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5 Stylish Backpacks for College Students To Buy in 2022

If you are a college student then you know how essential a Backpack is for a student and that too is a good one. One obviously needs a place to keep everything needed to cover up the entire day. It can be notebooks pens or laptops. With The upgrade to High school, you Also need an upgrade to your backpack as well. And it will be wise if you pick up a more durable Backpack this season.
But picking up the right backpack can be a tricky task. One wants to pick a stylish as well as a durable Backpack for high school and finding both qualities in one can be a bit difficult. But If you’re not quite sure what you want or need in your bag, we can list our own 5 stylish as well as durable Backpacks to keep you at ease.
While picking up a backpack you need to keep in mind that you have to use the bag for at least a year or maybe beyond, depending on how well you get on with it
Therefore, it’s important to check all the right boxes while choosing a backpack. For a college student, the backpack should be large enough so that one can carry a laptop and books as well as additional daily essentials. Before you buy a Backpack please keep in mind that the bag should also be comfortable on your shoulder. A good quality backpack can totally enhance your college experience.

Best Backpacks For You To Buy in 2022

A Backpack is considered as a part of a school wardrobe, it is going to stay with you throughout the semester or year, it will accompany you to class, the gym, late-night library marathons, and early-morning coffee runs. So it is important to find a backpack that will be there with you as a loyal companion. After a lot of research, these five bags are some of the best we found for any high school or college student.
But first, you need to know and be sure of what features you want in your backpack. Some of the features to consider are listed below:
  • Laptop sleeve: It is important to keep your laptop protected.
  • Compartments: Number of compartments in a Backpack; zippered pouches or pen pockets are important to keep your bad organized.
  • Straps: they should be padded and broad and comfortable to one’s shoulder.
  • Fabric: high density is important for the durability of a backpack.
  • Structure: Build that’s tall and narrow because wide backpacks can cause back pain

Here Are The Best Backpacks for College Students To Buy in 2022-

1. Herschel Heritage Backpack

Backpacks for College Students
If you are in search of a big Backpack that should be tough and withstand a heavy load then Herschel Heritage Backpack is the one. It has clean lines and a simple structure and due to this it can be paired with a variety of outfits and can be taken from school to work. It is made of a water-resistant polyester blend. The interior is nylon which makes it more durable. The bottom of the bag is made up of synthetic leather.
The entire structure and the basic form of the bag make it functional as well as stylish.
It has a last a large compartment sleeve that can hold a 15-inch laptop also a small inner pocket for headphones and stuff.
There are 23 designs available. The cushioned straps with air mesh back padding will help you to be more comfortable and at ease.
Herschel Supply Co. 
If you anyhow tend to any college campus in the united states you’ll end up seeing every other person carrying a Herschel Supply Co. backpack. This company has made available several options for a variety of students according to their needs.
This is the major reason that it is the most loved and reliable company on this list. Herschel Bags are large enough and well-reviewed. they are durable as well as trendy. It is a perfect everyday bag for college and is also considered as an unpretentious backpack





The North face has been impressing college students with its backpacks for over 10 years now. These bags are super durable, they are water-resistant and yet stylish. It was a sternum strap and detachable waist belt. It has a sleeve for a laptop as well, where you can fit a laptop up to 15-inches.

 Note: It is available in 32 colors and has external bungee cords on almost all models.





It is one of the top-rated backpacks. The thing that drops the jaws is that it can actually be packed into its own pocket. It has a capacity of over 40L which is great in case you carry the world into your bag. The interior is designed with a thought to hold every possible thing you’ll need in your college. It has separate internal pockets and a side water bottle holder.
It is available in 12 stunning colors. It has thousands of 5-star ratings on Amazon. It has about 15000+ Amazon reviews. The nylon fabric and inserted padded straps are appreciated by many. It weighs just around 0.7lb.





It is one of the most popular picks by Amazon. Comparatively, it has more pockets than any other basic bag. To be precise it has a pocket only dedicated for your sunglasses. It is a dedicated laptop pouch that can accommodate a 15-inch laptop. It has over 1100+ 5 star ratings on Amazon. It also has an insulated cooler pouch. It is available in basic and chic grey and blue color.

5. JanSport Right Pack




If you want a classic evergreen college backpack then The JanSport Right Pack is the right choice for you. For the last 50years, JanSport has been manufacturing backpacks for outdoor enthusiasts and students. This particular model features the brand’s signature suede leather bottom. It has a padded laptop sleeve, two front pockets, it also includes a pocket dedicated to keeping the water bottle.
JanSport bag is made up of a very durable fabric called Cordura fabric.
The company offers a guarantee of a lifetime for its Backpacks. The company has confidence in the durability of the bag and if in case of the bad breaks apart you can send it back to the company, and they will fix it or replace it.
It has many designs and patterns to choose from. One can pick his/her bag according to their personality. The bottom of the backpack has suede leather for durability and style. every student in America is familiar with JanSport bags, and their style and durability, and it is always going to be one of the best backpacks for college students.

Where do you buy backpacks for college students?

Amazon undoubtedly is a one shop stop to get the best deals on many branded bags. It has a large variety with seasonal discounts running very often. Other than Amazon you can also check out Target or Walmart for the same.

Wrapping up

We hope that our take on some of the best backpacks for college students will help you to decide your ideal backpack for college. comment down which one are you buys in the 2022 session. thank you for reading.

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