Minecraft Discord Servers | 12 Best Minecraft Discord Servers [2023]

Minecraft is the best 3D sandbox game in the world. It is enjoyed by everyone alike, be it a kid or an adult. So naturally, we would want the best minecraft discord servers available to us so that we talk about this amazing game all the time.

If you think that’s too much to ask then clearly you haven’t ever played minecraft, the satisfaction you get when you see your minecraft village thrive is something an actual governor won’t feel when they see their city in great shape.

There are many discord servers dedicated to minecraft but it’s impossible to be a part of all of them, what we can do instead is choose the one which seems the most helpful and join it immediately.

Some of the best minecraft discord servers include mystic, purple prison, cosmic craft, chillbar, mantle, mineplex, midnight oasis, Minecraft official, hypixel, the vent, minecrapft SMP, and skyblock simplified. And here is why.

12 Best Minecraft Discord Servers List

If we put in as much effort to make our real life better as we do to create a little bridge in minecraft, life would be much easier. But then again life will only be good if we are happy and what makes us happy is playing minecraft so regardless of what my parents say minecraft is contributing heavily to my happiness and forthcoming success.

Discord on the other hand also contributes to this process, as I can be a part of the best minecraft discord servers and discuss my strategies and gameplay with other players, collaborate with them, and create an entire I heart minecraft community. By using discord I can meet new people and fellow minecraft lovers who can share tips and information with me which will help in bettering my world.

Below I have compiled a list of some of the best minecraft discord servers that you can check out and join. These have everything you need in a discord server and everything you want to know about minecraft. Try them out to see how helpful they are to you.

1. Mystic

Minecraft Discord Servers

It is one of the best minecraft discord servers with over 30,000 active users as of now. If you want to earn minecraft related giveaways then this server is your best bet. Also, you get to chat and share your gaming experience here with other players.

2. Purple Prison

Minecraft Discord Servers

Purple prison is a big deal among the discord community, not only because it’s one of the best minecraft discord servers but also because of one of the best servers on discord. Both old gamers and newbies can join this server and gain new insights, but remember to behave yourself because the server has a strict policy against notorious users.

3. Cosmic Craft

Minecraft Discord Servers

It is one of the best minecraft discord servers because it has a wide variety of features and the best panel of moderators. You will enjoy it a lot here.

4. Chillbar

Minecraft Discord Servers

If you ever want to just come to talk about minecraft then this is the best community to join. It encourages social interactions among users and making new friends. It also includes music, karaoke, and AFK channels for those who want to take a break from playing minecraft.

5. Mantle

Minecraft Discord Servers

The mantle is also another community that can be joined to chat and make friends who share the same enthusiasm about minecraft. It currently has over 80,000 members, so that’s 80,000 minecraft lovers waiting for you to join them and share tricks of the game.

6. Mineplex

Minecraft Discord Servers

Mineplex is considered to one of the best be the best minecraft discord servers of all time. It has the biggest community and the best custom maps. 50,000 active members come every day to share information and new tricks about the game. So if you have one doubt you will get 50,000 solutions for it.

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7. Midnight Oasis

12 Best Minecraft Discord Servers

It is among the best minecraft discord servers because of its giving nature. It gives out bonuses and free gifts to its community apart from providing all the technical help that a gamer might need in minecraft.

8. Minecraft Official

Minecraft Discord Servers

Minecraft also has its own official server on discord and has an 800,000 users limit which makes it one of the most exclusive communities apart from being one the best minecraft discord servers. If you are not active on the server you will be kicked out, that’s how new members get in.

9. Hypixel

Minecraft Discord Servers

It is a very popular discord server and is the best way to make new friends and build connections on discord. Also, you can play different games on the server if you are bored of talking about minecraft.

10. The Vent

Minecraft Discord Servers

The vent is next in the list of the best minecraft discord servers and it comes with the feature of allowing large groups to form and discuss whatever they want to do on the app. You can access the server with many devices and connect with anyone around the world.

11. Minecraft SMP

12 Best Minecraft Discord Servers

This server has 63,000 active members and thus this makes it a great place to become a member of the most loyal minecraft fan club.

12. Skyblock Simplified

Minecraft Discord Servers

Skyblock simplified is a dedicated server to hypixel’s game mode called skyblock. You can discuss strategies, solve problems and make guilds on the game on this server.

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Wrapping Up!

Join any of these best minecraft discord servers to gain insights, and learn new techniques and ways to preserve your Minecraft village. Discord servers are filled with people from different parts of the world who love the same things as you and will be glad to find you to share their passion.

If you love minecraft and are looking for communities to join then try mystic, purple prison, cosmic craft, chillbar, mantle, mineplex, midnight oasis, Minecraft official, hypixel, the vent, minecraft SMP, or skyblock simplified. They might have exactly what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. What are discord servers?

Ans. Discord servers like the best minecraft discord servers are communities dedicated to a specific topic where people join in to share their experiences, information, knowledge, or stories regarding the topic to help others.

Q2. How can I join a server?

Ans. If you want to join any discord server like the best minecraft discord servers then all you need to do is log in to your discord account>tap on the server link>tap on accept invite>complete the captcha and you are in.

Q3. What does SMP stand for in minecraft? 

Ans. In Minecraft, SMP stands for survival multiplayer. They are used to find, create and survive in the latest block worlds either with your friends or with any other players in minecraft.

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