40 Best Painful Sad Quotes for Instagram That Will Save You from Pain

40 Best Painful Sad Quotes for Instagram That Will Save You from Pain

40 Best painful sad quotes for instagram that will save you from pain-

Hello, lovely people hope you all are healthy and fine at your respective places. Today we have comes up with the sad stuff. The word sad is very common nowadays as it is connected to your feelings. Feelings are something we cannot describe in one word. It is something which fluctuates in every moment of your life In fact in every second. Mostly whenever we talk about the feelings people come up with the two expected answer which is happy and sad. Here the question rise why we people or anyone on this planet earth are Sad.

I am sure many among us are going to say just because of hormones. Partially true but we people get sad when we feel lonely. When our expectations not fulfilled. When we feel helpless as we are not getting the way to solve our problem. But you know guys the secret of keeping sad emotions far away from us that never ever lose hope in your life. As once well said that Umeed Par Duniya Kayamb hai. No matter that hope is related to get someone back in your life, getting good marks, getting a good job, living a happy and normal life always keep the hope lives in these things and many more, etc. Nowadays when people get sad they need some sad or painful captions to upload to Instagram. So we have got some 40 Best painful sad quotes for Instagram.


Here are the Best 40 Best painful sad quotes for Instagram-


Here are the Best 40 Best painful sad quotes for Instagram-

  1. “Keep my self busy to forget you, but I never could “
  2. “No happiness make me happy”
  3. “I am one who is forgotten, for my loved ones”
  4. “Let your emotions flow in the form of tears
  5. Good memories always give you sadness”
  6. “It was just the transaction of emotions, In which I was betrayed”
  7. “People come to make you happy, People go makes you sad”
  8. “End of the journey is always painful”
  9. “12th fair well where everyone cried but no one shows”
  10. “Sadness is a part of life, Which will be with you until your death “


“Top Sad Quotes on love”


"Top Sad Quotes on love"

  1. “Happiness would be meaningless if sadness didn’t exist”
  2. “Good memories always made me cry “
  3. “Happiness comes along with sadness”
  4. “No one can take place of our love “
  5. “Eyes can tell the inside pain”
  6. “Tears are the words that heart can’t say “
  7. “Feeling too much always ends in nothing “
  8. “Too much expectation leads to much pain”
  9. “Lost in a world of sadness and loneliness”
  10. “Welcome to my pain”


“Best Sad Quotes About Life”


"Best Sad Quotes About Life"

  1. Pretending to be happy, hoping that the saying “fake it till you make it” actualizes.
  2. Remember that pessimism isn’t really bad at all. People will disappoint you eventually, and you are going to do the same.
  3. Slowly but surely, people stop reaching out. Then all of a sudden, you’re all alone.
  4. Sobbing alone in some room, and then walking out like nothing ever happened.
  5. Such is the cruelty of life! It often tries to get in the way of our dreams.
  6. The only broken instrument that works is the heart.
  7. Things change, and friends leave. Indeed, life stops for no one.
  8. Unfortunately, being okay takes a lot of work.
  9. What’s the point of it all?
  10. Whenever happiness visits me, bad things happen right after. I’ve been afraid of happiness since then.


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“Best Sad Quotes For Girls”


  1. Wouldn’t it be terrific if we could turn back time? We could wipe all the sad moments away. But then, all the happy moments would vanish too.
  2. Yearning for the times when my smile was real.
  3. You can’t be lonely when you’ve always been alone in the first place.
  4. My only wish right now is to fall asleep before I fall apart.
  5. Neither friends nor enemies. Just strangers with some memories.
  6. Never have I intended to give up on anyone. But there were some doleful times where I had to.
  7. No more. I don’t want to think anymore.
  8. No one cares anyway.
  9. Nobody knows about the emotional breakdowns I experience when I’m alone. Everyone only knows about the smiles and laughs I show them.
  10. Not broken. Just a muddle of everyone and everything I once knew.
  11. Pain is hard to avoid. Actually, just the act of trying to avoid it is already a pain.
  12. People come, people go. In the end, it’s just you.


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End of the Line-

Firstly I would like to say all the people who have read this article please get a smile on your face. As life is very short live it to the fullest. Do not waste this precious life with one emotion only which is sad. Give your life a second chance then see life will become happy from the sad phase. so guys if you do like these sad captions please Do and Copy them. But please guys keep smiling and don’t lose hope and become Sad as no one in this world wants anyone to be Sad even a Stranger like Me.  

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