13 Best Betterdiscord Themes And How To Install Them? [2023]

13 Best Betterdiscord Themes And How To Install Them? [2023]

When you create a website for yourself the main mission is to make it aesthetically pleasing for everyone who visits. Today we are going to show you the list of the best betterdiscord themes that you can include in your discord client to increase its attractiveness. You can customize your discord client and increase its appeal by including several plug-ins and in-app cosmetics and selecting different themes.

The best part about betterdiscord is that users get to be the masters of their ship and get to manually choose their themes and customize them as per their preference. Before we move further with the best betterdiscord themes list let me first tell you what betterdiscord is.

There are many great themes that you might want to include in your client. The only problem is that all of them are so good that you will have a hard time deciding which one you want.

Dark matter, discord+, fallout 4 terminal, duality, cyberpunk, wildberry, midnight mars, discoloured, ghostbusters and nord are some of the best betterdiscord themes that will definitely give you a run for your money.

Install these awesome themes by opening the betterdiscord theme library>selecting the theme>clicking on the download icon>opening user settings>opening the theme folder> and pasting the downloaded theme.

10 Best Betterdiscord Themes List 

Betterdiscord is an add-on that can be included in a discord client to modify its appearance and improve its functionality. It was launched just a few months after the original discord and has its features integrated into it.

You can add several plug-ins like a bot to add music, emojis, or a customized CSS editor to your discord client. Installing themes and plug-ins improves the overall user experience on discord and makes them come back again and again.

If you need to upgrade a discord client but are running out of ideas then I suggest you look in betterdiscord once. You will for sure find something you will like here. Here is the list of the 10 best betterdiscord themes that we have curated for you, choose any of these themes, and customize them as per your wishes to make your discord client look attractive and appealing to the users.

1. Dark Matter

best betterdiscord theme

I’m going to start off the list of best betterdiscord themes with the Dark Matter BetterDiscord theme, which as the name suggests is the adaptation of cosmicsalad’s original Dark Matter theme.

The themes are created as a sophisticated version of the original series with the background being made visual in a black overlay. Fonts of green, pink, blue, red, and yellow are used in different parts and the text message is light grey in hue.

2. Discord+

best betterdiscord theme

Discord+ is considered to be among discord’s best betterdiscord themes. Why? Because it includes a wide selection of theme options to choose from. The default theme itself has been created with futuristic designs.

The user interface is made easier with the help of a layout that separates every section from each other in the most organized fashion. Users can also choose between having a white overlay and a black overlay.

But it doesn’t really matter which one they choose because both look awesome. The best part is that everything in this theme can be customized, right from home icons, to accent colours, icon sizes, backgrounds, cover colours, and other elements.

3. Fallout 4 Terminal

10 best betterdiscord themes And how to install

If you are a computer nerd like me then you probably are happy with this theme on the list of best betterdiscord themes. This theme will be used by anyone who loves coding. But for the rest of the users, please don’t think that it will be boring or plain in any way.

The green and dark green colour scheme and the matrix-inspired interface that looks like a terminal will surely blow your mind when you actually see it. All the fonts used in this theme and every single layout and border are the same as seen in tools for the command-line interface and terminal. This theme gives Discord’s appearance and interfaces a completely revamped look.

4. Duality

10 best betterdiscord themes And how to install

For anyone looking for nothing complicated and too “out there” designs, give duality a chance. Although simple, this theme still manages to give full competition to all the other designs in this list. Keeping simplicity in mind, many of the theme’s components are transparent and only include one white border.

Then why is it in the list of best betterdiscord themes? Because the same white border is responsible for giving the theme a unique and attractive visual aspect. But all the bot control boxes and alternate options appear in darker shades.

5. Cyberpunk

best betterdiscord theme

This theme is my personal favourite in this best betterdiscord themes list. Have you played the super hit game cyberpunk? If you are an avid gamer then I’m sure you must have. And if you have played then I think I can expect you to already know what this theme looks like.

Still for those who don’t know let me give you some ideas. This theme has been inspired by the video game cyberpunk and includes most of its design cues. The words on the theme are all written with neon-like light and give it a very funky and gamer look.

When I say neon-like I don’t want you to imagine something flashy or disco-like. The layout is plain but when combined with a dark background and red link, it looks aesthetically very pleasing.

6. Wildberry

10 best betterdiscord themes And how to install

If you are a coder but weren’t pleased with the fallout 4 terminal then we present to you another coding-inspired theme in the list of the best betterdiscord themes, Wildberry. This theme has a syntax-highlighted appearance which is enhanced with the help of a cmd-like font and design.

