List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer | Checkout Now!

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer | Checkout Now!

Communication is the most important part of every social media platform and it can also be said that the application is incomplete without the chat section. In this article, we are going to discuss about the complete list of 12 best anonymous Instagram story viewer. How strange it seems, that even knowing that you cannot stop talking to that person and tell him that you want to talk to him.

Many people have to face this situation and they try to create a bond by sharing memes or funny quotes. That’s why Instagram introduced the NGL operator to handle these awkward situations. Where you can open your heart and keep your words in front of the person in front, without revealing your identity.

In case you wish to know, the list of best anonymous Instagram story viewer, than, some of these are storiesIG, iGram, story saver, instastories, gramster, anon IG viewer, and many more.

Give a read to this article till its end and know more about the same query.

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

So as we told you above that these anonymous apps hide your identity and give your message to the front person and you can use it without any problem. So, let us all have a look on the list of 12 best anonymous instagram story viewer application that you might need to use.

1. Anon IG Viewer

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

So the first name comes from Anon IG Viewer, this application allows you to see Instagram stories and posts from whom you want to see. This application also gives you the option to download the stories and posts of the same person to your particular device without any cost.

2. iGram

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

The second application comes Gram. It is a kind of web application that gives you access to download Instagram’s quality videos and other photos. This web application works very well on mobiles, iphones, desktops and other devices as well.

3. Gramster

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Gramstar is a password secured application that will hide you from Instagram stories without exposing you. This application also lets you download these photos and videos just like the other mentioned applications. From the side of the application, you will be notified by the app even if new stories are added here.

4. InstaStories

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Like other applications, InstaStories also lets you download content from Instagram such as stories, highlights, live broadcasts, posts, likes, comments, and subscribers. This application is compatible with all devices and you do not need to have any Instagram account to run it. With the help of this application, your identity will remain hidden from the owner and no personal information of yours will reach them.

5. Story Saver

Instagram story saver apps

Story Saver, which is very similar to Profile Plus+ for iPhones, is great for Android users. This second option is for people who wish to view Instagram Stories anonymously from their Android phones. This app allows you to become an invisible ninja in the Stories. It also allows you to download Instagram videos regardless of whether they were originally posted on your feed or the Stories.

6. Dumpor

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Dumpor makes it easy to download Instagram Stories and Reels. You can also view profiles without sharing your identity. Dumpor allows you to search Instagram accounts by location. You can search Instagram anonymously, without having to log in, and you can also search hashtags, profiles, locations, and more. Some apps also allow you to delete your account from their database.

7. StoriesIG

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Storiesig cannot be accessed via any app for Android or iPhone, unlike the other options for viewing Instagram Stories anonymously. If you wish to view Stories anonymously from your computer, this is the best option.

It works in a similar way to the other apps we’ve discussed. You don’t need to link your Instagram account to the website. All you have to do is search for your handle to access the Stories you have posted.

8. StoriesDown

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

StoriesDown is one the top Instagram Story viewer apps. Instagram Stories can be viewed instantly anonymously and without the need to log in or create an account. You can view Instagram Stories and download high-resolution photos and videos to your computer or mobile device.

9. Storized

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Storized allows you to anonymously view Instagram stories without interruptions. It allows users to see the Instagram stories of other people, much like most apps. It is still considered one of the top apps for viewing Instagram stories anonymously and in high resolution.

Users can see the profile photos in HD and view the entire account anonymously with Storized. You will get support from the developers, as well as additional features, because they are very active.

10. BlindStory

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

BlindStory is the another best anonymous instagram story viewer application. It was created to allow you to see Instagram Stories and not let others know. You can search for other users to view their content.

However, the free version is limited in its use, so you will need to subscribe to a premium account to view and download unlimited content. It is a paid app, so the Stories can be downloaded at a very high quality. It is also very handy to repost content without losing its original quality.

11. Stories IG App 36

Stories IG app is amongst the best anonymous instagram story viewers and online Instagram Story viewer. It allows you to view, download, and share Instagram Stories, posts, as well as videos. Once you’ve entered your search query, click on the result that interests you.

You can then download or save the video to your smartphone or desktop. This website allows you to download Instagram Stories and view them privately. Like other services, Instagram Stories, posts and videos that you see and download are only for informational purposes.

12. Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro For Instagram

List Of 12 Best Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

The Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram is another amazing app that allows you to anonymously view Instagram stories. This app offers an anonymous mode that allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously.

To watch Instagram stories anonymously, you only need to activate the app. After activating the app, you can close it and continue to use Instagram. Keep in mind that this app will not reveal any of your actions or moves. You can also download the story to your mobile phone or tablet using this app.

Wrapping Up!

So, we have covered the complete list of 12 best anonymous instagram story viewer that are- storized, blindstory, story saver, instastories, gramster, anon IG viewer, and many more. We genuinely hope you find this guide informative as well as helpful too.

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