Change Your Stream Title On Twitch as Mod

3 Steps to Change Your Stream Title On Twitch as Mod Quickly

Do you have this question of changing the title on twitch as Mod? Have you ever wondered who keeps control of what is going on during the streaming? Moderator is also known as mod helps in keeping and running everything smoothly without disturbing the streaming.

A Twitch mod is a person who supervises what is going on in the chat when you’re streaming.

They play a vital role because they’re in command of Capitulating with the community rules and Twitch rules, avoiding maybe being barred from the forum. Make sure the chat stays civilized, avoiding foul comments or SPAM.

If you’re a streamer and you’re considering counting a Twitch mod, we’ll tell you how to do it and what to think when you’re picking someone to do it.

With the! Title chat command, you and your Twitch mods can update your stream’s title straight from Twitch chat. You can specify the title by utilizing the chat command like! Title New title…, where New title is the full title that you want to set on Twitch.

Yes, a twitch mod for your channel can modify a channel’s title, type, audience, tags, and stream tongue settings. If you are a moderator with an editor role and you need to know how to do these sorts of modifications then follow these short steps.

Here are the 3 Steps How to Change Your Stream Title On Twitch as Mod Quickly

  •  First of all, go to the Mod View dashboard, by tapping on the mod view switch located at the bottom of the chat.


  • Now, click on the small pencil icon which is next to the title of the stream.


  • Then, a pop-up will be displayed on your screen known as Broadcast Options with all the adjustable options.  The top text box is for the title of the stream, edit that or any of the other sections, and then tap done.



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Wrapping up!

These were the super easy steps with which you can change the title on twitch as Mod. I hope you liked the article and this might helped you also in solving your problem. If you still have some queries you can ask us in the comment section.

Till then Happy Learning!

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