8 Proper Batman Games in order List of all the Time

8 Proper Batman Games in order List of all the Time

Batman is one of the most favorite characters and superheroes of the fans. The superhero has earned a huge fan base just his attitude and never giving up approach towards the villains. Batman is the most favorite character of the D.C. movies.

Batman: Arkham is one of the most-beloved super-hero video-game franchises. And it’s easy to understand why it was loved so much because it offers an open-world Gotham City where you play with the iconic masked crusader. If you don’t know about when which game was released and are searching for the list. Then here in this article, I have compiled the list of the Batman games in order:

“Here is the 8 Proper Batman Games in order List of all the Time (2022)”

S.No. Game Name Released Date  
1. Batman: Arkham Asylum 25 August 2009
2. Batman: Arkham City 18 October 2011
3. Batman: Arkham Origins 25 October 2013
4. Batman: Arkham Knights 23 June 2015
5. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown 7 December 2011
6. Batman: Arkham Origins (Mobile) 16 October 2013
7. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackdate 25 October 2015
8. Batman: Arkham Underworld 14 July 2016


Let’s Understand briefly about these Batman Games below:


1. Batman: Arkham Asylum


The first game on this list as well as in the series of Batman games is ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum‘. This game was developed by Rocksteady Studios and was released on 25 August 2009. This game kicked off everything in this Batman series. The starts after the titular hero capture his most recognizable foe, the Joker, and brings him to the Arkham Asylum, it doesn’t take long until things start to go sour, as you’d expect. Joker breaks free, and soon enough, with the help of some other signature villains, he takes control of the facility, and it is up to Batman to resolve the situation.

Gameplay-wise the game features a simple and fast but very satisfying combat system that is built around countering the enemy attack with a well-executed stealth system. The game was released in 2009 for Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

2. Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham City Game Cover web

The second game and the sequel of the first game i.e. Arkhram Asylum was released by the name ‘Batman: Arkham City. The game was developed by Rocksteady Studios and the game was released on 18 October 2011 for consoles as well as for PC.

The story of the game continues as a year after Arkham Asylum, Gotham City authorities created Arkham City, a huge prison complex. At the same time, a group of TYGER mercenaries captured Bruce Wayner after Hugo Strange revealed his double identity. Therefore, both The Joker and Batman are inside the prison. They must find a way out before Ra’s al Ghul completes his master plan: destroying the city with all of the prisoners inside. This game received immense love and very positive reviews from critics.

3. Batman: Arkham Origins

220px Batman Arkham Origins Box Art webp

The third game in the series is ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’. The game was developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal and was released on 25 October 2013 for only PC, Xbox, and Playstation and was never released for macOS.

This game is not the sequel of the previous game but the prequel of the series. The game shows the player an earlier part in Batman’s career, following a younger and less experienced Bruce Wayne on his nighttime outings. After Black Mask, the game’s main villain takes note of Batman’s interventions; he puts a massive 50-million-dollar bounty on his head. Soon enough, the inexperienced Dark Knight finds himself in over his head, having to face several professional assassins who may very well be out of his league. In terms of gameplay, the game remains the same as the previous games.

4. Batman: Arkham Knight

capsule 616x353 web

Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest main entry in the series. Rocksteady Studios returned for the fourth game and launched the game in 2015 for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows. The story and plot of the game happen after one year after Arkham City. Batman is facing the Scarecrow, who launched a massive attack on Gotham City. The Arkham Knight is helping the villain, and he has reunited several villains to destroy the Dark Knight once and for all.

The gameplay has brought back stealth, detective, melee attacks, and gadgets. It also includes the Batmobile to drive and fight around the city. This game offers realistic graphics, combat, and animation in the game series. This game included a wide variety of characters also.

5. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown

download web

This game was the first spin-off game in the series. The game was launched for mobile phones only on 7 December 2011. This game was released soon after the release of Arkham City. This game focused mainly on combat and it featured many of the previous characters in the game series. The gameplay and storyline of the were not that great and it was as exciting as the previous games.

The game was a originally released for iOS in 2011 and it was released for Android in 2013. Surprisingly the game has been removed from both the app store and play store.

6. Batman: Arkham Origins (Mobile)

Batman Arkham Origins mobile logo webp

This game was released for mobile phones, it accompanied the release of the PC and console Batman: Arkham Origins version on 16 October 2013.  In terms of gameplay, this game was the same as the previous mobile Batman game and this game offers a limited arcade experience and limited story to the gamer.

The game was first released for iOS in 2013 and it came to Android in 2014. But it was removed from both the play store and app store same as the previous game.


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7. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackdate

220px Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate cover webp

The game ‘Batman: Arkham Origins Blackdate‘ was released alongside Batman: Arkham Origins. The game was a side-scrolling game and it was developed primarily for handheld consoles. This game was not a 3D game and it was a 2.5D game still the game mechanics of the main series are translated surprisingly well into the new format, featuring both fluid combat and well-executed stealth sequences.

The game didn’t do well and many believed that the game was a watered-down handheld version of Arkham Origins. The game was originally released only for the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita but was also ported to the PS3, the Xbox 360, the Wii U, and Windows in 2014.

8. Batman: Arkham Underworld

Batman Games in order

‘Batman: Arkham Underworld‘ is the last game on the list. This game was released on 14 July 2016. This game was the mobile strategy that puts the player in the underworld of villains and it puts the player in the shoes of Gotham’s famous criminals, as opposed to all the other games that feature Batman as the main protagonist.

It was released for both iOS and Android in 2016 but was quickly pulled from both the App Store and the Play Store the following year.


In this article, I have mentioned the list of Batman games in order. If you liked the article and if this article helps you then please comment and share your thoughts and also in the comments suggest to us how we can improve in our future article.

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