Can We Mute Participants In A Zoom Meeting Without Being A Host?

Can We Mute Participants In A Zoom Meeting Without Being A Host?

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Over the last few years, Zoom has been a lifesaver for millions of professionals across the globe. There is no doubt that every single person uses it almost every single workday to get in touch with their colleagues, superiors, and clients. Zoom can also be used for personal communication other than just for work. Due to its easy-to-use structure and free-to-use license, Zoom has been loved and relied upon by many around the globe. But sometimes it becomes difficult to address and understand each and everything when there are many participants attending all at once. It can be chaotic as well as frustrating for the host as well as participants to comprehend everything, and people might shy away from speaking up in case they get interrupted midway.

From this, the question arises: Can we mute the participants in the Zoom meeting when we are not the host or co-host? Unfortunately, you cannot mute anyone from the zoom meeting if you are not the one hosting the meeting. Till now, there has been no option made available by Zoom which allows the participants to mute somebody else at their own will. One can surely mute themselves voluntarily.

But there are other alternative ways to do so. As a meeting participant, you do not have the ability to mute others. If a participant’s microphone is causing distractions, you can consider notifying a host/co-host or the participant using the chat feature.

As a meeting participant, if the host mutes you and does not allow you to unmute, you will not be able to unmute yourself unless the host changes the setting selection.
Right now, there is no setting in Zoom to mute chat notifications. Here are some ways to mute participants joining the meeting.

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If you want to mute participants in a Zoom call, you can only do it if you are the host or co-host of the Zoom meeting. Other than that, if you’re just a participant, you cannot do it. Zoom doesn’t allow you to mute anyone if you are just a participant in the meeting.
As a host or a co-host, you can obviously do it easily. Therefore, you hold an advantage in customizing who you want to hear or not hear among the participants according to your will. This benefit allows the host or the speaker to have their own stage to express and communicate with any other interfering or distributing sounds. It allows the speaker to have the center stage and reduces any kind of distraction we get from any feedback audio.

Methods To Mute Participants:

There are many methods to decrease audio disturbances by muting the participants. Some of them are given below:

-How To Mute A Specific Participant?

1. The first one is, muting through the participant panel. For this, you have to select the ” Manage Participants” button. You can locate it on the menu bar in zoom.
2. By clicking the button, you will launch the Participants Panel.
3. In the participant panel you can select the specific participant you wish to mute. To do this, you have to click the “mute” button in order to turn off the audio of the selected participant.
4. Once you’ve selected “mute you will notice the button itself changes to “unmute” located net to participant’s name.

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How To Mute Every Participant All at Once?

Zoom Mute All in Meeting

1. Another option to mute on zoom is to mute all the participants present in the meeting. This can be done by selecting “Mute all”.
2. You can locate the “Mute all” button at the bottom of the participant panel itself.
3. The moment you click on it, you will see a dialogue box popping up with a check box for allowing participants to unmute themselves whenever it is needed.
4. By doing this, it will allow the participants to voluntarily unmute themselves if they want to speak.

How To Mute The Participants The Moment They Join The Meeting?

It is an amazing feature by Zoom if you want all your participants to be muted beforehand when they join the meeting. Zoom provides you with an option of muting participants upon entry of the meeting, and it can be done by selecting the “More” button present at the bottom of the participant panel.
Choosing that will automatically Mute all the participants as they join or enter the meeting. You can always toggle off or on this option by using the same method.

How Do You Mute Participants When You Are Setting Up The Meeting?

Last but not the least, you can set participants to mute as they join the meeting when you are setting up your zoom call and it is done outside the participant panel. You can do this by:

1. Logging into Zoom
2. Click on the settings for the Zoom meeting.
 Scroll down and locate the option for “Automatically mute participants as they enter the meeting
 3. Once you locate it, toggle the button to the right in order to turn it on.
That’s it, by doing this, Zoom will automatically mute participants as they enter the meeting.

How to mute participants on a computer

1. Open zoom on your desktop and move the cursor for the options on the participant square. this will in turn show you the toolbar at the bottom.
2. Click the “Mute” microphone option, which is present in the bottom left corner. This will mute your own microphone, and other participants present on the call will no longer be able to hear you. You can always reverse it by clicking the unmute option similarly.
3. If you are the host or co-host and you want to mute the other participants you have to Click the blue “Mute” button to mute them. You can also click the three dots to open a pop-up menu. Click “Mute Audio.” You can follow the same steps to unmute the participant if you wish to reverse it.
4. You can click the “Manage Participants” tab at the bottom toolbar. this will show you how many participants are on call.
5. As the host, you can individually mute participants. A blue “Mute” or “Unmute” button will appear.
6. If you wish to mute everyone present in the meeting you can also click the “Mute All” or “Unmute All” options at the bottom. This will open a pop-up. You can allow the participants to unmute themselves by checking the box. If so, callers will receive a message that reads, “The host would like to mute/unmute your microphone,” when you make changes.
8. Click “Continue” to complete the change.

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Sending a Participant to the Waiting Room

If in a Zoom meeting you don’t feel the need for some participants and you want them to wait until they are needed you can send them to the waiting room. The name waiting room explains itself, it means it makes the participant wait until the host is ready or until the host really wants them to join when needed. It can be used easily and alternatively if you want someone to stop talking this is don’t by expelling them out of the meeting at the moment.
This feature is enabled for all the accounts and if anyone joins your meeting they will go right away into the waiting room. They won’t be able to join the meeting until and unless you’ll allow them to.
1. Tap on “Participants” in the navbar,
2. Scroll to find the person you wish to mute and tap on their name from the list.
3. You will see many options there, find and click on “Put in Waiting Room.” By doing this The participant will be sent to the Waiting Room, where they cannot use their audio or video to interfere in the meeting, nor view what’s happening in the conference.
4. When you’re ready to bring the participant back, you can tap on the blue “Admit” button next to their name.
Wrapping up!
We hope this will help you to explore Can We Mute Participants In A Zoom Meeting Without Being A Host. Well,  many new and useful features Zoom has to offer to the meeting participants and hosts. For any queries, you can leave a comment in the comment section.

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