9 Popular Cat Pokemon List In The Pokemon World (2022)

9 Popular Cat Pokemon List In The Pokemon World (2022)

So, Like you all know there are lots of types of pokemon out there and all are different with their unique features. These pokemon cats are all over the world of the pokemon games but not everyone knows which are those and how they are different from others. So we are very excited to tell you about some of the cat pokemon some of them are strong, powerful, and dangerous while others are lazy, Sleepy, and very cute to look at.

So today in this blog we are going to discuss the 8+ best cat pokemon list with their special powers and a little brief.


Here are the 9 Popular Cat Pokemon List In The Pokemon World (2022)

1. Zangoose


Zangoose is not purely a cat pokemon but it looks a little similar to Cat Pokemon. It is a Cat-Ferret Pokemon and is white in color in its whole body and its scary pink color eyes and one one of its eye is covered by the pink mark that is on its body. This pokemon is not so dangerous and also its attack doesn’t cause much damage.

2. Entei


Entei is one of the legendary beast characters and is a generation 2 character and is also known as a Volcano Cat. This Pokemon gives you very little chance of capturing and can be captured once per game. If I talk about its power this Cat pokemon is one of the powerful and strong pokemon which is a fire-type pokemon.

3. Mewtwo


Mewtwo is one of the most popular cat pokemon and this pokemon doesn’t look much good but if I talk about its power and its strong body. This Pokemon looks evil but is a very great Cat pokemon. This Cat is Greyish in color and its tail is pink in color.

4. Jolteon


Jolteon is one of my favorite and most beautiful Cat-type pokemon which is an evolution of Evee and is using a  thunderstone. This Pokemon is one of the most powerful electric pokemon that not only attack powerfully but can absorb electricity at any speed. This pokemon is yellow in color.

5. Incineroar

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Incineroar is also a great Cat pokemon and it totally looks like a Wrestler after the evolution it is also known as “Heel Pokemon”. By its appearance, it looks so powerful with its big biceps, height, big legs, and a fire-like belt around its waist. This Pokemon doesn’t really look like a small Cat but we can call it Big Cat which looks like Tiger.

6. Luxio

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Luxio is another best Cat-type pokemon and really looks so fascinating and its hair looks dark in color and a star at the end of its tail. This is a very powerful pokemon that was evolved from Shinx into Luxio.

7. Torracat

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Torracat is a very interesting Pokemon that only loves to fight and wants to have fun with its ability to spit fire through its mouth. Torracat was also evolved from Litten. If you look at this Cat this cat really looks scary and its fighting ability is amazing. It is orange in color back of its body is black with a black mark on its back. Torracat Pokedox Number is #726.

8. Skitty


Skitty is another very cute Cat-type pokemon that is pink in color and the front part of its body is little pale yellow which makes it look good. Skitty is also known as s kitten Pokemon and is very small in size. With its special fascinating power, it can make anyone easily fall in love, and then it does its attack.  It’s a generation 3 Pokemon and is also known as Normal Type Pokemon. Its Pokedex Number is #330. Delcatty is the evolution of Skitty.


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9. Umbreon

Cat Pokemon List

Umbreon is one of the dark Cat type pokemon and is evolved from Eevee. This cat looks so mixed between cat and Fox. This Cat pokemon is black in color and a few marks which are round in the shape of yellow color over its body make it look different and its eye is red in color which is so scary to look at. It is also known as a high-defense Cat and a very start pokemon.


As I have mentioned some of the Top 8+ Cat Pokemon list (2022)  and the above all cat pokemon are the most popular and known characters in the pokemon games. Every Cat pokemon comes up with special power and evolution that you will like. So if you liked the blog do let me know in the comment section and Tell us your experience. Thank You!


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