How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone With iOS 16 In 2023

How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone With iOS 16 In 2023

Whenever it comes to your free time while having a movie or asian drama or anime series on your iPhone, you always want no disturbance. But, somehow you just can’t ignore the incoming calls on your phone and it feels irritant in case of no-caller id calls. These calls are generally from spammers, companies, or other telemarketers.

To ignore annoying incoming calls, we use airplane modes and many other third-party apps to block these nuisance calls from them. If you had blocked someone’s number unintentionally, check our guide on how to unblock someone on your iPhone and also see, how you can recover your permanently deleted phones on your iPhone.

You may ignore these calls once, twice, or thrice but after that, it starts giving you a kinda headache. Luckily, you can stop these annoying calls in a few steps. Today, we are going to talk about “how to block no caller id calls on iPhone”. So, without any delay, let’s get started!


Here’s How To Block “No Caller ID Calls” On iPhone

Whenever it comes to an iPhone, we always want the best solution. Whatever the problem! Ideas that are easy or quick and work are our top priority. Maybe you were looking for solutions on how to get water out of your iPhone speaker or how to apply coverage check for your iPhone. We have covered all your queries, check them out now.

It might not that easy but it’s not even rocket science where you can’t help yourself in order to protect your iPhone from these hackers and other spammers. To cover this up, we have prepared some of the best working tricks on “how to block no caller id calls on iPhone”, let’s start!


How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone Using Do Not Disturb Mode?

Using do not disturb mode you will be able to block unwanted no-caller id calls from your iPhone very easily. The steps are so effortless and will take only 3-4 minutes of time, so let’s have a look at the following steps:

How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone

Step 1: Open up your iPhone and then open the Settings application.

Step 2: Next, as you can see the Focus option, tap on the focus option and then tap on the plus icon in order to get a new one.

Step 3: Before that, you first have to create a customized focus option. For that tap on the customize option, then type down the name in which you are interested (say contact). Choose the icon and color and then Select Customize Focus button. You can choose people or apps in that list.

How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone

Step 4: Now, go to People>Call From>All Contacts.

Step 5: Now, after these steps, open up your Control Panel by swiping up from your right-hand corner to turn on your settings.

Step 6: In the final step, tap on the Focus, and you’re done with your settings!

How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone


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How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone Using Contacts?

This is another way, from which you can block no-caller id calls on your iPhone from hidden contact numbers. To do this and to go ahead with it, you need to keep some important things in mind:

Step 1: First, open the phone application on your iPhone and then tap on the Contacts>+ icon.

Step 2: Now, Save that no-caller id number on your device, and then scroll down to Block that number.

And you’re done! this is how you can easily and within less period of time, block no caller id calls on your iPhone using contacts.


How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone Using Third-Party Apps?

How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone

Well, there are some blocking applications for iPhone users, to stay away from and to get rid of such annoying calls. As we talk about truecaller, this application is both compatible with android and iPhone. Applications like Hiya, Me Caller ID, and Whoscall are some of the best call blocker apps for iPhone users.

To do so, firstly you have to go to your settings application and then go to the phone option. Now, tap on the Call-Blocking & Notification option and Switch On the toggle next to the option.


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Q1. Is that possible to block any no-caller id or number on iOS 15?

Ans. Open your Phone application>Search the number> Scroll Down, and Block it.

Q2. Can I block the no-caller id number on my iPhone 13 pro max?

Ans. You can easily block no-caller id numbers from your iPhone 13 pro max, just follow the above instructions and you will see the results.


Here’s a Video-Based Content On How To Block No Caller ID Calls On iPhone


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Wrap Up!

So, we have covered “how to block no caller id calls on iPhone” and we have discussed the best three easy and working methods as well. Try all these methods, as you wished to do so, and let us know which one you liked the most.

We genuinely hope you find this article informative as well as quite helpful too. For more updates on technology, apple, and other entertainment-like content, keep checking back to Americbuzz and its future articles. Till then, stay safe, and thanks for reading!

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