9 Best Apps For Apple Watch You Should Install Right Now

9 Best Apps For Apple Watch You Should Install Right Now (2022) | Free & Paid

Having a Smartwatch on your wrist is the second good thing you should have after having a Smartphone in your pocket. And here comes The Apple watch which is just like your iPhone or Android phone which could replace your loss of the activities that you do on your phone like phone calls, To-Do List, Sleep tracking, Health, and many more features.

Apple watch was first released in April 2015 and after that, it made its huge demand in the market with its best durability, design, and features that no other watch gives. But today we’re not going to talk about the apple watch wiki, So let’s talk about apple watch apps which you need to know after buying a brand new Apple watch.

Everyone knows that apple watch does have a dedicated app store installed it where you can download lots of compatible apps with your watch version which could help you to track your daily activities directly on your watch.

So, To make your watch work smarter for you, first, you need to understand which apps would be well suited for you, according to your work. To save your valuable time searching best apps for the Apple watch on the internet, we decided to provide you with some of the best apps for the Apple watch. 

5 Best Apps For Apple Watch For Health, Sleep and Fitness (2022)

1. My FitnessPal

Best Apps For Apple Watch

MyfitnessPal is one of the biggest and most reliable diet-tracker apps which would help you to count calories and nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. You can easily create your recipes and keep them inside the app with better food analysis.

One of the best thing about this app is its ads-free and focus more on your health and food. It’s a premium app that costs you around £7.99 a month but is worth more than using a free version of it.

2. Strava


Strava is one of the most famous running and cycling apps for the apple watch which is designed for all the athletes and runners who enjoy running and wanted to keep their running track record with accuracy and smartly. 

Strava has it free version to track your activities, but to explore more features of it you need to bug its premium subscription which costs you around £5.99 a month.

3. HeadSpace

how to relax with apple watch walkthrough 2
Credits:- 9to5Mac

Headspace is another best meditation app for the Apple watch which helps you to meditate and sleep peacefully. This app is not just a tracker app but also focuses more on meditation modes like sleep meditation, breathing meditation, and many more.

If you aren’t into meditation this app will guide you to start meditating with its cool-exciting UI design and relaxing sessions. It’s a premium app that costs $12.99 per month and $69.99 per year.

4. Sworkit

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Sworkit fit is rated as the best workout app for the Apple watch which is dedicated to all the gym and workout enthusiasts who’d love to work out and exercise.

Sworkit has four categories like Strength Workout, Cardio, Yoga, and Stretching.  There are millions of people using this great app whether they’re into losing weight, building muscle, or improving strength. This app helps users to work out more perfectly with their designed workouts and sessions. This app is not only for adults, but kids can also use this app which helps them to stay fit and all the content on Sworkit for kids is free and requires no annual charges. 

One of the best parts of using this app is users can easily sync their workouts into Apps like Strava, Mytfitness, and any other fitness app. 

Note- The premium subscription:-  Sworkit Monthly Subscription$4.99 and Sworkit Yearly Subscription$7.99.

5. Komoot

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Komoot is the only best route app for the apple watch you need which helps you to download lots of hikes and cycles routes for free and can be accessed while the internet is off. Apart from this, the app functions so well for all apple watch users. One of the best features of this app is it also suggest good and short routes for all hikers and cycling enthusiasts. You just have to start cycling and it will show you the route in the watch.

It comes with its premium subscription which costs £3.99 a region.


4 Best Apps for apple watch for Students (2022)

1. PCalc

pcalc apple watch app


PCalc is an excellent apple watch app for students, programmers, or anyone else who needs a capable calculator. It has a variety of button layouts, a large collection of unit conversions and constants, a paper tape, multiple undo and redo, engineering and scientific notation, and also support many hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations.

As a small Tip, it will cost you around $0.99.

2. iTranslate Converse

download 32

iTranslate Converse app is a very fine app for speech translation. The UI design of the app is so easy to understand that you’ll get to choose around 38 languages and its inbuilt features help you to detect the correct language between the opted languages for a fast and correct translation.

To get started you need to Tap and Hold the speak icon on the watch and it will start translating speeches. There is also an offline mode that lets you translate without an internet connection. For some weeks you’ll get free access to use and then you need to take one subscription for further use. iTranslate Pro will cost you around $4.99.

3. CoinKeeper

Credits:- Pinterest

CoinKeeper is a must-have app for all students living their college life. This app will help you to manage your daily expenses easily. If a student is having a tight monthly budget he/she can easily make a list of all expenses with price and can manage wisely. This app allows you to add items and expenses which you’re going to do. It supports all world currencies with detailed statics. 

It comes with a great coin-like design which makes it more appealing while using. Some features you’ll get free in this app but to use it fully you need to buy its yearly subscription which costs $11.99.

4. Timer+

AW Timer banner

Timer+ is another very useful app that doesn’t have much time or we can say that a  tight deadline. You may either start the program directly or tell Siri to schedule the timer for you.

You can easily use timers for everything, including yoga stretches, timed quizzes, rice cooking, resting, therapeutic treatments, and reminding to take medicines on time. You can easily repeat timers up to 64 times and also runs very efficiently in your background.


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5. Todoist

Todoist for Apple Watch teaser 001
Credits:- iDownloadBlog

Todoist is a very simple and fun app to have on your watch. If you’re a person of good time management, you can easily write all your daily tasks and organize them into different categories. If you wanted to write something and you don’t have your pen or phone close to you then what? You can easily open this app on your watch and easily keep a note of that information.

Note: It’s a very fast and responsive app that is free to use but to go for more features you need to buy its premium subscription which will cost you $3.99


Wrapping Up!

As we’ve mentioned above some of the best apps for Apple watch that an apple watch user should have and all of the apps listed above are very easy and safe to use with their best features. If you really liked the article do let us know your review on an article which app you liked the most. Thank You!

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