10 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS 2022 | All Free

10 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS 2022 | All Free

Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS. We all know by fact that camera apps are more fun than before now with numerous filters and Gifs one can actually express themselves and showcase the best versions of themselves. And with advancing time they are not merely just apps to click pictures they’ve become much more than that. Some of them can help you to enhance your facial features and some of them can change your entire personality or we can say gender! These apps have become more entertaining and fun and we bet Nothing can be more entertaining, than Genderswap apps that took the internet by storm in these recent years.

One can actually turn the tables upside down just by using these apps. With an increase in its popularity, there are a number of Genderswap apps available in the App Store/Play Store with that it can become a bit difficult to choose the one with works best for you. And if you are also looking for some of the Best Best Gender Swap Apps for free to take the fun a notch higher, we’ve compiled a list of some of the Top 10 best Gender Swap Apps just for you. So without further ado Let’s get started!

Here Are The Top 10 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS

First of all, if you are not well acquainted with all the wonders a Genderswap app can don’t worry you are at the right place. Basically as suggested by its name a gender swap app converts a male photo into a female photo or vice versa. It will change your gender into an opposite gender and many of them can even make you look older or younger than actually you are. Genderswap applications come with different filters and effects you can apply to your photo faces.

The trend of Changing your gender can be traced back to a very simple filter that makes you look like the opposite sex. The Gender Swap Apps uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan areas of your photograph and apply filters on them to transform you into your opposite sex. The results are usually funny and very fascinating to see. We have listed down our Top 10 picks of best Gender swapping apps available on the App Store below for you to try and have fun with them.


1. FaceApp – AI Face Editor

Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS


The first on the list is FaceApp. It is an AI face editor and one of the best gender-swapping and image enhancement Apps out there. The app is multipurpose but for its former function of swapping gender, it does its job very well. The app also allows its users to apply different filters to enhance their features such as aging features, facial hair in hipster and other styles, normal to eccentric hair colors, and wrinkle, blemish, and pimple removers. The finished product image looks almost real and perfect. One can also add tattoos wherever they want and with multiple fun filters, it allows its users to experiment with their look as much as they want to. You also have an option to purchase a premium pack to get the functions not available on the free version of the app.

2. Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

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Face Swap Booth is another fun app that can modify you into another person. Face Swap app is a multi-purpose app and is not entirely Focused on delivering quirky and comical filters for altering your photo in terms of gender rather it allows its users to play around with its unique stickers and much more. The app is user-friendly and anyone can use it with ease one just needs to load a picture most probably a selfie-and Tap on the switch button and the results will actually Amaze you. The app uses AI to manipulate the image and applies the gender filter strategically which makes the resultant picture is quite decent, to be honest.

3. Snapchat

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Who doesn’t know about the OG platform from where it all started! Snapchat is a social media platform and largely focused on sharing pictures also known as snaps and allows its users to choose and apply from its vast library of filters. Snapchat has many Gender swapping and fun filters to try out we have also listed some of the Top best Snapchat filters for you in our recent post. The majority of Snapchat’s filters for example My Twin are more inclined towards funny enhancement is rather than realistic or rigid. But you can sure make it look more realistic with a good angle selfie and composition with some work. If you are unable to find filters on your Snapchat’s filter band you can search one for yourself by tapping the magnifying glass icon which is on the upper left-hand corner of the screen and choose the one for yourself.

4. Face Story – AI Artist Cartoon

This particular application is entirely dedicated to iOS devices and comes with a bag full of features in it which fancy filters from face and gender swaps to cartooning as well as aging. The Face story app can become your one-stop app if you enjoy trying out a new filter and obviously gender-swapping. The app has its daily quota for the users and above that, it charges $5.99 per month for its premium ones which will give you access to unlimited use of the app and other added features as well

5. Jiggy

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Hold your breath here because Jiggy is taking gender-swapping to another level by allowing its users to make videos of the gender-swapping concept. Jiggy will basically crop your head and put it on the body of someone else. The app is user-friendly and that is why many people who find gender-swapping interesting are hooked up to this one. Its unique feature to allow one to generate a GIF or video is the main attraction here.

6. Instagram

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Okay so here is our take, we think Instagram is not merely a social media App but it incorporates every fun element in it to enhance its user’s overall experience of the App. Many of you must be skeptical about how can Instagram be a gender swap app? But actually, it is and in addition to this can also offer you many other fun filters to try and have fun with. The social media App Instagram provides a wide range of different masks you can use to get different face results. And not only this one can turn himself/herself into different animals, girls, old men, or women just by using different filters provided by Instagram. You can search for them if you are unable to find the perfect one in your filter band on Instagram and save it for future use as well.

7. Face Swap Live

Moving on to Face Swap Live this app is solely focused and specializes in face Swap or we can say more prominently gender swap. Unlike some apps, Face Swap Live offers the ability to use the filter in real-time to say it in other words it allows you to see your altered and modified face even before you tap to click the picture. This adds more value to your photo as you can adjust according to your angle and lighting for the picture to look more realistic. The cherry on top is you can actually record yourself in a video and add voice filters to sound more feminine or masculine with makes gender-swapping more fun.


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8. Old Age Face Effects App: Face Changer Gender Swap

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Old Age Face Effects App is another fun app if you are interested in tweaking your appearance. Like other above-mentioned apps, its AI decently swaps your features with an opposite-gender to yield pretty convincing and quick results. There are many other In-app filters provided by Old Age Face Effects App for its users and one can actually apply multiple filters in one photo.

9. Reface

Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS


Reface app justifies its name by yields out notably different resultant pictures and videos. The Face Swap app gives out pictures and videos which are quirky and comical.
The AI on the app successfully manages to trace your features and amalgamate those with someone else’s to produce an entirely different look. But the part is one can produce a full-body gender swap and embed an audio file on it. As a user of the App, you can swap your face with pop stars, athletes, actors, or actresses and the results are comic as well as quirky.

10. Face Lab: Gender Changer

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The face lab Gender changer App can surely be used if you wanna have a Good laugh for yourself as well as your friends. You can upload any selfie on the app to convert yourself into the opposite sex and not only that it can produce the bald, old, or baby-faced version of you. The face changer App also provides in-app editing tools for generating the perfect image you have in mind.

Wrapping up.

So the above-listed apps can successfully turn you into your opposite sex even it is pranking someone or just for fun purposes. All the above-mentioned Apps can really give out realistic as well as funny output pictures. Try them and let us know in the comment box which one is your favorite.
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