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Finally, the wait is over! It’s been a while since Bleach’s most recent season aired, but now it’s back. And this one will surpass all previous ones in quality. You won’t want to miss out on any of the new characters or plot twists. So don’t forget to watch when it airs the following week to catch all the action!

This show is ideal for you if you enjoy anime or just watching television in general. Our convenient streaming service lets you watch as much as you want without any ads interfering with your enjoyment, so you never have to worry about missing an episode again.

One of the most watched and eagerly awaited manga animation seasons is Bleach season 17. Ichigo Kurosaki is a brash Japanese teenager who has starred as the main character in numerous anime series. On October 5, 2004, the show premiered, and it ran for about 19 episodes. On March 27, 2012, the series’ final episode aired.

So, here we are sharing with you all the details regarding the upcoming bleach season 17. From the release date to the star cast. You are able to find each and every piece of information.

Bleach Season 17 Release Date – When It’ll Premiere ?

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Except for the year of the debut, the date has not been formally revealed by the producers. About a year ago, Shonen Jump tweeted about it. There have been delays in many studios as a result of pandemic and earthquake-driven breaks. There is currently no formal confirmation of the air dates, the platform, or whether the episodes will be broadcast simultaneously in English or simultaneously in both English and Japanese.

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What Will be The Plot Of Bleach Season 17

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The story is about the Japanese settlement of Karakura Town. 15-year-old high school student Kurosaki Ichigo serves as the series’ main character. The Bleach manga, anime, movies, video games, and other media all detail his exploits. Ichigo now battles bad spirits to defend the populace after unexpectedly turning into a soul reaper. He learns new facets of himself as he struggles against these evil beings.

Ichigo Kurosaki, the protagonist of the Bleach series, lost his Soul Reaper in the opening episode of season 17. He then encountered him and received instructions to aid in his escape. The chapter will be the title of Bleach Season 17.

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Bleach season 17 Star Cast: Can We Expect New Entry


We’ll have the same cast and dubbed version in the new season 17, too. The dub actors’ names are listed as the credits roll.

  • In English and Japanese, Ichigo Kurosaki is referred to as Johnny Young Bosch and Masakazu Morita, respectively.
  • Wally Wingert (in English) and Kentaro Ito dub Renji Abarai (in Japanese).
  • Michelle Rough (in English) and Fumiko Orikasa are dubbed Rukia Kuchiki (in Japanese).
  • Derek Stephen Prince (in English) and Noriaki Sugiyama both provide Uryu Ishida’s voiceovers (in Japanese).
  • Yuina Yamada is Noel Nillhashi’s voice actor (in Japanese).
  • Played by Asami Tano was Spangle Ninii (in Japanese).

Where To Watch Bleach Season 17?

Amazon Prime and Hulu both offer Bleach Season 16 for streaming in English right now. When it becomes available, fans won’t have any trouble finding Bleach Season 17 Episode 1.

  • Amazon Prime

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  • Hulu

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The official season 17 teaser is not among the numerous bleach season 17 trailers that can be found on YouTube.

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How Many Seasons of Bleach are There?

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The anime series Bleach currently has 16 seasons and 366 episodes, with the 17th season set to debut in October 2022. All of the anime’s episodes have licenses from Madman Entertainment in Australia, Viz Media in the United States, Medialink in Southeast Asia, and Manga Entertainment in the United Kingdom.

All sixteen seasons of Bleach are currently accessible for free streaming on Tubi TV, with 15 seasons also available on VRV in English dubs outside of Canada and the United States. In the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries, Crunchyroll is also streaming 15 seasons of the anime series.

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How Many Episodes Do We Expect From Season 17?


This anime series‘ earlier seasons lacked a set number of episodes. The upcoming season will only have seven episodes, with any amount between these two extremes. Thus, this season will mark the conclusion of this story.

Wrapping Up!

Fans of Bleach are waiting for the new season to start. The announcement by the show’s makers that season 17 would be its final season set off a social media frenzy. The series has returned for Season 17 after a great run of 16 seasons, which will undoubtedly be another big smash.

It might tempt you more than others if you haven’t read the novel or comic yet. So, that is all about bleach season 17. Do share your views with us. Don’t forget to comment below. Till then stay safe and healthy!

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