6 Hacks To Delete An Old Twitter Account That You Can’t Access (2022)

6 Hacks To Delete An Old Twitter Account That You Can’t Access (2022)

Today’s era is full of social media sites and everyone has an account on every social media site. Do you also forget your passwords sometimes? Do you also get confused between different passwords of different social media platforms? Not only you but everyone is confused and stressed with a bunch of passwords for a bunch of social media sites.

Among all the social media platforms, Twitter is also one of the most used social media platforms by celebrities, politicians, and many more users. Sometimes you just make your account on social media for one purpose only and after that, you don’t want to use that particular site in the future and you forgot the password after some time. And sometimes one user makes several accounts on one social media platform and wants to delete the older ones.

In this post, I will be telling you about how can you delete the old Twitter account that you don’t have access to.

 How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Can’t Access to?

 How To Delete The Old Account On Twitter You Do Not Have Access to?

If you want to delete twitter account that you are not able to access, either you can deactivate the account or you can manually reset the password of your account or the last option you can just report to the twitter support from your friends account or your new account and submit the request to the old account that you want to delete.

There are some steps that you have to follow if you are caught in this situation-

  1. First of all, open the official website of Twitter.
  2. Then click on Log in and enter your username and password in the space provided.
  3. Then you will see a More option on the timeline page if you scroll down. Click on that button.
  4. Then you will see the option of setting and privacy, from this click you will see a page and then click on My Account.
  5. After this, under the submenu, you will get an option to deactivate your Twitter account at the bottom.
  6. Then click on deactivate your account till your account logs out on Twitter.

And voila! You’re done. Your account is deactivated, but if you log in to your account within 30 days of deactivation your account will again be activated.

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If you are stressed to delete your account on Twitter and you also forgot the password, don’t worry I’ll help you to delete your account without actually logging into the account. This method would require a friend of yours who would lend his/her device for a couple of minutes to contact the Twitter support system.

There are a few steps that you have to follow-

  1.  First of all, thank your friend to lend his device to you, then you have to go to Twitter’s support and request page. You can also do this from twitter’s website.
  2. Then write a request to Twitter to delete or cancel your account under the File a report option.
  3. Provide your account ID, this will make it work easier to find out your account and will also prove that the account is yours.
  4. After all these steps, don’t forget to confirm your request that you want to delete your old account on Twitter.

Note: And somehow, your friend does not lend his/her device to you, you can also perform these steps by creating a new account on Twitter.

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Deleting your account means removing your account from Twitter permanently and it can not be restored in any way. Whereas, deactivation of account is invisible to everyone, including you also and it can be recovered within the 30 days of deactivation.

There are a few steps that you have to follow-

  1.  Firstly you have to log in to your account with the correct user ID and password. 
  2. Once you logged in to your account, click on your profile picture a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Then go to the settings and privacy option and then click on the Account option.
  4. When you will scroll down, you will see an option of ‘‘deactivate your account”. 
  5. Read all the necessary information about the deactivation of the account and make sure you want to do this and confirm your decision by clicking on Deactivate account button.


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Wrapping up!

There is another option of creating a new account on Twitter if you don’t want to delete or reopen the old account. This is totally an option which is only and only dependent on your choice and need. But the thing that you have to keep in mind that follow the steps as it is otherwise it might be an issue that might take longer than usual to solve. I hope this post helped you in solving your issues, if you have any other issues mention them in the comment section.

Till Then Happy Learning!

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