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Our global attention rate has been declining for the past 40 years, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to capture people’s attention. When we get our attention on things, they last only for shorter periods. In 2013, for instance, the average Twitter trend could last for more than 17 hours. It dropped to an average of just 11 hours in just three years. So how do you grab and, more importantly, keep people’s attention? A targeted video marketing strategy is the most efficient way to get your message across. Social videos convey more than text and videos. The average person retains 95% of messages when they view them in the form of a video, instead of only 10 percent when they read something. Videos are the best and the most efficient method to keep your customers intrigued and make sure that the videos are in a suitable format for your intended audience. So, engaging with a video production firm is the best method to ensure that it is done correctly.


Understanding your audience


Understanding different audiences is crucial to effective video marketing. Knowing which video formats resonate the most with your targeted viewers is vital. Knowing your ideal audience and creating content that appeals to the specific demographics they belong to will ensure that people pay their attention from the beginning to the end without them stopping midway. And this can help you to make videos online with the help of video production tools to promote your products and engage with the audiences.


You could try to market to everybody. However, you’ll never make real connections if you’re trying to connect with every single person. The people you want to reach will share specific characteristics, like demographics and shared interests and behaviour. The most effective marketing via video should make people feel they are “into” something or part of something. This can be accomplished by recognising and speaking what’s spoken by your intended viewers. For instance, Boohoo’s business is targeted at people between mid-teens and twenty-somethings, and their video advertising is highly influential. The reason for the enormous popularity of Boohoo is because they are aware of their customers. 


68% of teens are now shopping on their phones, and 63 percent of millennials make purchases on their phones daily. Boohoo knows how its audience prefers to shop, and they are primarily focused on video and digital marketing. In turn, they have a high level of engagement on social media posts. The high level of engagement results from their mastery of the technique of using influencers on social media to market their products since this kind of advertising via influencers has gained them maximum popularity with their target customers. This is an excellent illustration of how digital marketing can be utilised properly for wooing the target viewers and what can be achieved with video marketing.


Making an emotional connection

To establish a connection with your intended audience, first, you need to think about how you would like your viewers to feel. If done correctly, video can be highly impactful, invoking intense emotions in the audience. For instance, the John Lewis Christmas adverts are highly effective and do not ever mention John Lewis, yet they are among the most well-known marketing campaigns ever created. The reason why people interact to a great extent with them is that they feel something. For instance, in the case of John Lewis adverts, the emotions evoked are typically nostalgia and warmth since that’s what attracts the target audience. This is precisely the type of advertising that video can offer and what people would like to see more of – 85 percent of the population, to be precise!


Since video utilises both images and sounds, the variety of techniques employed to create specific emotional responses from viewers is wide. Upbeat music, coupled with pictures of dancers and catchy slogans, can draw attention more significantly than any of these components used on their own. Utilising a video production firm to create video content marketing is the best method to kick off a fantastic online marketing strategy. They will be able to most efficiently produce and collate the audio and visuals that you require to draw the attention of your consumers.


Utilising platforms to promote marketing videos


Utilising social media platforms is crucial for reaching a broad public with your video marketing. 6/10 people would prefer to watch videos online rather than on television! It’s a pattern that will not alter anytime soon. The number of views on mobile videos increases by around 100% each year. This means that by 2022, online-based videos will comprise greater than 82% of internet traffic, which is fifteen times more than the number in 2017.


Therefore, it is essential to create an online presence for your videos and begin engaging with customers by using this method to increase your time connecting with your audience’s interests and determine the style and tone that resonates with them the most.


The language you speak is the same as your target audience


We’ve found that videos are more captivating than text. However, the kind of video you choose to watch is equally important. Facebook is the most widely used platform for social media marketers, and 85 percent of videos watched on Facebook are not accompanied by audio. So, the design of a marketing video must catch viewers’ attention. The language used should be engaging and pertinent to keep people hooked till the end of the video.


Different groups will react differently to specific languages, so it’s essential to learn and apply the language that your intended audience will be able to relate to. Slang, acronyms and expletives, for instance, can be effective for your intended audience if they are young adults and teens. However, they could be a source of discontent for other groups.


According to a recent report, consumerism is heading in video marketing. It’s been widely presumed that people did not believe in online shopping and marketing trends due to a lack of awareness. That is why marketers did not stay ahead of their targeted consumers’ changing trends and fashions. 


However, at the same time, many brands were contesting the interest of teens and young people by launching an exclusively online presence. You can follow ASOS and Pretty Little Thing on Twitter to get an excellent example of companies doing it well and setting an example of video marketing. It’s an excellent idea to engage a video production firm to produce your video content. Video marketing is such a powerful tool that companies like Boohoo and Missguided have become the leading players in their respective industries, almost using this technique. However, it’s only successful when executed adequately like any other marketing method.

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