8 Latest Clubhouse Alternatives 2022 | Websites Like Clubhouse

8 Latest Clubhouse Alternatives 2022 | Websites Like Clubhouse

Have you ever seen a lot of Aunties (Women’s) talking in your mohalla while in a group and talking about each other and making fun of others in their circle? So it’s a kinda joke lol and in a modern way, we call it Clubhouse where not only your mohalla aunties but everyone around the globe can talk and share their thoughts in a live voice chat.

The thing that I liked about this app is its user-friendly experience and you don’t have to be a pro to use this app. A normal person who never used social media can use this app very easily and can connect with people around the globe and can spend their leisure time gossiping and making fun of each other.

So, if you are bored of using Clubhouse, Today we are going to show some of the Best 7+ clubhouse Alternatives in 2022.


Here are the Best 8 Clubhouse Alternatives (2022)

Facebook Live Audio Rooms(Facebook Hotline)https://www.facebook.com/creators/tools/live-audio-rooms
Twitter Spacehttps://media.twitter.com/en/articles/products/2021/twitter-spaces
Telegram Voice Chathttps://telegram.org/blog/voice-chats-on-steroids
Reddit Talkhttps://www.reddit.com/talk

1. Facebook Live Audio Rooms(Facebook Hotline)

facebook live audio

Facebook Live audio Rooms is one of the best alternatives to the clubhouse where people from all over the world can connect and can talk about any topic and in the live audio room, 50 people at a time can connect and talk at a time. The talk in this app will be secured and will not be leaked by Facebook. This platform is so user-friendly and definitely a good alternative to the clubhouse.

2. Twitter Spaces

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Twitter Spaces is another best alternative to Clubhouse and everything in this app is public and anyone can join from all over the world and can talk anything they can you can mute and unmute yourself and can listen to any individual while using the app and to use this app you must have 600+ follower. It’s a very user-friendly app and can access on any device whether it’s iPhone or Android phone.

3. Telegram Voice Chat

start and join live voice chat on telegram

Telegram is a good alternative to the clubhouse but in this app, you can voice chat with the only invited members that were available in your group and can be started by group admins, and in this, no one outside the group is allowed. To do so first you have to get into the group and then start voice chat. In this alternative, you can invite anyone from outside the group. But only a limited number of people can join and use this voice chat.

4. Redditt Talk

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As you all know Reddit is one of the best apps where you can find such quality content and no spammers are allowed. So if we talk about the Redditt talk this app is pretty similar to the clubhouse and is one of the best reliable talk apps where people can talk from all over the world and can talk professionally. But in this only moderators are allowed to host a talk.

5. Leher


Leher is one of the best apps on the play store. This app is quite similar to the clubhouse but is available since 2018 and work very well on both ios and android. In the clubhouse, people can only voice chat but in Leher one can voice chat and video chat too. You can also join clubs and groups to talk about yourself and anything you want. You can also create groups where you can invite only people you want.

6. Spoon

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Spoon is also the best voice chat where one can chat with people from all over the world and around 30 million users are already on Spoon. You can not only voice chat with people but you can do more than that on this app like monetize your voice chat and stream online your group conversation or live music streaming.

7. Riffr

BeFunky design

Riffr is one of the best alternatives to the clubhouse where you can listen to podcasts and voice chat both and if you are a fan of live podcasts then this app is the best choice for you to use and you can convert voice into video for social media uploads. This app is a very user-friendly app like a clubhouse.

  • Available both on ios and Android

8. Fireside

Clubhouse Alternatives

Fireside is another best alternative of the clubhouse and is made in India app which is downloaded by the same team which download the Chingari app. This app supports more than 5 languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada . in this app people from all over India can join and all the chat in this app is public. This app layout is not that good but it’s pretty nice to use than the clubhouse.


As I have mentioned some of the best 7+ clubhouse Alternatives in 2022  are some of the best choices you can take as an alternative to the clubhouse. So if you liked the blog do let me know in the comment section and Tell us your experience. Thank You!

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