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The great Albus Dumbledore once said “help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who need it” when some discord users heard this they got the idea to create the best discord plugins for other users to make their experience easy and fun.

Plugins are used by discord servers and users to enhance the features of their servers and make them run efficiently. They are like bots but apart from helping in running the server plugins add features to the server that are not available in the original discord.

So, in a way, it’s even better than a bot and if you want to explore exclusive discord features you should know about the best discord plugins so that you can install them as soon as possible. Did you know there is a read-all button for notifications on discord or that you can hide disabled emojis?

You can’t see all these features if you are a regular user, you need to install plugins to add these features to your discord. Now, from where can you get all these plugins? The best place to get these plugins from is better discord. Apart from its wide range of literally the best discord plugins, you can also install customized plugins as per your liking.

Some of the best discord plugins that you can install in your discord are, permission viewer, hide all disabled emojis, read all notifications, better role colors, creation date, google translate, unhide hidden controls, spotify control, sending long messages, and badges.

12 Best Discord Plugins To Install On Your Discord

In simpler terms, a plugin is an add-on that users can apply to their discord servers to access additional features that they don’t get with the original discord. These extra features can range from sending or receiving long messages, adding remote controls or installing music controls, etc.

Adding these plugins to your servers enhances your user experience and allows you to do activities that other servers cannot do. If you are a discord user or own a discord server then here is a list of the best discord plugins that you can download and install on your discord. Including these plugins on your discord account will give you access to extra features that make your experience much better and easier.

1. Permission Viewer

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Image Courtesy: wondershare

The first plugin this the list of the best discord plugins is one that every discord server owner needs. The permission viewer allows the owner to see all the user permissions with the help of a pop-up notification.

2. Hide all Disabled Emojis

best discord plugins

Image Courtesy: wondershare

Discord has a large collection of emojis and some of them have been disabled. Using this plugin will allow you to all those emojis to separate them from the ones in use.

3. Read all Notifications

It is one of the best discord plugins as it allows you to remove all your notifications quickly. It is especially useful if you are part of many servers and keep on getting constant notifications from them. You can tap the clear button and everything will be cleared off instantly.

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4. Better Role Colors

best discord plugins

Image Courtesy: wondershare

This plugin allows you to set different colours for different roles on your server. The plugin offers coloured voices, coloured typing, colour popout, colour models, and coloured logs.

5. Creation Date

As the name suggests, this plugin gives you information on when a user account was created. The creation date will be displayed in the user model and the user popout. The date will be displayed in a DD/MM/YYYY format and the time will be displayed in a HH: MM format.

6. Google Translate

This plugin is very useful for users living in different parts of the world you won’t only know their native language. It allows users to translate different languages on your server. You can send messages in different languages and translate messages received in other languages. This feature gives the plugin a rightful place in the list of the best discord plugins.

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7. Unhide Hidden Controls

best discord plugins

Image Courtesy: wondershare

There are many hidden features of discord that aren’t visible to the naked eye due to role restriction, but you can see all those roles easily with the help of this plugin. It only unhides hidden channels and important details of that channel, you won’t be able to send or view any messages on the channel.

8. Spotify Control

This is one of the best discord plugins because makes your discord server cool. It allows you to control spotify audio from discord. It will display the song name, singer name, cover photo, and elapsed time.

9. Sending Long Messages

The next entry on the list of the best discord plugins is the plugin that defies discord guidelines for your convenience. How? Discord has set a 2000-character limit for sending a message but this plugin allows you to send messages that are up to 25000 characters long by splitting them into different texts.

10. Badges

Discord has many badges like the nitro badge and the hypesquad badge and this plugin will highlight those badges everywhere, like in the chat section, member list, etc.

11. Call Time Counter

best discord plugins

Image Courtesy: iPeeWorld

This next plugin allows you to know your call log details in the time elapsed sections. The total time will be displayed in a HH: MM: SS format and will help you keep track of your calls.

12. Game Activity Toggle

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Image Courtesy: iPeeWorld

The last entry on the list of the best discord plugins is the game activity toggle which helps you to disable any game activity on your server.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that you know all about the best discord plugins you can install any of the ones you like and see how much better spending time on discord feel after that.

The plugins like permission viewer, hide all disabled emojis, read all notifications, better role colours, creation date, google translate, unhide hidden controls, Spotify control, sending long messages, and badges will make your work easier and allow you to explore so many features that the original discord cannot even fathom. Just remember to not go overboard with these.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Why do we need to install the best discord plugins?

Ans. Installing some of the best discord plugins will allow you to access and include additional features on discord. These are included simply to enhance user experience.

Q2. How to install plugins on discord?

Ans. After downloading you can install plugins on discord by logging into discord>opening settings>tapping on open plugin folder>dragging and dropping the plugin JSON file>toggling it on>refreshing discord.

Q3. Is it safe to use plugins?

Ans. Plugins are usually safe to use but you need to make sure you download them from a trusted website like better discord. Otherwise, it can lead to hacks and virus attacks on your computers.

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