10 Finest Best Luxurious Pens You Should Buy In 2022 | Pens That Will Give Your Desk a Luxurious Upgrade

10 Finest Best Luxurious Pens You Should Buy In 2022 | Pens That Will Give Your Desk a Luxurious Upgrade
Being a millennial you might find it hard to understand the true art of calligraphy and with that the need for a good elegant pen. But if one really understands its value there is no going back.
First of all, let’s understand the art of calligraphy- calligraphy is known as the art of handwriting with an instrument such as a pen, brush, or some other type of broad-tipped instrument.
In order to achieve a beautiful hand at writing, you need only one this that is a “Great Quality Pen”. And with a great quality pen, it is important to choose something that fits your style of writing. We have listed down a few luxury pens that can help you to achieve your best handwriting.
Having a luxury pen is itself a sign of class and portrays one’s very own status.
Having a luxury pen for your own self is another thing but a good quality luxury pen can be a great gifting option as well.
And when it comes to buying a perfect pen then you need to know the different types of pen and their nibs. There are foundation pens for more skilled people. Ballpoint pens and rollerball pens are used for daily writing. Speaking of brands Brands like Smythson and Montblanc have been making luxury pens for the past many years, so they’re both one-stop shops for different types of pens.

Three Types of Pens:

Luxury Fountain Pen: There are on the more expensive end and have a very fine nib to work with. The High-end fountain pens have their nibs made out of gold. The thin top of the pen makes it perfect for making fine lines. On top of that these pens are reusable, which means we can fill them every time we go out of ink. So in short you can say buying a fountain pen is a long-term investment.
Luxury Rollerball Pen: they might not sound as attractive as they are but they are very smooth on the paper and sometimes also comes with replaceable refills.

“Here’s The 10 Finest Best Luxurious Pens You Should Buy In 2022”

We have listed some of the best luxury pens all across the globe for you. Each and every pen is unique on its own.

1. Aurora 88 Luxury Fountain Pen

It is one of the most unique and practical pens made so far. Aurora 88 Luxury Fountain Pen is a limited edition fountain pen one of the best in Aurora’s Stellar Collection, which pays homage to all of the planets, including our prized Mother Earth. The pen’s quality and craftsmanship are worth noting. The company was founded in 1919 in Italy and has been making some of the best and high-quality leather products, pens, and other types of stationery.
Their Diamante limited edition diamond-studded pen is manufactured in Turin, in Northern Italy, and has a value of over $1.47 million, which made it one of the most expensive pens ever sold.
If owning a good luxury pen is what you are looking for then the Aurora 88 Luxury Fountain Pen (at $855 down from $950) is worth every penny.
The body is in a colorful combination of hypnotizing blue. Other tiny details such as the finial, piston knob, and grip are made in black resin with a solid 18 karat gold nib is to die for. The Aurora 88 has a has piston fill system, which allows the user to add fresh ink with a simple twist. It comes in a luxury fountain pen in a black lacquer box which can be placed for your very own display.

2. Montblanc Heritage Rouge & Noir



Montblanc is considered one of the most famous luxury pen makers across the globe. It is a very popular German company that produces a number of other luxury goods besides pens, such as jewelry, perfume, sunglasses, and high-end watches. You’ll be proud of your choice if you’ll end up buying this beautiful Rouge & Noir fountain pen which features a vintage serpent clip, as an homage to the Art Nouveau movement.

3. Louis Vuitton Cargo Exotic Leather Brown Luxury Fountain Pen


LV 1


The legendary brand needs no introduction, Other than the classic LV monogram, Louis Vuitton is known around the world for its finest leather goods. in case you didn’t know this yet they do make exquisite pens. The pen is crafted with Aligator leather and has monogrammed trim and palladium details around the cap, body, and nib.
This stunning pen is a perfect example of precision and craftsmanship. They have an exclusive leak-proof patent that protects the ink from getting affected by atmospheric changes. This will be perfect in case you want it to use in your private jet!

4. Montegrappa Cigar Sterling Silver Luxury Fountain Pen



When we talk about Montegrappa we talk about their unique style, how sophisticatedly their pens are designed, and most importantly the best in the world materials used by them. A few years ago Montegrappa has come up with this beautifully designed cigar-inspired pen to add to their collection
The Montegrappa Cigar Sterling Silver Luxury Fountain Pen ($2,240), looks familiar with a classic cigar.
The pen has classic and minimalistic. It includes 18 karat gold and a sterling silver trim. It has one of the most beautiful packaging, it comes in a wooden box that resembles a tobacco leaf. The pen also comes on a rollerball style as well.

5. S T Dupont Line D Luxury Ballpoint Pen

      S T Dupont Line D Luxury Ballpoint Pen
S T Dupont Line D Luxury Ballpoint Pen is a writing masterpiece. The pen is made up of shiny material in yellow gold color. It has a ‘007’ engraved on the barrel at a 45-degree angle. It has a gold pocket clip. which makes it more convenient to carry. It also has a retractable mechanism and refillable ink. It comes in a rich box for display and is a thought full gift. The Luxury Ballpoint Pen is currently $1,200 down from $1,500. If you thinking of giving a thoughtful gift then this one is the one. Other than that the company also provides high-end handbags and lighters. And if you are a James bond fan then the Mr. bond rollerball
 a limited edition pen that was made in collaboration with James Bond will be your best catch.

6. Smythson Viceroy Fountain Pen




Made by a British company Smythson which also provides luxury stationery, leather goods, fashion products this pen is one of the most elegant pieces of its kind. If you like minimalistic looks then you are going to love it. It is made up of solid silver and also qualifies as a great gifting option. The Smythson Viceroy Luxury Fountain Pen ($755) is one of the best luxury pens due to its refine effortless design it stands out in many ways one being that it is handmade and has some of the most unique ridges throughout its ridges. The company also offers customized engraving and comes in a sleek black box.

7. 1010 Timekeeper Luxury Fountain Pen

Best Luxurious Pens
This pen is not just another writing piece but it is actually a timepiece because the numbers are displayed in Roman numerals.
This luxury pen comes in at around $9,555. the pen is customizable in case of different sizes of nibs also it gives an option to its users to change between silver and rhodium-plated caps according to one’s taste.

8. Parker Pens




Parker Pens are the most famous pens and still made their Mark in the market since 1888. It is a great option for enhancing your desk at the office with luxury. And if you want to gift anyone a pen that will stay with them forever Parker is always a great option. The company also provides refills and inks for their different ranges and also has a range of ballpoint pens as well.

How to Choose The Best Luxury Pens

It is a task indeed to choose from all such great options available around you. So here are a few things one should keep in mind before buying a luxury pen that is perfect for them.
Brand: The first and foremost thing to consider before buying a pen is the brand. Brands like Smythson, Sheaffer, and Parker are always going strong in this area and provide satisfactory experience as well.
Material: Materials used to make any product holds the utmost importance and luxury pens never fail to provide their customers the best quality nibs or barrel. The pen on paper experience largely depends on what kind of ink and nib you are using. So one should always look for the best quality for the best experience
Price: The price factor can be a bit tricky depending on your budget. One can buy any pen under $500 for the same essence for example Santos De Cartier Luxury Ballpoint Pen comes in at $327. On the extreme end, the range can be above $1200 and so on. For example, the Montegrappa Cigar Sterling Silver Luxury Fountain Pen can cost you over $2,240.


Each and every pen mentioned above is unique in its own way and will surely add a hint of luxury to your desk too. Comment down and tell which is your favorite.

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