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We all use Snapchat be it for clicking pictures or using different funny filters to chat with our friends or to stay updated about our surroundings. But have you ever heard or even thought of controlling the computer with your thoughts? No right?

Snapchat has developed a Brain Reading Headband that helps you to control computers with their thoughts. Yes! you heard it right, and can you guess how much cost has been incurred by Snapchat to develop this technology, it is about $400. If you want to know about this in detail you will have to continue reading this post, so that you can gain knowledge about this topic.

Snapchat developed this technology with the expectancy of utilizing the tech in next-generation augmented reality (AR) glasses. The wearable gadget functions by noticing neural movement from the optical cortex and rephrasing it into digital orders in real-time via algorithms of machine learning. The clip-on system can either be hooked to already existing headwear, like a VR headset or baseball hat, or worn by itself as a headband.

The foremost version of the headband, which was unleashed as a dev kit in the year 2020, was used to accomplish easy tasks like dragging a picture around a screen, targeting a gun in a video game, and unclosing the lock screen of an iPad.

Brain Reading Headband on Snapchat


In one of the blogs, Snapchat said-

“We’re excited to share that Snap has acquired NextMind, a Paris-based neurotech company. NextMind has joined Snap to help drive long-term augmented reality research efforts within Snap Lab. The team will continue to operate out of Paris.” 

This isn’t the foremost company that Snap has developed. It has been buying companies to help in making its next pair of AR glasses.

The previous year, Snap declared that it has acquired WaveOptics for more than $500 million. WaveOptics is a startup that develops AR optics in the Spectacles. Presently, it’s operating under Snap’s hardware section. WaveOptics creates micro projectors and full AR modules. This tech can be located in different AR headsets, like the Project Aurora headset. It also offered off prescription waveguide lenses.

If we compare to many years ago, the hand and eye-tracking hardware have become authentic and more faithful today. Regardless, companies in this space have not decoded the problems linked to input methods for AR headsets. However, NextMind’s tech can create a brain-computer interface, its tech may not be the complete solution.

Whereas, its BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) is non-interfering. It’s also adequately thin so it can be easily blended into the strap of Snap’s XR headset. Designers of Valve, for instance, have been inquisitive in this type of headset for many years. This social media technology is Paris-based. The NextMind chief executive and founder Sid Kouider said this technology might be used in very precise areas such as remembering a picture in your thoughts and it will be displayed on your screen.


Snapchat said, “NextMind’s technology would eventually be incorporated into its Spectacles smart glasses.”

“Spectacles are an evolving, iterative research and development project, and the latest generation is designed to support developers as they explore the technical bounds of augmented reality,” the company stated in a statement.


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The share Snapchat paid to develop NextMind was not publicized or been shown and a representative of the firm did not immediately respond to the deal.

Wrapping Up!

This was all about the newly launched feature of Snapchat which is the Brain Reading Headband, if you liked the information about this tech device kindly turn on the notifications of our site so that you will not miss any important information like this and also you can stay updated.

Till Then Happy Learning!

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