should see the Accounts section. Select which type of account you’d like to merge – Facebook, Google, or even your accounts – and observe the instructions. I connected or merged my accounts easily and now all my savings and badges are reduced.

How do I remove a Target gift card from my account?

For gift card deletion there are options in the Target app and on, navigate to your Account and select Gift Cards. If you have put up a Primary Gift Card, it can’t be deleted.

How to change my bank account on Redcard?

you will have to go to the ‘View Pay Bill’ and tap on the ‘Auto-Pay.’ Then put in the details to store the payment information and then choose the card or bank account to update.


Does the target debit card has a limit?

The debit card proposed by Target doesn’t have any limitations for day-to-day shopping. But it does have a general limit based on a person’s creditworthiness.


How do I change the email on my Target account?

Trying, to change the email address linked with your account? Under Settings on, select Edit under your email address. Enter a new email address, then choose Save. Your email address would not be updated until it’s confirmed.

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