Also, its primary colour theme is set to be purple and pink which may not be the favourite choice of many people, especially coders, but it has been included to add a little life to the theme and make it appear more pleasing.

7. Midnight Mars

best betterdiscord theme

Elon Musk, if you are reading this then we are pleased to tell you that we have something for you here. Since we know how much you love the planet mars we have included the midnight mars theme in our best betterdiscord themes list. It is a very straight theme with a clean-cut structure and an easy user interface.

Although it lacks an image backdrop it has been compensated with a robust background and something that resembles Mars a lot. It includes a chat bar, server list section, message bubbles, and much more. Furthermore, you will see lots of variations of the original hue throughout the theme.

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8. Discolored

10 best betterdiscord themes And how to install

Next on the list of the best betterdiscord themes we have Discolored, it basically has one job to help you alter and enhance discord’s SVG colours according to your likes. It is done because one of the things that make discord famous is its wonderful SVGs. Thus we need to improve them to make them look their best.

9. Ghostbusters

10 best betterdiscord themes And how to install

If there is something strange in the neighbourhood, who do you call? The poli…no ghostbusters. This next theme on the list of the best betterdiscord themes is based on one of the most iconic 80’s movies, Ghostbusters. I’m sure you just shouted out the name like in the song.

I don’t think I have to explain what all you can expect in this them but let me just tell you to tempt you into getting it. The theme has numerous Ghostbusters backgrounds for different sections, which include a chat screen section, user profiles, and much more. The backgrounds also come with a couple of stylish red accents.

10. Nord

10 best betterdiscord themes And how to install

The last discord theme that finally closes the list of the best betterdiscord themes is Nord. The theme focuses on offering an easy but stylish appearance and it does with the help of its variety of colour choices. It displays a light shade background on the right and a dark blue background on the left. Nothing fancy here.

11. BasicBackground

10 Best Betterdiscord themes And how to install

It is a widely recognized betterdisord theme and one of the best betterdiscord themes with more than 1,87,000 downloads since its release in 2018. That ought to say a lot about the theme. It allows you to modify the basic discord theme by changing the background image, changing the accent colour, and the darkness.

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12. Frosted Glass

10 Best Betterdiscord themes And how to install

Did this name make you think of Titanic immediately too, or was it just me? Anyways coming back to the topic, Frosted Glass is one of the best betterdiscord themes and has over 1,55,000 downloads. It allows you to change the background image and make many customized changes, but only if you have the dark mode on.

13. ClearVision

10 Best Betterdiscord themes And how to install

The last entry in the list of the best betterdiscord themes is ClearVision with over 100,000 downloads in just two years. It has a lot of customization options available and allows you to modify everything from the background image to the colour accents, blur percentage, and fonts. If you get stuck somewhere it also has a discord community to help you wherever you want.

How To Install The Best Betterdiscord Themes?

If you liked any of the best betterdiscord themes mentioned above then you need to know how to install them in your discord client. The procedure to install them is very simple all you need to do is open the betterdiscord theme library>select the theme>click on the download icon>open user settings>open the theme folder> and paste the downloaded theme.

Step 1: Enter the link to access the better discord theme library.

Step 2: Select the theme you want to install by tapping on it.

Step 3: Tap download.

Step 4: Open the better discord after downloading it.

Step 5: Go to the user settings.

Step 6: Open the options menu and scroll down to the bandaged BD and select the themes options.

Step 7: Tap on the open theme folder.

Step 8: Paste the downloaded theme into the folder.

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Wrapping Up!

Remember the best betterdiscord themes names Dark matter, discord+, fallout 4 terminal, duality, cyberpunk, wildberry, midnight mars, discoloured, ghostbusters and Nord.

And also remember the process to install them which is accessing the betterdiscord theme library>choosing the theme>tapping on the download icon>going to user settings>opening the theme folder> and pasting the downloaded theme on the discord client. Knowing this piece of information can tomorrow rank your discord client among the best in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What are the features of betterdiscord?

Ans. Betterdiscord allows users to customize their discord client in whichever way they like. Users can download and install various plugins and themes, emojis, and music to their discord clients. Also, they can activate the minimal model to eliminate any clutters.

Q2. Is betterdiscord legal?

Ans. Not exactly, it’s a third-party program that negates many of Discord’s rules and regulations which can make it illegal to use discord. If you are found using one your account can get banned.

Q3. Is betterdiscord safe you use?

Ans. Again, not exactly. You should be careful while installing themes from better discord because many of them can be incompatible with your client and may result in it crashing.

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